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davepman 50M  
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10/20/2020 8:20 am

You stare into my eyes as I smile back at you. My eyes twinkle with mischievousness as I lower myself to kneel in front of you. You continue to stare into my eyes as you watch kneeling there in front of you. Only my head and chest are visible above the bed. You feel my hands more than see them as they run lightly your legs. My hands first touch your ankles, the outside. Then I slide them forward and around your inner ankles. My eyes never leave your eyes. You hear telling you how excited I am just from touching your skin. Even the feel of your ankles has me swelling in my pants.
The feel of my hands turns into the feel of my fingers. They glide along your skin. My fingers move from your inner ankles your knees. You glance down, my fingers visible now. You watch my fingers slide onto your knees. Then you see my hands cupping them. They stop moving and you look up again to catch my eyes. Your eyes then slide down to my lips as I begin to tell you what I am about to do. You watch the way they move, almost as sensual as my voice. You want to kiss them. You hear tell you that I will kiss you. I will kiss my way your legs and taste you. You watch my lips lean forward and kiss your left knee besides my fingers. I pull back and tell you that I am fully excited just from touching your legs. I explain to you that it is almost painful because of how excited I am now from just feeling your skin against my lips. I would love to take you, to feel you hold my excitement in you. But my thirst and hunger to taste you is more overpowering.
Your eyes move my eyes once more, you feel the slight trembling of your own excitement as my fingers start guide your bended knees apart. You feel the softness of the bed under your legs sliding as I guide you in exposing yourself. You glance down as you lift yourself onto your elbows. Your mouth opens as you feel my lips on your leg. Your eyes quickly move from your panties and see my lips touching your leg. The feel of my lips and warm breath right above the bend of your knee and the inside of your leg sends a quick and real shiver your body. You watch my lips lift, then come down ever so slightly from where I last was. My lips touch lightly, but the sensual shock of the touch rumbles through you. My fingers slide from your knees onto the bed as I adjust my position. My lips move further , kissing still. My every kiss is different and more sensual. You look from my lips and see looking back at you. My eyes lock onto yours as my lips move further , now near the middle - your inner thigh. My lips part slightly as I kiss further along. More and more my<b> kisses </font></b>change from light feathery<b> kisses </font></b>light sucking<b> kisses. </font></b>You feel yourself moving slightly, your body responding the change. You close your mouth, realizing now that you had opened it. As my lips reach your upper inner thigh, your eyes are drawn my lips once more. I wait a mere second and you see my tongue tip emerge from my lips. You watch, transfixed as my tongue tip slides along your upper inner thigh. Just one stroke but you hear yourself gasp as my tongue tip glides lightly from down to up along your skin. Then you watch as my tongue pulls away. I lean back lightly, back to a kneeling position between your legs. You tremble slightly, your body remembering the touch of my lips and the stroke of my tongue. You look back at me, my eyes. You hear me ask you if that excited you. You are not sure if you answered me as my head already is leaning forward once more. This time you watch as I lower my head down to your right leg. Again, my lips tease your skin. Moving slowly, kissing gently. During each kiss, you watch me looking up into your face. You lock with my eyes now and again but for the most part, you watch my lips. The feathery touches of my lips send waves of pleasure up through your body with every touch. The way my lips turn to gentle sucking as they reach your inner thigh. You are not sure but you believe you heard a moan as your leg grazes my excitement as I positioned myself further along your leg. You watch once more as your body shivers at the touch of my tongue tip gliding lightly across your inner thigh. This time I do not stop. My tongue tip slides up, stroking upwards. It was as if someone wrote a straight line up your thigh with some wet teasing finger. Then I move further up, like with my kisses, just a little further up. You feel my hands sliding under your knees. As my tongue moves further up your upper inner thighs, you feel your legs being lifted and spread even more. You don't spare a glance at my hands as you watch the movements of my tongue. You see me slide, flicking up making that small line up along your skin. Then move up and again making that small line. As your legs are completely spread and being held up, my tongue would continue the stroke back down. The tip sliding up, then instead of lifting away, it would slide back down. I stroke and tease your upper inner thigh with my tongue tip making wet sensual zig zags, like the letter 'M". You watch as my tongue approaches that bridge between your leg and panties. You see yourself moving, again not realizing that you had been moving. My tongue sends a tingle along your skin. My tongue slides back into my mouth as my tongue touches the beginning of that bridge. I look up at you. As your eyes lock once more with mine, I lower myself slightly parted lips onto that bridge. It was a strange feeling for you at first but it felt nice. My mouth kissed then gently sucked on the skin there. Then I move further along, closer and closer to your panty covered pussy. You see yourself move in the front of my head moving slightly with you. My lips still locked against that bridge. My lips stopped halfway across. As my eyes continue to stare into your eyes as my lips open wider to take more of your skin into my mouth. My soft lips press and massage against that bridge between your leg and pussy. Gently, I began to suck. Slowly, I match your movements. Every hip movement sliding forward, my mouth would suck against you. Every hip movement back, I would release but never pull away. Slowly and slowly the feeling of my sucking lips ran along the bridge. It felt almost as if I was sucking you. Your body moved and my lips moved with you. my mouth pulling against you as your body pushes against me. You found yourself almost thrusting against me even though my lips are not against your pussy. Then you shivered at the