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The Lingerie Sex Show  

donsv1962 58M
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6/18/2020 5:47 pm
The Lingerie Sex Show

The Lingerie Sex Show

It was an early summer’s afternoon when my friend asked me to go to Victoria’s Secret to her some lingerie since I hadn’t gotten her any for awhile. This was a task that I was pretty nervous about but agreed to go and her some. I grabbed my keys and took off on the thirty minute drive to the mall.

When I arrived in the city I decided to make a quick pit stop to get and a pack of smokes, so I pulled into the station, called Jade to let her know and then filled the car up and went in to my pack of smokes. When I came out of the store I saw and interesting sight. Standing the edge of the lot was a tall, sexy and beautiful green eyed redhead wearing tight leather pants and a really tight tee shirt that her hard nipples made dents in and the shirt was cut down to expose her midriff.

She was singing to the Pussycat Dolls song Dontcha which was playing on a small CD player beside her. I thought this might be a show worth watching for a bit so I walked over to where she was and stood intently listening to her smooth, sexy voice and watching her gyrate all over the place as she sang.

She was putting on one hell of a show, but nobody else seemed to be paying her any mind. Just as I was about to head back to my car she pointed a long finger at me and wiggled it as if to say come here. Her deep green eyes were ablaze as she gave me her most sensual look. Then she began to sing directly to me and began to wildly gyrate her curvy hips as she lowered herself to the ground and wiggled her tight ass on the way back up.

Pretty soon the song ended she slowly walked over to me swinging her hips and shaking her tight curvy ass teasing me as she ran her long, pink tongue slowly across her lips and sultrily winked at me. When she got to me she introduced herself, saying:”My name is Candy what’s your name?” I told her:”I’m Scott, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She asked me if I had a friend named Jade. I said:”Yes I do, how’d you guess that? Are you a mind reader?” She laughed and said:”No I’m not a mind reader.

But my best friend is named Jade and she told me to be looking for you. I asked:”How’d you know I’d be here?” She replied your girlfriend called me and told me you’d be stopping here.” I smiled and said:”Oh that explains a little bit of this then.” Candy smiled and said:”Yes I guess it does.” I told her that Jade had asked me to go to the mall and get her some lingerie and with a twinkle in her eyes Candy smiled knowingly at me. I said: “Are you ready to get out of here? It is getting late and the mall closes in an hour or so.” She gave me another sly smile and told me that she was ready, so we walked over to the car.

I opened the passenger door for her trying to be gentlemanly. Candy wiggled into the car shaking her sexy little pear shaped ass as she did so, giving me a great view of her fine ass and putting on a sensual show teasing me. I walked around and got in, turned on the car and put it in drive and we drove away. Candy chattered merrily as we drove the minutes to the mall. She had a soft sexy and sensual voice that I enjoyed listening to so I didn’t mind all of her chattering. It took us awhile to find a parking spot in the crowded mall. I walked around and let her out of the car and said:”Ok let the fun begin.”

She gave me a mischievous grin and began to prance down aisle in front of me. Fortunately the entrance wasn’t too far away and we got there quickly. We walked in the grandiose entrance and discovered that we were at the food court, the opposite end of the mall and a long walk to Victoria’s Secret. Candy said:”I’m thirsty do you mind if we stop and get a soda.” I looked at my watch and saw that we still had plenty of time before the mall closed, so I said:”Ok.” We walked over to the Taco Bell stand and got our sodas and found a nice little table in the corner. Candy was chattering away as she sipped her soda when I suddenly felt something rubbing against my inner thigh.

I took a quick look under the table and saw her stiletto heeled shoe sliding up and down my leg. I looked up at her but she had her head down suppressing a taunting smile. I looked away and tried not to think about the foot that was now rubbing my crotch and tried to keep from getting a hard on right there in the mall. Finally Candy looked up and smiled and said:”I’m sorry. I should stop before something embarrassing happens.” Then she winked at me, hopped up from the table and tossed her cup in the trash can. I got up and got rid of my cup and said:

”You ready?” She said:”Sure, let’s go play with all that sexy lingerie.” Victoria’s Secret was on the second floor so took off to find the escalator. I started up the escalator with Candy right behind me. As we slowly rode to the top I began to feel her hand fondling my ass. I looked down at her and shook my head and got a sly smile in return. Undeterred she slid her hand between my legs and started rubbing my crotch. Finally I said:” Would you please not do that? You know that I’ve got a girlfriend and she is your best friend to boot.”

