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Will we survive?  

difchar 56F  
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3/28/2020 5:18 pm
Will we survive?

Been in AZ with hubby for a week. Good news is I still like him. There is no fun be had. Everyone squirreled away. I am in pjs day, no bra or undies. Wine O'Clock is noon, well 5 O'Clock somewhere right. But so ready get my kink . Hubby knows my kinks and does his best. I want more. Want experience how others can make feel.

Imagine your cock in my warm mouth, my teeth nibbling the length, sucking your balls into the depths making you moan. Or even darting my tongue into your tip, tasting the pre cum and then making you want suck you deeper.

Can you make cum? With your mouth sucking my clit, engorging it, while your fingers against my special spot, maybe I will squirt, and soak you or the bed. WHo wants that wet spot? Not , I better be top. Feel you sucking my tender nipples as I slide down your shaft, and grind slightly to let you know who is in charge. I will make you wait, while I , a toy against my clit, sometimes hitting your cock, a jolt to keep you aware. Never knowing what is next. Until I leave you outside me, then crawl down to suck my juices off of you. As I do, my ass faces you. Hmmmm. Will you be brave enough to explore? Where can we go from here? It is you.


69ereatwetpussy 58M
3924 posts
3/28/2020 6:16 pm

To have you stand over my face as I my two big hands grab your ass pull you in my waiting mouth the tip of my tongue splits open your lips as your juices I taste. My tongue dive deep into you suck in more juices. J slide up till I hit your clit you moan the tip of my tongue circle around and around slowly just light as a feather. Your moving with me as you start to push into my face. I eat you sucking your lips pulling them more moans harder you push now with faster and harder.you are fucking my face as I'm eating you to you explode all over my face. I let you go you slide your wet dripping pussy down my chest. Slowly you breach my fat hard throbbing cock waiting for your hot wet pussy to slide against my head.
Now what do you do?

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