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blame it on the full moon....  

doitrite08 63F
91 posts
7/12/2011 1:31 pm
blame it on the full moon....

i am sure this has been said and addressed a million and one times but here goes........"AGAIN"

people send emails to you...i am assuming to make contact and wanting to chat but PLEASE PLEASE tell me ......if you really want a person to respond why do you write just these few words....

let me know if you want to chat....
i'm interested let me know if u are.......
i can make you feel like no on else....
i know exactly what ur looking for......
we are both looking for all the same things....

notice i didn't say they said ....Hi..or my name is or something...i think i speak for most of us a lil bit of common human decency would help maybe it would actually go a long way...

that being said the reason for this post/blog/rant or whatever is i got an email and it said "WANT TO CHAT SOMETIME?? that's it ...so i decided to reply to it and guess what????????...the profile was turned off...so did that person really want to chat...LOLOLOLOLOLOL...full moon makes ppl do strange things.....

thank you for reading this.... {=}

bigdeck0316 41M  
15 posts
7/13/2011 9:35 am

good call, What should people write to get your attention?

bufu692 35M
19 posts
8/4/2011 8:16 am

hi, how are u? i would luv to talk to you some time.

sex4funwithme3 50M/50F
8 posts
8/18/2011 9:50 am

Well stander members cant see your whole profile only your main post and as far as them not being their after messaging you to chat well I get on here at work and if some one walked in I would have to get off quickly so maybe they had to get off quickly for what ever reason ! Also a stander member can only type a few words at a time in the space they allow you now if they type back i don't know not on enough to chat But hi is a nice way to start! HI

dingersdong 75M
186 posts
8/22/2011 8:10 pm

Hay ,you are a very attractive woman ,and you look like your in pretty good shape. My name is Butch and I would love to communicate with you.I love riding motorcycles and camping in my r.v. If you would like to explore things further reach me thru the blogs.I enjoy having great times..

upforthat2012 60M  
118 posts
9/28/2013 8:48 am

Many people here don't speak their minds or communicate correctly. And some aren't sure of what they want. Full moon doesn't help

LinkDuncan 52M  
160 posts
8/7/2014 4:43 pm

Dear Doitrite08,

I just discovered your profile and blog on AdultFriendFinder and you are very impressive. Brains and beauty are a lethal combination!

This blog hits on something that I struggle with. I want to say the right things that would get you to check out my profile and respond, but never know exactly what to say or how much detail to get into. I'm not into long emails or profiles, but agree that the one or two liners are not good.

If I send you an email would your be able to give me advice?


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