unexpected feeling of my tongue tip stroking you with every sucking motion. My tongue tip only slides, and flicks up your skin within my mouth. You shiver harder. You hear yourself gasp and moan to me. You tell me you want to feel my mouth against you. You want me to be sucking you. My eyes are still on you as I continue to tease you that way. You see the bed shaking as your body shakes against my teasing mouth. You gasp as I stop. My tongue slides out, and I gently run the tip of my tongue across the rest of that bridge. You look down and watch as the tip of my tongue moves off your skin and onto your panties. You gasp as I circle the tongue tip along your panties, you feel the touch of me against your pussy through the material. My tongue moves slowly. I swirl my tongue in slow circles up along your pussy lips. Then as I reach the top, I move down again. You find yourself pushing up against me to feel more of my tongue. Your fingers grip your legs below your knees and try to spread yourself further. You feel my tongue press against your pussy as I then start to stroke up. Circling left then right and up, I move my tongue against your pussy. You moan as you push yourself against my tongue. My tongue feels so good against you but you want to feel it in you. Your body shakes as I tease you further by moving up then twirling around your clit and moving away before you could grind yourself against me. Up and down my tongue slowly moves. Your body moves with me but your mind is screaming for release. You feel me release your left leg and you find your leg lean back up towards my head. My hand finds your left hand and guides it to your knee. I once again guide your left knee apart. Then I hold your hand there as my tongue continues to slide along you. Slowly up then around your clit. Slowly back down moving in slow lazy circles from left to right. My tongue moves all the way to the bottom. You then feel me do the same with your right leg. Realizing once more you had closed your eyes, you look down. You see me still looking up at you as my wonderful tongue continues to tease you. Sliding in slow circles from left to right, my tongue moves up along your pussy. Then as I reach the top, my tongue slowly circles around your clit then back down. You spare a glance down at your panties and see that they're soaked. The wetness is a combination of your excitement, my tongue and mouth. You feel my hands on your inner thighs. You look back up into my eyes. You hear and feel me moan against your pussy as my fingers start to move down your leg. my hands rest against the bridges between your legs and pussy. You watch as one hand slides down and the other moves up just as my tongue reaches the center of your panties. You watch my tongue lift from your panties as the hand moving up hooks the thumb under your panties. You watch as my hand moves in the opposite direction as I guide the panties away exposing your pussy completely. It was then that you felt my other hand - more like my other fingers. The tips of my fingers touch your pussy lips. You glance down but you cannot see my fingers as my tongue is moving forward to lick your pussy. You feel them both. My fingers and my tongue slide along you. The tip slips slightly between your pussy lips as my fingers do the same. You see your hips move forward and my fingers move deeper. You gasp as I continue to slide my fingers into you. My tongue slides up and your body grinds forward again. Again my fingers move further into you. My tongue tip touches your clit. Your eyes close and your head tilts back as my tongue slides slowly over your clit, and then back down. My fingers reach fully into you. I hold my fingers in you as my tongue starts to slowly stroke your clit. Up across the top of your clit, I press slightly then back down again. You concentrate on my moving tongue as I move slowly, up and down with my tongue. My fingers start to move, out then in. Slowly like my tongue moving up and down over your clit. In and out, my fingers slide slowly in time with my tongue. Up and over your clit, stroking you and teasing you. You move faster. You can feel it building. It is a soft wave rolling with your body. It moves with every stroke of my tongue up and down your clit. My fingers slide faster as your hands release your legs and reach down to grab my hair. You push my head as your body grinds against me. I moan against you and you feel it vibrate down my tongue against your clit. You gasp again as my fingers thrust faster in and out of you. My tongue slides faster and faster. Your head pushes against the bed as your body stiffens slightly as you push faster and faster against me. You find yourself stroking your clit with my tongue. My stroking tongue did not move fast enough as your body ached for the faster feeling. You open your eyes and look down between your legs. You see me still looking up at you as you see your body moving. It is a sensual motion, your body sliding up and down as my tongue flicks across your clit. My fingers slide and push between you. You squeeze my fingers with your pussy as my tongue strokes you. Your body shakes now; you can't stop looking into my eyes as I try to flick faster. My lips touch your pussy now and again. You definitely hear your voice - you are moaning. You see your hands gripping my head by my hair pushing me against you. Your hips grind up as your body thrusts forward and back with the movement of my fingers. You feel it. You want to close your eyes but I continue to lock your eyes. You hear yourself curse and tell me you're about to cum. You feel me moan and stroke my tongue faster and harder against your clit. You moan again and thrust harder. Your body convulses as you feel yourself opening up to the release. You scream, or you think you are screaming. A haze of pleasure fills your mind and release grips your body as you thrust up and hold yourself against my tongue. Your hands pushing my head against you as that first wave pushes out through your pussy. With every wave, you thrust against my mouth. As you slow down, you find your eyes slowly closing. After you have completely spent your pleasure into the last few thrusts, you let your fingers release my hair. Your arms fall limply to your side as your head lowers onto the bed. Your hips slide down as my tongue slides away from your clit. As your legs slide slowly back down onto the bed, my fingers slide out of you. You are not sure how long you rested but as you open your eyes, you see me looking back at you. My smile broadens as my deep voice tells you how beautiful you are and asks if you're ready for more.

