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What are people doing when you're talking to them on the phone?  

disidencia1000 53F  
32 posts
8/10/2011 7:27 am
What are people doing when you're talking to them on the phone?

I needed to make some business calls this morning and thought I'd make it interesting... I got the biggest dildo I have, it really hurts getting it in my pussy, and I put it all the way in as fast as I could. Then I sat at my desk with my pussy stretched as far as I could stand it and made my calls. I wonder if the people I was talking to could tell anything was up...My pussy finally relaxed and it just feels good to be completely full of cock.
Just a few months ago, I had a maintance man over to do some work outside my house. I was walking around outside with a butt plug in my ass, saying hello to the neighbors, nobody knew. Just goes to show, you never know what kind of no good people are up to. lol
I think I'll keep this dildo in my pussy and put another in my ass and make a few more phone calls while I'm sitting squirming around on a couple of cocks!
Just thought I'd share, lol.

copticus 69M

8/11/2011 6:35 am

You are so right - you never really know another acquaintance but it's human nature to think that we do ... and to hold them to the standards that we imagine. We want to place people on a pedestal - we think, "My {insert authority figure} would never do that!"

Which is why we are always so surprised when politicians and others who pretend to be "better" than us get caught with their pants down. It gives "representative" a whole new meaning. I think most men play with themselves on the phone if there's no one looking ... I know I do.

I remember years ago, my first wife used to love to lay on the bed calling her friends and chatting while I licked her pussy - we never fucked while she was on the phone, she just wanted my mouth on her clit while she talked to them ... friends, relatives, even her college professor discussed just about everything with her while I silently worked on her below.

She said that it concentrated her mind wonderfully...

rck_daddy73 47M  
2 posts
8/25/2011 9:46 pm

OMG that's so hot! I love it, love it, love it!!!

SuthrnMn3 62M
28 posts
11/3/2011 7:05 pm

If you'd like to make those calls with a nice hand massaging your cervix, I'll be happy to get the call!

OscarMayer21 63M  
40 posts
12/4/2012 6:10 am

yeah, D, get on IM - we'll give you more phone numbers to mess with.if you want mine, just ask!


OscarMayer21 63M  
40 posts
12/5/2012 6:32 am

I wanna watch u on your machine while rubbing one out for ya... or, fill a hole that isn't being machined out... eating your pussy while you are on the phone sounds like fun!!


JusWant2MakeUCum 54M
372 posts
1/11/2014 10:42 am

Lol, great stories ... I too have gotten a kick out of going out in public with a vibrating butt plug in my ass ... just to see if anyone might somehow notice something 'different' or 'odd' about me ... nope!

JusWant2MakeUCum 54M
372 posts
1/11/2014 10:46 am

P.S. I have a great wireless remote-controlled vibrating egg that I would love to put inside you (pussy or ass - your choice) and then go out in public to eat dinner, see a movie, whatever ... I would control the egg with my remote handheld transmitter and turn it off and on, vary the pulse pattern, speed and intensity of the vibrations, etc until I made you cum over and over again wherever it is that we were! Let me know if you're interested ...

cumalluwant 55M  
85 posts
6/29/2015 7:01 am

Now that's a great story. I'm glad I stumbled across your Profile. Load up and call me anytime...

albanybob 71M  
437 posts
5/25/2020 8:48 am

I often make business calls naked! So hot when I'm taking to a woman and I'm imagining her naked too!

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