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Fantasy Time  

davidfrank1145 66M  
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8/3/2020 10:31 am
Fantasy Time

I’d been seeing Julie for several months. I know her be up for most things as long as they got her an orgasim. often now I just gave her a booty call where I would go over her house and we got down business for the night. This time I had a bit of a different idea. I called her up and told her I wanted to come over. She was all in favor. Then I told her I want her to wear a skirt and shirt that buttoned up the front. There was a little pause and then she said “do you have plans?”, Of course, I think you will like them but they are a surprise.

When I arrived I had a bag with me, and she was ,as instructed, wearing a skirt and and a man’s style shirt. I took her in my arms and gave her a big kiss hello. Then opened the bag and took out a long scarf, which I wrapped around her head as a blind fold. She laughed and said “This is going to be fun.” “Oh yes, I am going to enjoy this a lot”, you could hear the smile on my face. I then led her over to behind the couch which separated the open kitchen and living room area, and told her to pick up the front of her skirt and hold it to her stomach. “With both hands please”. She was wearing a dark thong which cuddled her labia into a nice pouch. I could not resist touching it and running my finger along the clift that is her vagina. It was warm as soft as always, with just a hint of moisture.
”That is quite lovely”,
“Well thank you. I know you like it a lot.”
“Oh yes I like it very much”, I said as I gave the labia a little pat. Now turn around.
She turned to face the back of the couch, I picked up the back of her skirt and ran my hand over each of her cheeks. Then slid my hand under the waistband and pulled the one side down and then the other. Working both sides until the band was below her butt. I reached between her legs, under the thong to stroke the length of her labia and feel the warmth and moisture growing.
“Now turn around again.“
Julie is blindfolded, standing with both hands on her stomach holding her skirt up to show her vigina.
“Are you enjoying this”? was her comment,
“Oh yes are you?”
“Yeah, it is kind of hot.”
I stepped forward and slid my hand inside Julie’s thong, and felt the warmth and softness. There was a bit of moisture at her vagina which let the labia part easily and I dipped my finger into the moisture, then ran the slickness up to her clit. I could see her smile, and I put an arm around her to give her a kiss and hug.
“You're still dressed!, If I’m going to stand here exposing myself, then you need to get naked.”
I laugh and slide my hand into her thong a bit deeper and my fingers into her vagina. That caused an intake of breath.
“Ok, I’ll get naked.”
I stepped back and started undressing. Julie started unbuttoning her top.
“Oh, don’t do that, I am enjoying doing it slowly. Just relax and let me enjoy your body.”
I finished under dressing, and stepped forward to give her a hug again, She ran her hands over my butt, and back, then down my front. Finishing by taking a hold of my<b> balls </font></b>and penis.
“That is more like it”
"Glad to oblige.“

I pulled her thong over her hips and down to her knees, it fell to the floor from there.
“You can step out of that, and take off the shoes too. Bare feet are so much better.
You also need to hold up your skirt, I like the look of your vagina, shaved and smooth.”
Julie obliged and held her skirt front up to her stomach, leaving her hips and crotch in view. She does have a good figure. I finished unbuttoning her shirt, and pulled it out to the skirt and over her shoulders. She had a nice bra, on one that snapped in front, so I unsnapped it and let the girls free. I held her breast for a moment or two, then bent over and kissed each nipple gently. (nothing better than a nice full B cup.)
“Now turn around.”
Julie did as told. I unfastened her skirt, and unzipped it so it was loose. I picked up the back of her skirt and cupped the butt, then let my hand go under to her labia and felt the moisture. She was definitely anticipating the near future.
“OK, you can let go of the skirt now.”
Everything went straight to the floor, and Julie was a naked as I, except for the blindfold.
“Step out of the skirt, and bend over the couch.”
This was a position we had used many times and I know Julie liked it.
“Spread your legs more.”
Julie did as told, saying “”Well I hope you like the view, You have taken your time getting to this.”
“Oh, I like it very much”,
Her lovely ass and vagina were all but smiling at me. I ran my hand over her labia and patted the top, over her clit. I finger were wet, just from that, so Julie was getting in to this.I was very hard now and let my penis’s head touch her entry. I slid it up and down a bit touching her clit and then back to the vagina's opening. a couple of these up and downs and it was slippery, It then slid into her with just that little pressure that is natural. I could feel her take a deep breath and smile. I took a couple of strokes, and then pulled out. I picked up the bag I had brought and took out two long silk scarves. I tied one to each ankle and then to the legs of the couch.
“You know you don’t have to do that, I will stay in this position quite willingly”
“I know, but it is the concept that I am enjoying, you know I would never do anything that hurt you or that you did not like.”
“You know I trust you or I would not have played along so far.”
That’s good because I do have a surprise or two for you.
I was walking around the couch and stopped in front of her. She must have felt my cock near her face, because she took it in her hand and brought her mouth to it and started a fine BJ. With the other hand she took off the blindfold.
“I like to see what I am doing.”

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