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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me..  

devilinhereyes72 49F
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7/23/2021 1:51 am

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7/24/2021 1:38 am

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me..

If you think third times a charm…
Fucking run.. far.. the other way.
It’s one thing to lie.. it’s another to
exclaim how dare I sully your
Good name
Know what it’s like to stand falsely
I apologized
Head down in shame
I had proof
Fuck your good name
And the good game you play
Honesty and respect you claim
Never met anyone
Been so long since you’ve been with someone
So, is the woman you proclaim
To be with
A figment of your
Fucked up brain?
Did you lie to me
Or to the other
Or the others
You got caught in
Your convoluted web
Own it
It’s ok(no not really)
Nor were the lies you
Told about me
You see
Or wait you didn’t
I told you plain as day
I do my homework
I dig deep
The ones who try to pull one over
Are the ones I catch look
Into the surprised
Cuz they never see me coming
My silence fools
But I hear all
I see all
And if you needed to break me
Make me small
So you can look
Yourself in the mirror
In your eye
Don’t be surprised
If what you see
The Picture of Dorian Gray

boobwhisperer69 58M  
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7/23/2021 9:42 am


PonyGirl1965 55F
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7/23/2021 11:52 pm

I agree. Get em!

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