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discreteoralsex 20F
8 posts
4/28/2021 6:03 pm

it s a piece of garbage! nothing about is good. it s a disgrace! they need get rid of it,and go back the other format,before the change. its been a piece of crap,ever since! its not worth my time! chatting one line at a time,not even full lines,constantly asking the person i m chatting with. what,what you d you say? can t even see full line.this is ridiculous!

discreteoralsex 20F
4 posts
4/28/2021 6:04 pm

i ve had it!

SingleItalianGy2 49M  
1196 posts
4/28/2021 6:57 pm

AdultFriendFinder =Always Fucking Fixing

nitemate1 60M  
1 post
4/28/2021 7:01 pm

Yes I agree 110% . I have been out here for along time, and the changes suck. Even though you are a gold member, you still treated like a free member. That's why I haven't renewed to gold yet or will I. Good luck with your problem.

Readywhenur69969 71M  
8 posts
4/28/2021 7:50 pm

I hate the new IM as well. The web cams have been working lousy and it could be due to the bandwith to post the new IMdue to the

able202 71M
3097 posts
4/28/2021 8:10 pm

yep a piece of crap for sure.


Pleasureatyourse 43M
26 posts
4/28/2021 11:27 pm

Yes IM sucks donkey balls now. It has now for at least a year

lyavu 48F
1528 posts
4/29/2021 1:17 am

I like it coz it makes u know when not to waste ur time . If u keep browsing while chatting it kicks u offline on the chat makes me know am wasting my time .next in line please

Brownie202 64F  
2591 posts
4/29/2021 4:30 am

Demand a full refund then leave this site in protest.

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