My naughty grin broadens as you say yes, YES god yes please more. You feel my hands grasping your waist as I slowly rise from the side of the bed. Your hands stretch out to grasp my shoulders and un-willingly you find yourself gently pulling me close to you. Our eyes still locked in desire. I'm pushing you back down onto the bed now as you notice I had removed my clothing without you even noticing. You where too involved in the pleasures I had just delivered.

Now that I am on top of you looking down licking my lips. I lean down to lick yours. Your hands slide off my shoulders and down my sides. You are making my skin shudder from your touch. I am so aroused your touch electrifies me. Moving your hand lower across my firm stomach and down as my engorged member brushes against your hand and you slowly stroke it as our lips slowly kiss and caress each other’s moist soft lips. I wrap my arms around you and pull you firmly close to me to make you feel safe, warm and protected in your nakedness. Our bodies pressed firmly together along with our lips, arouses us even more.
You feel my member throbbing against you and this releases a sigh of pleasure between our<b> kisses. </font></b>You pull me tighter as my hand runs through your hair and gently holds your head. I pull you with me as I roll onto my side. Still facing each other and nuzzling and caressing each other. Slowly my hand moves down you slender back. Trace my fingertips all the way gently caressing your body. Just firm enough as not to tickle. Reaching the small of your back my palm rests against you and pulls you closer still. Pushing down you feel my fingers reach your beautiful ass. You body stiffens slightly as my hand squeezes it and massages it. I look you in the eyes and ask if you’re still sure you want more? YES murmurs from your lips in a sweet sensual gasp. Like you can’t control what you’re saying anymore.
I react and with one swift motion pull your ass up as I slide down your body. You feel my cock sliding down you luscious sensual pussy. My head parts your lips below and a wave of pleasure washes over you emanating from your pussy. You feel the head of my cock throbbing against you clit now, pulsing and ever slight movements sending warm gushes over my member as I begin to slowly slide up and down along your lips, coating my cock with the sweet juices of your loins. As my own pre-cum begins to seep and mix with your juices. I’m watching your face now as your eyes are closed. I see the pleasure and the lust in your face as our bodies seem to melt together. Moving your hips in motion with mine, faster and harder we grind against each other. You can feel my deep breaths in my chest against your nipples now because your nipples are so hard and erect and sensitive. You body feels like charges of electricity are flowing through it now because the sparks are jumping from my own body onto yours.
I feel you tense and begin to writhe as the flood of an intense orgasm washes over you and at the same time I feel the hot wet gush from your loin’s envelope my cock as my hand grabs your ass and I slide my cock deep inside your quivering pussy. Driving deep your moans excite me so much I haven’t even noticed I was moaning myself. I grab your head and kiss you so deeply as our legs are entwinded and my cock is deep inside you holding you impaled on my raging throbbing pleasure. I pull your head to the side and I my deep voice fills your ears. “I love you so much and this is exactly where we belong.” You’re moaning again as my lips are nibbling on your ear lobe, softly and gently. Your back arches and your hands grab my shoulders as my head leans down. I take your luscious nipple in my hot mouth. And begin to suckle and pull on your breasts. My hand surrounds your other breast and begins to massage it slowly, my fingers stroking your nipple arousing you more and more. The world is gone for us now we are floating in a sea of pleasure and lusts that we have so long desired for.

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