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Help me out here....PLEASE!!!!!!!  

doitrite08 63F
91 posts
1/3/2009 8:15 pm
Help me out here....PLEASE!!!!!!!

I seem to get quite a few emails...all of which i do read...well today i happen to get one that is quite lengthy and in it this line really got to me...i started scratchin my head...lol

"I'm married, but we don't believe in monogamy"...

DON'T BELIEVE???????...

Can i get some feed back here...PLEASE...

milkman32008 60M  
1974 posts
1/4/2009 2:16 am

Apparently they're one of them couples that have an open relationship. Meaning they both fool around. I know. Why be married??? Asked myself the same thing.

17 posts
1/11/2009 2:03 am

to each their own. gotta have convictions in life. to some marriage isn't one of them.

anarchy6943 63M

1/20/2009 4:05 am

Sounds like he just wants to get laid.

Its not who you are on the inside, its what you do on the outside that defines you.

lomileage5 64M
10255 posts
1/26/2009 9:10 pm

monogamy is a very hard game to play,especially after decades of marriage and the accompanying stresses.some couple recognize this,and rather than sacrifice everything they have achieved,they grant each other freedom,instead of fighting,divorcing,making their lawyers wealthy

rm_DC_Atty 60M
475 posts
1/27/2009 2:11 am

The operative word there is "we." Is it really "we" or is it "he"?

claycastle 51M
31 posts
3/23/2009 11:50 am

Yup... what anarchy said! Just lookin to get laid! But, isn't that why 99% of us are on this site???

claycastle 51M
31 posts
3/30/2009 4:03 pm

BTW... You're Hott! Write me!!!

dewycooterlicker 62M  
351 posts
6/30/2009 11:51 am

Maybe he ment mahogany...lol

Dewy"s Cooterlicking Corner

AAntonino 63M
60 posts
9/3/2009 11:40 pm

There could be several reasons to get married that have nothing to do with love... there could be economic or financial reasons... Tax laws favor married couples and you could save thousands of dollars by filing jointly. Then there is finding a place to live... many co ops, condos and rental units favor married couples. Sometimes Banks are more likely to approve mortgages if you are legally married.

Add to that the benefits employers give to spouses as opposed to significant others or life partners in retirement pensions medical and dental coverage and other family leave benefits.
I think you get the picture... hope this helps.


jp22030 59M  
163 posts
9/7/2009 11:21 am

Only one way to know for sure - ask him

ImReady359 61M
29 posts
10/14/2009 1:10 pm

Not sure of your issue, with you being married and here ??

doitrite08 63F
23 posts
10/16/2009 12:57 pm

sry..NO issue..it was based on several emails i have received...the "MARRIED" takes many different meaning here on AdultFriendFinder...so before you cast a stone on me and my status know the facts and reason...as each of us have them......FYI... i am married but was not the cheater...he was/is and i am in a no win situation...so think before u "ass"ume....

rm_jojodancerx1 49M
22 posts
11/20/2009 7:25 pm

i think he misspelled WE and meant HE doesn't believe in monogamy. trying to lead someone on only leads to trouble. what a jackass.

rm_Gew106 68M

1/16/2010 8:08 pm

I would either take this guy at his word that he does not believe in monogamy at all; or to give him somewhat the benefit of the doubt, he may believe in monogamy given a connection with a different spouse or partner that he would wish to remain monogomous with. Tough call. I am married as well, yet I do post here, and I most certainly do believe in monogamy! Maybe my position is even more difficult for someone to figure out than this other guy's is although not to me.

eg1955 64M  
14 posts
12/31/2014 1:59 pm

It is very complicated. I'm in a sexless marriage, but other than that, I enjoy it. So I don't want to end my marriage, just because of the lack of sex. But I love sex and don't get any from my wife. And I think that she has just gotten bored with sex with one man for so long. I was bored with it with just her. I know I have discovered, since I have, by necessity, found sex elsewhere, that diversity is the key to sex, just like with anything. And while I do enjoy sex in a loving relationship, I also enjoy sex with other women for just the pure physical pleasure. I really think that had we not been monogamous for so long, we could have avoided the boredom that resulted and has pretty much destroyed our sex life. Unfortunately, she doesn't believe in sex with others. And it's easy for her since she doesn't want sex. But it was very difficult to crave sex, but to be denied by my wife, and not allowed to find it elsewhere. I eventually decided to risk it and go find it elsewhere, and that's why I'm here.

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