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I am with you. I always was.  

davepman 50M  
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10/20/2020 10:23 am
I am with you. I always was.

If when you have read this and hopefully having followed my (deliberately) obscurely referenced plays at various intervals, you then close your eyes, you will realize that in fact I am with you. I always was.

How exquisite you are. Have you ever really looked and realized the privilege it has been be born female? Tonight, I will make you more aware of this fact than ever you have been. I will bring you to the gates of your own temple.

How did we arrive at this point in our lives? It doesn't really matter does it? Merely that I am here and that I want to share a gift with you that so few understand, let alone respect.

Ahead of anything, I want you simply to be aware of your body as you read. Feel how snug your beautiful breasts are cupped in that bra. If you concentrate enough you will be able to feel your nipples, even as you breathe. Besides their naturally intended use, they utterly define your femininity. If you feel like caressing them, please do. Imagine soft lips, whether mine or a future lover's, drawing down softly in what is ultimately merely a quest for comfort.

Even at this early stage, the slightest of physiological changes are taking place in your body. Besides the noticeable swelling at the base of your nipples caused by blood transfer, the un-noticable increase to your pulse-rate and the delicate flush resident now in your cheeks, you know even without the confirmation of touch, that within, you definitely desire my participation.

Marginally unsure of exactly what is to happen; you sit there gazing at me, an adult female on the verge of a completely new discovery. The only two things you sense with any conviction are that you are ultimately safe and that you want what it is I possess: the key to your complete sexual fulfillment. I know not how or why I came equipped, merely that I did and that much like the full-moon itself, circumstances inevitably fell into a precise alignment that was set in motion long before either of us were born.

I want you to feel warm. I need you to feel wanted. You desire my intimacy just as much as I desire yours.

Simply looking at you is enough of a treat. I notice the little things. The tiny smile playing about your lips betraying in part your nervousness as well as your fully understandable pride in your birthright. It promotes also just a hint of flirtatious tease. I know it; you know it. The small lock of hair you keep unconsciously flicking away from your forehead, as if it matters, your pretty feet, one shuffling atop the other now that you have felt sufficiently relaxed to give those shoes a rest, that you may or may not have loved another before matters but little. This is tonight. With me you are the breathless, incontrovertibly pure virgin, you always were and in my experience always will be.

Your pupils dilate slightly as I kneel in front of you and take your hands in my own. There are so many things I could say, but words are not needed. You know how I feel; you can see that in my own pupils.

My eyes caress you, from the curve of your breasts, a hint of which you quite deliberately permitted by your choice of top, to the flair of your hips and the hidden recesses between your thighs. You are not offended by my gaze, as there is nothing to be offended by. Never was my glance lustfully motivated, simply steeped in appreciation and wonderment of so perfect a creation. Some of what I feel, you sense and instinctively your hand rises to your own breasts before you realize what you are doing. Swiftly you drop your hand back in your lap.

Even as the blush rises in your cheeks, I gently take a hold of your hand, and raising it with fixed deliberation, replace it beneath your right breast. I encourage you to once again cup yourself and in fact cover your hand with my own. Together we begin to caress the softness that God has given to you, and you let slip the slightest gasp. Watching as you rub yourself softly at the behest of my own hand, I am totally aroused myself. More than anything I want now to suckle you and to draw your nipples between my own lips. How easy it would be, but how ill timed.

Edging closer, I lay you gently back in the chair and very carefully take a hold of both your legs some inches or so below the knee. I feel, rather than hear, the sharp intake of breath and the momentary expression of concern that flits across your pretty face. You make no move either sit- or stop however, and I am happy for the trust I know you feel. Inclining my head, I kiss your knees and am aware immediately of your pleasured wriggling. Making deliberate eye contact, I pull apart your legs but the slightest angle.

Sitting there, you can hardly believe the moisture that is gathering in the main assembly area. The cotton fabric you know is now quite wet, and you are embarrassed perhaps that I may soon make that very same discovery. Casting a momentary glance down your bra, you are stunned additionally by the quite visible effect the escalating arousal factor is having on your nipples. This, of course, is an opportune moment to take a gentle hold of them yourself now and to further stimulate them.

Parting your legs ever wider, I can see now the silky-smooth skin of both thighs and the even horizon at which they disappear beneath the rather tasteful little pair of panties curving down with such promise in my direct line of vision. I kiss the inside of your thigh as your increasing angle of incidence causes the hemline to ride ever higher. One can readily forget the square on the hypotenuse. It's the sum of the angles on the other two sides that interest me.

I slip one hand the limit of my vision. So inherently sexy is the feel of a girl's panties, knowing the prize they contain, that for a moment I am lost in my own little world, although I do not fail hear that delightful little gasp as you shuffle in the chair, instinctively wanting push down between your legs yourself. I begin set an intense vertical manipulation, forcing the soft and quite obviously damp material well between the folds of those protective lips. Visually this action is as stimulating as it must be welcomingly tactile from your viewpoint. You are quite unable prevent the moan that now finds its way the surface.