Candy smiled and said:” I know, but it’s so much fun teasing you like this, and I’m sure Jade won’t mind.” I thought I’m sure that she would mind having another woman touching me like that. I tried to put it out of my mind and began to walk toward the other end of the mall with Candy in tow. Undaunted my words she grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go of it. So I relented and let her hold my hand until we got to Victoria’s Secret. I thought she sure is awful flirty with another woman’s man. We got to the lingerie store and went in and began to look around. I pulled the little slip of paper from my pants pocket and looked to see what Jade’s sizes were.

Candy pranced around the store excitedly picking up this and that putting lingerie up to her chest as she tried to image how it would look on her. After a few minutes she came back and stood beside me as I gazed at the tables with bras and panties trying to decide what to get for Jade. While I was looking at the bras I heard a low sexy voice say:”Need some help sir?” It startled me. I looked up and saw a medium height lady smiling at me. I took a furtively looked her over noticing her silky, red blouse and tight black skirt.

She had a pretty face and lovely long, black hair and a nice pair of firm breasts and tight, curvy ass. I told her that I was looking for some things for my girlfriend because the anniversary of our first date was coming up. She asked me how long we’d been together and I replied almost a year. She said:”That’s nice.” Before I could say what I was trying to find, Candy piped up and told the sales lady that she was going to help me because she knew what my girlfriend liked. She said: “Oh, ok.” And walked back to the front of the store shaking her fine ass and I imagined pissed that she wasn’t going to get a commission.

Candy grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the store and pointed at the lingerie hanging on the wall and sexily whispered:”That’s some of the stuff that Jade likes.” I took a look at the lingerie sets on the wall and found something that I thought would look great on Jade and pulled the set down to get a closer look at it. There was a nice silky pair of purple panties and a peek a boo bra that was see through. The lingerie with it was a bright purple and very sheer. I ran my fingers across everything to see if it was soft enough for my sweet girlfriend. It felt soft enough so I tossed it into my basket and continued to look.

Suddenly Candy delightedly squealed:”Here’s something I know that she’ll just love.” She held it up to her chest to show me, and I said:”That is nice. Let me see it.” With a twinkle in her eye she handed the lingerie to me and smiled impishly at me as I looked it over. It was a nice jade colored set of lingerie and silky soft just like the purple set that I picked out earlier. I looked at the size and saw it was too small so I reached up to find the right size for Jade and tossed it in my basket. I though ok, so far so good, and Candy hadn’t done anything seductive to me in a while.

I didn’t see anything else that I thought Jade would like so we moved on to the next aisle. Candy grabbed something off of one of the racks and excitedly said:”I’ve got to try this on, it’s so sexy.” As she pranced off to find the fitting room I kept looking at all of the hot, sexy lingerie sets and sighed in relief. I was kind of glad to be alone for a few minutes so I could look in peace.

Finally I found a nice set of silky white garter hose, bra and thigh high hose and just knew that Jade would look so hot in it, so I found her size and tossed it in with everything else. Suddenly, Candy’s sultry voice was whispering in my ear check this out. I turned to look to see what she had and to my surprise she was standing before me in a very small, sheer, black teddy with the briefest of panties and a matching and very tiny bra that barely covered her large breasts and showed off her perky, pink nipples. I said that:”It is kind of skimpy but it looks pretty hot on you.” and got another coy smile and a sensual laugh out of her. Candy tossed it in her basket and said:”Glad that you like it.”

We looked around some more and found a nice soft purple latex with hole cut out for the nipples and had a slit in the groin that was pretty hot looking. I could just see Jade in it prancing and dancing around in it teasing me to no end. So I added it to the mounting heap of sexy lingerie in my basket. Candy walked over and grabbed it out of the basket and said:”I’m going to model this for you.” and quickly ran off to the dressing room before I could protest.

While she changed the sexy sales lady came over and asked if everything was going alright. I told her:”That it was and that my friend was doing a great job of helping me find stuff that my girlfriend would like. She smiled and as she began to walk away, I told her:”Make sure that you tell them that you helped me. I don’t want you to lose your commission. She smiled and said:”Thanks, I will.” After she left Candy came dancing out of the dressing room and twirled around giving me a look at the outfit.

