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delhihotguy2002 48M
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9/19/2020 7:33 am
Tell your story

The women in my family get out once every few months for some drinks. We go a local pub downtown and enjoy knocking a few bac..I, for one, can handle my alcohol very well, whereas other members of my family can not. After a few hours, one of my aunts was wasted, so I took her phone and started "sexting" her husband to entise him to come to the bar and pick her up, and it worked. My other aunt had to work that Sunday so she left early, my sister is pregnant, so she didn't stay, and I told my mother (who was going to be my DD) to go home, I was having fun with my cousin and I would stay at her place for the night, which was just down the street.

My cousin and I are very different people... she's overly outgoing, especially with some drinks in her, can be loud and very blunt. I, on the other hand, I like hoot and hollar and let loose on a good night, but I'm generally laid back and quiet So, we danced, drank, danced and drank some more. I love tequila! A shot of tequila and a Corona was my normal order when I went the bar. My cousin liked those Rev drinks (They're girly drinks, I tell her, lol).

We walk up the bar and I see this man... and it's not often I think a man is "HOT", but this guy was... WOW! Everything I pictured my perfect man be... about 6 foot, 2-220lbs, nice chest, gorgeous hair, and when I got close enough him and he glanced over at us, those eyes literally made melt! my very delightful surprise, he addressed my cousin by her first name grab her attention (let's call her Kim) and gave her a hug. friends, I guess? He introduced her the guy he was with, Neil, and she introduced him . I couldn't hide my smile... I was still in the wow moment. These delightful gentlemen bought us our drinks, and came back the table we occasionally sat through the night and we all got know each other a little bit.

Kim, who is single like , immediately took a liking to Neil and after a few dances with him, they were making out on the dance floor. Kim's not shy at all, by the way, did I mention that? lol. I was dancing with the 'wow' guy (his name is Jordan, or Jay people call him), being shy at first until he grabbed me at the base of my back and pulled me closer to do a little dirty dancing (or grinding) on the dance floor. It was fun!

Big decision time came at 2:30am when the bar closed. Kim and I needed to find a way home... but that's not where she wanted to go. Neil had invited us all back to his bachelor pad for some more drinks. I didn't notice it until after the fact, but Jay hadn't had a drink all night - so we all got in his car and took the party back to Neil's place. What a pad!! ft ceilings, brick walls with large patio doors and windows along one whole wall, and ONE big open room (besides the bathroom, of course)! Nope, no privacy in this room! We had another beer or , but I could tell that Neil was putting the moves on Kim under the kitchen table cause she slouched down a little in her seat so he could get a better feel She yawned, and said she was going bed in the left corner of the big room, and of course he joined her. Their make out session didn't take long start - we could hear her moaning, and his lips sucking and licking all over her from across the room. I giggled like a school girl.

Jay offered up the couch for - a big, overstuffed couch that had plenty of room for , but I didn't offer share ~ I had be a lady (even though I wanted ). He made a bed on the floor, while I laid on the couch and we chatted over the sound of skin slapping and moaning in the background. He addressed the elephant in the room and asked if I was okay with them fucking like bunnies on the other side of the room... intoxicated as I was, I let it slip and told him it was a turn on and she's lucky to be getting some. He got up off the floor, looked at me and asked if I was jealous...which I was, just a little.

He leaned over, kissed me and I let him. My heart started racing 80 miles an hour right away... What a fantastic kisser - it was the sensual kind of kiss that gives you a headrush and takes your breath away! And when he put his hand behind my head to pull me closer and give me a deeper kiss, I knew there was no stopping at this point! He joined me on the couch and we kissed for a little while longer while he rubbed my thighs, cupped and squeezed my ass, and made his way up under my shirt. It only took us about 30 seconds after that before my temperature rose by about 20 degrees and I took my shirt off. As he was kissing my neck, and unsnapping my bra, he asked me if I wanted to make them jealous instead? How could I say no at this point? I was unconsciously moving my hips in a circular motion, trying to feel his hard cock through his jeans and hoping he'd rub it against me.

