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Looks Like Palm Sunday Again  

devilinhereyes72 48F
186 posts
4/5/2020 4:00 pm
Looks Like Palm Sunday Again

The palm of your hand on my thigh
The palm of my hand on your chest
Head into that odd spot half on pillow half on your shoulder
Your palm on my pussy fingers finding their way
My palm on your pelvis my fingers slipping sliding snakes beneath your shorts
Slowly wrapping around your shaft
Your head next to mine
I stifle a cry
Of pleasure
Of wanting
Whisper warm
In your ear
My moaning to your breathing
Your palm
My palm
Both moving in synchronicity
Your palm
My palm
Your palm engulfing mine that last time.
My palm cupping the phone
My palm lays empty
My palm on my chest feeling my heartbeat
My palm on my breast
My thigh
My pelvis
My pussy
Searching for the handprint you may have left behind
Fingers deep exploring following your trail
My palm finding yours in the
Crevices of my memory
I tuck your palm away safely
My palm lays open

_IKanCu2_ 101M
2700 posts
4/6/2020 4:07 am



_IKanCu2_ 101M
2700 posts
4/6/2020 7:42 pm

Benjamin Fulford.
Go find/read now as soon as YU can.
][t is important. Please.

devilinhereyes72 replies on 4/6/2020 11:15 pm:

devilinhereyes72 replies on 4/7/2020 5:14 pm:
I did... I don’t agree..

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