When she stopped bouncing around, I took a good look at it. The latex suit looked great on her and revealed her large firm breasts and tight ass perfectly. Her long, pink nipples were erect and stood out from the low cut bra portion of the suit and I could see her tight pink slit when I looked at the groin portion of the suit. I knew that it was perfect for Jade and told Candy to go take it off. Candy came back to me and tossed it in with everything else and we looked for some more sexy lingerie for Jade. I figured since I had four outfits that I might as well a week’s worth of sex stuff for my lady.

Quickly we found three more sexy items for Jade and tossed them into my crowded basket. As we were walking up to the register I spotted a table that had some glow in the dark edible paint sets and ball gags that glowed under a black light and a bunch of different edible massage oils. I picked up a set of six flavored oils. The flavors looked wonderful: it had chocolate, cherry, strawberry, coconut, whipped cream and tangerine flavors in it I figured that we could have a lot of fun with them.

Next, I grabbed a set of the paint and took a white gag and then got a bright pink one and tossed them in. Suddenly, Candy pulled on my arm and pointed to the wall. What I saw on the wall got me excited because there were sets of handcuffs with ball gags, silky blindfolds, a sexy, silky maid’s outfit and a leather collar with a long silver leash. I knew these were things that Jade always fantasized about using so I quickly grabbed a set and tossed it in with all of the other things.

At long last we were done shopping, so we headed to the counter to pay for our stuff. However Candy spotted something else that she liked and said that she just had to try it on and model it for me. I said:”Ok, but I’m going to check out.” The sales lady smiled at me as she rang my stuff up and told me that the total was $500. I about pissed my pants when I heard that but pulled pout my credit card and for it. After all I thought Jade is worth it and I hadn’t bought her any lingerie in a long time.

By the time I signed the receipt Candy was out of the dressing room prancing around in a tight, white latex nurse’s outfit with a low bra section and nipple cut outs. It was a very hot looking outfit and I told Candy that it was. She smiled at me and said:”Thanks, I think that I’ll get one.” She went and got changed and I told her that I’d be on the bench outside. She for her stuff and came out to me. She pulled me to my feet and said:”There’s one last place that I’d like to go while we’re here.” I said:” It’s ok as long as it won’t take too long.”

She nodded and grabbed me by the hand and hurried me off to a Spencer’s store. I found two large black lights and bulbs and purchased them. After all what good are glow in the dark paints without the black lights. Candy found herself a set of sex cards and some other things. I picked up a bright purple ball gag and a padded paddle thinking it would add to our sexual fun. We made our purchases and left the store heading toward the other end of the mall. Candy leaned over and gave me a sensual kiss and licked my ear teasingly when we got to the escalator and told me thanks for putting up with her. I said:”No problem it’s been kind of fun.”

We finally made our way back to the car and loaded everything into the trunk and took off for home. It was getting on toward evening now and I wanted to get home and get a bite to eat. Our cabin was in the country so we drove the half hour or so back to the house without saying much. Finally I saw the welcome sight of my driveway and pulled in. We got out and walked up to the porch of my cabin and I unlocked the door and let Candy walk in ahead of me. I called out for Jade but got no answer.

I took a quick stroll through the house and found a note on the dining room table. It said I’ve got to go to the store, will be back soon. Candy walked up behind put her arms around my waist and said: “What a lovely home you have. Can I have a tour of the house and land while we wait for Jade to get home?” I said:”I said sure.” I took her upstairs and showed her the master bedroom and the guest room then led her downstairs and showed her the rest of the cabin.

She marveled at it and kept telling me how lovely it was. Finally, I led her outside and showed her the Jacuzzi and pool. Then I took her out to our two acre pond. Candy wanted to walk all the way around it so I took her on a short hike around the pond showing her the boat docks. She was amazed at the clear blue green color of the water and laughed when a fish jumped out of the lake and made a loud splash as it landed in the pond. At last we made our way back around to the front of the pond and headed back to the house to wait for Jade to get home.

On the way in I grabbed our stuff out of the trunk of my car and carried it into the living room. I sat down on the couch all tuckered out form the long day and turned on the TV. Candy plopped down beside me and twirled her long red hair around as though she were bored. We made some small talk and before long she was sitting almost in my lap. I thought, oh no here we go again. Candy leaned over me and let her very large tits brush against my face as she rubbed my back.

