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Will we survive?
Posted:Mar 28, 2020 5:18 pm
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2020 1:19 pm

Been in AZ with hubby for a week. Good news is I still like him. There is no fun be had. Everyone squirreled away. I am in pjs day, no bra or undies. Wine O'Clock is noon, well 5 O'Clock somewhere right. But so ready get my kink . Hubby knows my kinks and does his best. I want more. Want experience how others can make feel.

Imagine your cock in my warm mouth, my teeth nibbling the length, sucking your balls into the depths making you moan. Or even darting my tongue into your tip, tasting the pre cum and then making you want suck you deeper.

Can you make cum? With your mouth sucking my clit, engorging it, while your fingers against my special spot, maybe I will squirt, and soak you or the bed. WHo wants that wet spot? Not , I better be top. Feel you sucking my tender nipples as I slide down your shaft, and grind slightly to let you know who is in charge. I will make you wait, while I , a toy against my clit, sometimes hitting your cock, a jolt to keep you aware. Never knowing what is next. Until I leave you outside me, then crawl down to suck my juices off of you. As I do, my ass faces you. Hmmmm. Will you be brave enough to explore? Where can we go from here? It is you.
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Teased and Pleased
Posted:Mar 22, 2020 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2020 3:04 pm

So if you read my profile, you know my hub and I live apart. Due work, not because we have issues. Well, after a long trip, I made it be with him. So tired, but he made make a big wet spot the bed. Ladies, that is good unless you roll into it.

Best sleep in months. But uh oh. Got to go find groceries, it was not fun. I HATE shopping. But won't starve. His sausage is good, but only fills certain parts. And I need to refuel.

So there I am chatting, and now he ie is tired. this did not end well. But damn, I got revenge.

We wake and are silent. Kisses , pulls y nips and rolls them, bites .

I pass by him, rub my knee his cock, my nips are pulled harder.

I make his thumb enter and taste it. I am so wet. Nips are hard. Every time he pulls and twists one, I am moaning. Then he bites ny tit, shivers are running through me.

Oh, laundry time. I am dripping and have go help do laundry. His cock is throbbing, my pussy is dripping juices down my leg.

I am now barefoot and in pjs going do laundry.

Oh shite, this is just get everything in the dryer. I am sopping wet and need release. Oh no, he has other ideas.

I decide , he is biting my neck, pulling my nipples and I swear I am going jump off the chair.

Shit eating grin, what's wrong. I am ready explode. Go outside, move away, hard in a 330 sq ft room. I can smell him behind me. Oh crap. More. Pulling and twisting, I am not myself. I want him. he turns away.

Laundry finishes, we fold, put away. I can't stand it.

I put my knee in his crotch. I strip, shit my nipples are being pulled harder. OOH! A toy. I insert my toy gently and turn it . He is looking at with hooded eyes. I beg, he says no.

I do lie the freshly made bed. Legs spread, toy fucking my pussy. Oh yes. Here he is. I suck him and fuck myself. The release is so good. Now to eat him, with mouth and pussy. Drain him, make him suffer. I cum again and watch him screw his eyes as he releases.
Quirks and Foibles
Posted:Mar 22, 2020 2:07 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2020 8:42 am

So, who says you do not make friends on the Internet? Then you find this place, and it is even less likely. Just a few days into my foray on AdultFriendFinder a stranger (of course) sent a message.

Well a fellow Brit, knows where I am from. Just chatting, flirting, and a lot of sarcasm. Then, whoa! A picture.

Now I know what you are thinking, but this was no ordinary picture. Message to preface it mentioned normally ladies are usually the ones showing their stockings. Ok, so interested. Was not prepared.

I slowly scrolled the page up. OMG.

Would I ever see below the knees? Yes, a pair of socks with UK flags.

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