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silver in the saddle  

donnasilver 57F
32 posts
8/8/2015 9:59 am
silver in the saddle

All tied up and I am pulling and grinding back and forth wanting to feel the heat of your body engulf me from behind while the sun hits my breast and you are rubbing my clit and I feel your need hit me on my thigh, I am not sure what will happen but you feel my reaction as it seeps on your fingers that you have in me deep inside...........
Silver in the saddle and she is pumping it nice and slow and every time she pulls up she swells more and more you feel your dick start throbbing she feels it to.......
The swelled lips burst with heart beat and the stick rams hard both can't contain it much longer and climaxes pulse after pulse of pure energy is released and dreams come true......
mmmmm ohhhh ou ou, you have enough of silver control you push her over and mount her from behind you grab her main and ride her with a force untill you spill out on her pussy hot wet nectar and juice.......

Rickysreds 34M
5 posts
8/29/2015 8:50 pm

love your ass

1bighammer1000 55M
3726 posts
9/15/2015 9:25 pm

Sounds fantastic, you keep talking like that and I will explode.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

ThickShaft02 37M

11/6/2016 5:02 pm

Nice cushion

albanybob 71M  
437 posts
6/15/2019 7:21 am

Donna was naked in the meadow and enjoying the scents of spring and the sun on her skin. She didn't realize she was being watched by the beast. As she frolicked and danced among the lilies he was deciding how he would take her. So many possibilities to consider.... and the only thing certain his mind was he would breed her completely.
His sack was swollen with semen and his turgid member would soon be injecting her vagina with that semen. So, how long should he wait before he burst from the shadows and possessed her? Donna was ripe and she pranced to and fro sometimes nearing him close enough he could smell the aroma of her cunt. Clearly she was in heat. Would she try to be coy and pretend she didn't want to be breed? Would she try to run or would she immediately fall to her hands and knees to receive his furry cock? He didn't really care. She would be breed this morning be she willing or not. In fact she would be breed more than once this day and subsequent days as well. As she neared again he leapt and embraced her..... now Donna, tell me what happened next.

funbeingnude 68M  
270 posts
4/26/2020 5:21 am

sex from behind is best

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