I moaned softly enjoying her gentle hands caressing my sore back. She stopped rubbing my back and started passionately kissing my neck and shoulders as she ran her hands down my chest. I was getting hot but knew that I had to resist the temptation to take Candy into my arms and bang the hell out of her. Finally I could take her teasing no more and whispered:”You’ve got to stop this. Jade could be home anytime.” She seductively smiled at me and with a devilish twinkle in her eyes sultrily whispered:” You’re a good friend.

I can see why Jade loves you so much. You’re so faithful and resisted my charms all the day despite all my teasing and touching.” Then she leaned over and gave me a tongue twisting kiss and pressed her firm body against me trying to break my resolve. I didn’t budge though and she finally gave up saying:”Ok. You win I’ll be good.” I got up and walked over to the picture window and looked out to see if I could see anything and gladly saw headlights coming up the drive. I heard the crunch of gravel as Jade slid to a stop on the driveway and then heard the welcome sound of the car door being slammed shut. Relieved to see Jade, I went out to greet her and see if she needed any help with getting things into the house. She said:”Sure, I could use a helping hand.” I told her that I had brought Candy home with me earlier and that she’d gone to Victoria’s Secret with me. Jade asked:”Was she helpful to you?”

I said:” A bit too helpful.” She asked me:”What did she do?” I began to tell Jade of my adventures with Candy, and she laughed mirthfully. She told me it is just like her to do that to you and leaned into me and gave me a long kiss and said:”It is ok honey. We planned it out for her to do all of that stuff to you. I knew you were a rock and would be true to me. ” Amazed at this revelation I stammered:”You planned it?” Jade just smiled at me with a mischievous twinkle in her lovely green eyes, and began grabbing bags from the trunk. I started helping her in stunned silence.

At last we got everything into the house and took the groceries to the kitchen and put them away. Jade told me that she’d get supper ready and for me to go get Candy’s suitcases out of the backseat of the car. I went out and grabbed her two large suitcases and carried them up to the guest room. Then I went downstairs and grabbed the Victoria’s Secret bags and took them to our rooms. When I got back to the living room I could hear Candy and Jade merrily chattering away and having a hearty laugh about what happened today.

I had to admit it was a pretty sexy and hot day even though I was slightly embarrassed about it. Jade had set me up so well and I vowed to get payback for the sensual torture that I’d endured. At long last Candy came out and grabbed me by the hand and led me into the kitchen. Jade told us to set the table and make the fruit salad. We did as we were asked and soon diner was on the table. We had a wonderful meal of steak and baked potatoes with red wine.

After we cleared the table and got things put away we all went to the living room. Candy immediately went over to the CD player and put a sexy CD on as Jade and I sat down. Jade got up and told me to sit between them. After a few minutes they were both teasing me by lifting their tops and giving me a sneak peak at their breasts then began kissing me all over my face. After several minutes of this they both laughed and pulled away from me. Jade smiled said:”I want to go see what you got for me today. Maybe we’ll give you a nice lingerie show to erase the problems of the day.” I laughed and said:”I don’t think that I’ll be forgetting today’s antics for a long time.”

Candy got up and sat on my lap and said:”What’s wrong honey was I too tough on you at the mall?” I smiled and said:”No not too tough, just very sensual, teasing and underhanded.” She smiled and said:”Awwwwwwwww I was a bad, bad . Wanna spank me?” and merrily laughed me. Jade walked over and put the CD player on pause and asked Candy:” Wanna go try on some of that lingerie with me?” Candy let out an exhilarated little yell and said:” You bet your sexy little ass that I do.” and grabbed Jade by the hand and led her laughing girlishly up the stairs.

I got up and turned the TV off, dimmed the lights, sat back on the couch and got all comfy and waited to see what kind of show they were going to put on for me. I began to visualize Candy in my mind’s eye recalling her perfect pink lips and sexy green eyes and that sexy, long, curvy slim sensuous body. Her large perfectly shaped breasts and long, rosy nipples danced before my imagination and I thought of her sight little pink slit and firm pear shaped ass.

My thoughts were broken when Jade hollered down to me and asked me to turn the CD back on. The first song up was Strokin’ by Clarence Carter. I had always loved the song and found it funny: I stroke it to the left and I stroke it to the right, and I stroke it to the lady I love best… began to roar from the speakers. I leaned back and looked upstairs and saw a long sexy leg appear around the corner. I whistled at the leg as it began to kick straight up and down like a cabaret dancer on stage.