My hands were rubbing his back, feeling his muscular, sexy shoulders, when he grabbed my right hand and put it down in between us. I started to unbutton his pants, but he said he could take care of that... he put my hand between my legs (I was wearing a skirt, by the way), around my panties and he was directing me to start touching mysef and with my clit. He moved his hand down further and started putting his fingers in and out of my already very wet cunt... then he moaned (oh, what a heavenly sound from such a sexy creature!). He slid back off of , continued with with his left hand, while his right hand removed his pants, then he kissed from my<b> breasts </font></b>downwards, and removed my panties with his teeth.

He laid back on top of , grabbed my wrists and put them up over my head, holding down with one hand, while the tip of his cock teased the entrance my vagina... sliding upwards, stroking it against my clit. At the same time gave me long, soft kisses on the mouth, my neck and my earlobe. Cupping his hand around the bottom of my breast, grabbing it tight (but not too tight), and softly pinching my nipples to make them a little more erect. Those soft lips... made their way to my breasts, licking, kissing, sucking on my hard nipples...Ohhh... the tingling feeling was incredible - we love the tongue and lips on every inch of our bodies, don't we ladies? Oh, don't worry, his tongue was right where I wanted it to be, just a few moments later.

Now, that man knows how to suck on a clit like I've never felt before in my life! I no longer felt awkward that my cousin was fucking across the room with Neil... although he must have been giving her some major screwing cause he was moaning and panting as much as she was... except she was also saying "yes... more... harder!!" (again, she's not shy at all!).

Now... I love being gone-down-on... but I can't stand the thought of just laying there and taking it... I like to keep busy! I got up, pushed him down on his back, and positioned myself so he could go back to what he was doing and I could , stroke and suck on his cock at the same time (you know, the ol'faithful 69'er ~ always a favourite!). All the while, I was honestly trying be quiet...I have , so I've got of practice, but sometimes he found that sweet spot and it made me moan intensely!

After figuring out that I couldn't possibly get his entire cock in my mouth, after licking it from top to bottom, sucking on his balls and thoroughly enjoying sucking on the tip of his cock for the longest time, I realized I really wanted to ride this cowboy! I sat him up against the back of the couch and strattled on top of him. It almost took a minute to get that entire cock in me... man...it was some thick, and it went so deep it hurt for a second (not a bad pain, the good pain!). I love it when the cock is in that spot, where you can feel the head hitting whatever it hits in there, and you just want to ride it so fast and so hard you just can't help yourself... that's when I got noisey and WE were now the elephants in the room!

Kim was actually cheering me on after a few moments, lol... telling me to "ride that cock!"... talk about embarassing! I almost stopped what I was doing and I'm sure I turned shades of red, but he wasn't having none of that! He grabbed by the ass, and the powerful man that he was, he lifted up and down off his cock until I forgot about being modest and kept participating in the moment... there's no feeling in the world like having the head of a guy's cock almost make its way out, only be shoved all the way back in again! OMG!

Jay decided be the gentleman, and take some of the awkwardness off of me, by yelling at Neil across the room he didn't hear Kim screaming loud enough and he needed fuck her a little bit harder. Kim actually responded "EXACTLY!"... She got up off the bed, stood up, put both hands on the floor and specifically told him to be a man and fuck her hard like he's told... (yup, not shy at all, that one!).

I could go on longer in greater detail about all of the great positions we found that night on the couch and floor... and how Kim and Neil were in their own private world over on the other side of the room and didn't care if we were watching... or the people across the street who could clearly see everything through the patio doors if they were paying attention... not to mention the people on the other side of the bedroom wall, probably hearing 4 people fucking like animals! ... but it's 2am as I am writing this, and I can't save as draft, so this is going to have to do. This was officially my first orgy...maybe next time I'll ask Neil to join our team (no, I'm not into including / fooling around with my cousin, that's just wrong) and I can have my first threesome... afterall, he's already seen me naked, watched me riding my cowboy, and I know he can fuck the ass off my cousin, so why not? Jay does have my number, and we are planning on seeing each other again very soon!

I hope you liked my story... I liked re-living it!
Till next time...keep the nose clean and the sex dirty! {=}

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