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Teased and Pleased  

difchar 55F  
8 posts
3/22/2020 3:58 pm
Teased and Pleased

So if you read my profile, you know my hub and I live apart. Due work, not because we have issues. Well, after a long trip, I made it be with him. So tired, but he made make a big wet spot the bed. Ladies, that is good unless you roll into it.

Best sleep in months. But uh oh. Got to go find groceries, it was not fun. I HATE shopping. But won't starve. His sausage is good, but only fills certain parts. And I need to refuel.

So there I am chatting, and now he ie is tired. this did not end well. But damn, I got revenge.

We wake and are silent. Kisses , pulls y nips and rolls them, bites .

I pass by him, rub my knee his cock, my nips are pulled harder.

I make his thumb enter and taste it. I am so wet. Nips are hard. Every time he pulls and twists one, I am moaning. Then he bites ny tit, shivers are running through me.

Oh, laundry time. I am dripping and have go help do laundry. His cock is throbbing, my pussy is dripping juices down my leg.

I am now barefoot and in pjs going do laundry.

Oh shite, this is just get everything in the dryer. I am sopping wet and need release. Oh no, he has other ideas.

I decide , he is biting my neck, pulling my nipples and I swear I am going jump off the chair.

Shit eating grin, what's wrong. I am ready explode. Go outside, move away, hard in a 330 sq ft room. I can smell him behind me. Oh crap. More. Pulling and twisting, I am not myself. I want him. he turns away.

Laundry finishes, we fold, put away. I can't stand it.

I put my knee in his crotch. I strip, shit my nipples are being pulled harder. OOH! A toy. I insert my toy gently and turn it . He is looking at with hooded eyes. I beg, he says no.

I do lie the freshly made bed. Legs spread, toy fucking my pussy. Oh yes. Here he is. I suck him and fuck myself. The release is so good. Now to eat him, with mouth and pussy. Drain him, make him suffer. I cum again and watch him screw his eyes as he releases.


12735 posts
3/22/2020 4:09 pm

Hey, difchar.

*Welcome To Blogtown*


10170 posts
3/22/2020 5:32 pm

Y U M !

Luck44l 33M
58 posts
3/22/2020 5:52 pm

That's what married couples do...big deal...why share the obvious.

difchar replies on 3/23/2020 7:26 am:
Because 3 months of not being together makes it unusual for us.

jolielaide 48F  
1393 posts
3/22/2020 6:12 pm

hubby has a good wifey

Oldmanaz2 61M  
315 posts
3/22/2020 6:37 pm

Very nice.

69ereatwetpussy 58M
3297 posts
3/22/2020 6:38 pm

you both tease the hell out of me love to play with your nipples too.
lick your sweet lips
spilt them open with my tongue
deep with in I begin
sliding up till I touch your clit
lick lick suck it till you clamp your thigh around my head
I swallow all your juices
as you explode into my mouth
your moans turn to screams of my name

ace6817 60M
18 posts
3/22/2020 6:38 pm

keep um cumming

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