Slowly I began to see more and more flesh as Candy began to glide into view flashing me a sexy smile as she waved her arms over her head and did an exotic little dance as she glided to the top of the stairs. My heart began to pound with excitement as the show really began to get under way and though that this was going to be really sexy and so much amorous fun. After several teasing minutes Candy began to slowly descend the stairs shaking her hips as she began blowing<b> kisses </font></b>at me. She continued to walk toward me taking it one step at a time.

She began to seduce me with the sensual look in her blazing green eyes and sexy way that she moved down the stairs. After her slow teasing walk down the stairs Candy finally stood before me smiling mischievously. She was wore a sexy pink that barely concealed anything nor did it leave anything to the imagination.

Slowly she did a pirouette before me showing off her heavenly body. I whistled my approval and said:”Wow you look gorgeous.” She smiled and in her sexiest voice said:”Thanks.” I barely noticed when the next song began to play, then Jade came slowly and seductively dancing down the stairs in a lovely sheer, silky black outfit that had no crotch and barely covered her very large firm tits. She danced her way over to Candy and they began a long, slow French kiss that was super hot.

As they kissed each other they ran their hands slowly down one another’s slender body, gently squeezing each other’s ass and tits and began a sexy little dance that had my cock stirring. After a few very hot minutes they broke apart and blew me a kiss and took off up the stairs to get ready for their next act. I was beginning to sweat as my sexual tension began to build, so I let out a breath, sighed and looked down at my crotch noticing that I was getting pretty hard, but I dared not pull it out just yet as the show had just begun and I wanted to see more from these lovely ladies.

Patiently with bated breath I waited for them to come down again. Finally my wait was over as Candy came prancing down the steps in a sexy little green latex that had two holes in it that allowed her pretty pink nipples to push through. It was supple and moved with her body as she danced around the room teasing me again and again. She continually bent over showing me her firm little ass while she wildly tossed her long, red hair around. It made a shiny red halo around her beautiful face.

Her act caused me to moan with delighted contentment as I watched her do her thing. As the song ended Candy stopped dancing and smiled at me while we waited for Jade to come down stairs. The song Candy Licker started playing and Jade began her slow sensual dance at the top of the stairs. I was in awe as she shook her long black hair and swiveled her curvy hips to the music.

As the song continued she slung a leg over the railing and began to slide down the steps dry humping banister as she made her way to the bottom. It was pretty hot and super sexy to watch Jade in her purple low cut bra and panty set that revealed a lot of her large breasts and tight little round ass. When she turned around I could see that her panties were crotch less and gave a very good look at her tight pink slit and her hard clit.

She began to tease me by slowly rubbing her clit and sliding a finger into her tight slit. Then turned around and began to lightly spank her own ass before slowly working a finger into her tight asshole and sliding it in and out for a few minutes. While Jade was doing all of that Candy slid onto my lap and began to rub her ass over my crotch as she wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss my forehead and cheeks.

She flicked out her long tongue and ran it across my lips teasing me and grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard as she rocked back and forth on my crotch before sliding off of me. After several minutes of playing their little game with me they ran up the stairs to get ready for the next show. Now it was very hard to not think of my raging hard on, so I pulled my cock out and stroked it a few times before putting it back in my pants as I waited for Jade and Candy to reappear. I didn’t have to wait very long for them to come down this time. Candy peeked around the corner and smiled seductively at me and began to slowly walk to the top of the stairs.

She was wearing a tight white latex nurse’s outfit that barely covered her tits and ass and shiny thigh stiletto heeled shiny boots. There was a little red cross on her right breast and she held a silver leash one hand and a padded black paddle in the other. She began to twirl the leash around in the air as she pointed into the bedroom and wiggled her finger in a come hither motion. Slowly Jade began to crawl out of the bed room, sheepishly staring at the floor as she crawled to her mistress, stopped and kneeled on all fours beside Miss Candy. I looked in astonishment as Candy began to spank Jade’s tight little ass until it was nice and red. It was kind of exciting and hot to hear Jade’s tortured moans as she was cruelly spanked.

I was beginning to get turned on again as Candy attached the leash to Jade’s black leather collar slipped a shiny, bright red ball gag into her mouth and led her down the stairs. She led her around like a before me and I got my first look at Jade’s outfit. She was in a shiny, smooth, deep blue latex that barely covered the curves of her ass and you could see her pink slit peeking out of the bottom of the outfit. Her large, round tits were about half covered but her long, pink nipples were exposed.