It is the right moment tell you how much I love being with you, and despite my seemingly disrespectful actions, I hold you in incorruptible respect. I hope that you believe .

It differs of course from occasion occasion, but there comes an instant during any sort of foreplay that signifies the point of no return has been reached. It may be the very first kiss, the first fumble in the back of a car, something as innocuous as being kissed tenderly on the neck just below the hairline. In our case, it was simply meeting. There was no way back from that eventuality.

The chair has seen out its usefulness. I stand, and offering my hand, take yours gently. You know where I must lead you.

Inviting you lay down the bed with , I direct you lie your tummy. Typically female, you secretly enjoy my emotionally controlling aspect here. You know exactly how vulnerable you now appear in that position, and it excites you. You wriggle slightly, nature at , merely ensuring a continued biological interest.

Patting your ass merely starts the hormonal flow for both of us. Before you can even think, "I wish he'd stop being so damn gentle about this," I begin to push that inviting little skirt once more. Your panties are now fully exposed, and I think that gasp we just heard may have been mine. So hot do you look, so hot do you feel. Playfully I sit astride you near the base of your spine and then slip my hands beneath your shoulders until I am able cup both your breasts. No physiotherapy ever devised was ever thus so jointly therapeutic. You murmur as you hold your arms outstretched.

I nuzzle your lovely neck and just whisper how much I have always wanted you. You turn your head slightly, enough let's say for be able lean across and kiss you soundly the lips.

I am needy, and I hug and kiss you. You turn over and cradle suddenly. I am embarrassed. You ask if everything is right, but I assure you I have never felt happier. It is the truth.

I have a pressing need remove your top, and for some reason you sense my urgency. You let me undo the necessary buttons and then throw the thing off as I pull down your bra straps and reach around to unhook you. Free of confinements, the sheer beauty of your breasts stuns me. I am no longer the master of your sexual destiny, but rather a student lover in awe of his beautiful teacher.

As my lips latch upon your nipple you sigh and lie back. I suck deeper and feel you pulling me to you. Kissing you becomes a desperate need, and I whisper words that no literate person would ever be likely to have written. One hand follows the southern freeway, past your belly button, across the flatlands and clear beneath the elastic border. There is no toll to . The delicate hair there is no deterrent, and my fingers reach the fringes of Nirvana. I sense I am a welcome visitor, and not waiting for an announcement, I slip inside where it is so warm and accommodating.

Beneath me your hips thrust noticeably upwards, meeting my own downward, invasive, however gentile, penetrations. I need to see that which I can feel. You need to show that which no longer demands to be hidden.

Slipping your panties down, I am presented with that supreme architectural accomplishment that I have seen and thrilled to so many times before. Yet it is uniquely different; it is you. The balance of power shifts yet again. Your emotions peel back upon themselves, and as you lie there now, a vulnerable and dependent woman once again, I am on the verge of a new discovery.

I remove my own clothes and none too confidently at that. It is simply the unfamiliarity not embarrassment that impedes my actions. Divested of your skirt, you are equally naked and both physically and mentally prepped for what is to follow. I am still kneeling there between your legs when I realize you have gently taken a hold of my erection and are lovingly caressing it along its length. Distracted to the point of feverish need, I manage to stave off my blindly motivated procreational urges, preferring instead to let you suffer the indignity of having to make the first move.

I am made to for my ill-conceived arrogance. How like you prove be, quite obviously realizing the emotional connections far outweigh the physical ones. As if sensing the impasse, we lay now facing each other side by side, neither with any sexual advantage. From this fully neutral viewpoint it takes but the simplest of shared impulses set in motion that we both want, that we ever wanted. We kiss.

Those millions of nerve endings suddenly hot-wired and sending frantic messages points of the compass are but one aspect of kissing. The instantly opened- two way passage of emotional feedback, the taste of desire, the starter's pistol, this and so much more.

Did I place my erection at those beautiful lower lips? Did you? Does it matter? As I push gently inside you nothing matters but simply being there. I study your lovely expression as you open your mouth in silent ecstasy, feeling everything I am doing you. I take a hold of your hips and thrust , harder now. Your eyes begin cloud over, and the moans gain volume. I kiss your breasts as you now arch backwards, providing me with complete access your wholly erect nipples. It is like making love a fire; I am in control as I must be, and between the<b> kisses </font></b>you so desperately seek I whisper words of a language that offers no perfection, no right or incorrect phrase, simply an open-ended dialog of impassioned bliss.

With your knees as wide as you can comfortably spread them, I am afforded such penetration that already I feel the onset of rampant seminal build deep down between my own legs.

I am taking you now so deep and with such relish that you have almost passed-out. Only the wonderful smile on your face betrays that you are still aware of your surroundings. Even as I incline my head and once again kiss those ultimately desirable lips, I come inside you with such force.

I do not withdraw. Rather, I remain inside you, feeling my seed combining with your own orgasmic fluids.

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