After another spanking Candy led Jade over to me and pushed her face against my groin. I could feel the soft rubber of the gag rubbing against my cock as Candy grabbed Jade by the hair and began to viciously rub her face against me. I could hear Jade’s soft moaning and whimpering as her face was forced against my crotch. Candy smiled at me as she continued to torture Jade and let out a little satisfied moan. Suddenly she yanked Jade off of me and pulled her to the middle of the room.

She leaned over her and whispered something into her ear and Jade spread her legs. Candy hissed:”Stay!” and ran up the stairs. I kind of felt sorry for Jade, but knew that she and Candy had agreed to put on this little show for me, and I must admit it was totally unexpected. Candy came back a few minutes later carrying some condoms, lube, silky rope and a pair of handcuffs. She was wearing a realistic looking, long, super thick, flesh colored strap on that had a small hole in its thick head. I anxiously watched wondering what Candy would do next. Jade hadn’t moved a muscle and was still kneeling in the middle of the room with her legs spread apart.

Candy walked over to her and placed a boot on her tight ass and began to run it up and down her crack as she viciously pulled Jade’s hair with one hand and grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed some onto the heel of her boot. She began sliding the tip of its heel into Jade’s tight ass and was soon pumping it in and out of her. Jade was squealing and wriggling her ass trying to escape but Candy just pumped the entire 7” stiletto heel into her harder and cruelly laughed at Jade. I could see that Candy was really enjoying doing this after all she was playing her part to the hilt, so I thought nothing bad of her. Not to mention the scene was super hot and turned me on to see Jade being dominated by another woman this way.

We’d always fantasized about doing something like this and now it was finally happening. After many minutes of hard ass fucking Jade with the heel of her boot Candy pulled it out of her stuck it in her mouth and made Jade lick it for several minutes. Candy took the hand cuffs and placed them on Jade’s wrists and tied the silk rope to them and pulled her arms toward her back and ran the rope over the ceilings support and down to her feet. She picked up a pair of shackles spread Jade’s legs apart and put them on Jade’s ankles and tied the rope to them. Jade was helpless and couldn’t get away and lay spread wide, groveling on the carpet.

Candy picked up the paddle and slapped it hard against her ass causing Jade to moan and wriggle her bright, red ass uncontrollably. Then she rubbed her as for a minute before she stepped around Jade and stood in front of her reached down and grabbed Jade by the chin and forced her to look up at her and loudly whispered: “You’ve been a bad, bad little bitch and deserve to be punished.” Then she looked at me and said:” Don’t you agree that she’s been a bad little bitch?” I sheepishly said:”I guess so.” Candy hissed at me saying:”Get over here and spank her.” I walked over and slapped Jade’s ass hard a couple of times and heard Candy laugh and tell me to spank her some more.

After a few more hard slaps of Jade’s cherry red ass she told me:”Ok, that’s enough go back to your seat.” I did as she ordered me to do and sat down on the couch. Candy leaned down and licked Jade’s cheek and ran her tongue over the gag in her mouth then slapped Jade across the mouth causing her to cry out around the gag. She grabbed her by the hair and began to pull on forcing Jade to look up at her as she rubbed her pussy across Jade’s mouth and whispered in her ear:”You like my wet pussy against your mouth bitch?”Candy’s pussy juice began to run down the shiny gag and onto Jade’s chin.

She let go of her chin and gave Jade’s hair one last hard yank before letting it go, then as she walked around her Candy began to run her long blood red nails down Jade’s back. Then she picked up a condom and the he lube and slowly put the condom on her strap on and began to slowly stroke it letting the lube cover her fat, rubber cock. Candy began to gently rub more lube onto the huge head of her strap on pressed it against the crack of Jade’s ass and began to work it up and down her crack covering it with lube. She reached down and spread her ass apart and began to slide it into Jade’s tight little asshole spreading it wide.

Candy slowly began to pump it in and out of Jade as she pulled her hair then spanked her as she began to pound the rubber cock into her ass faster and harder. Jade moaned and squealed as her as was violated and began to wriggle around trying to escape but Candy wouldn’t stop and grabbed the rope and pulled it tight .Jade was forced to lie face down in the carpet while Candy worked her over good. Finally she stopped and gave Jade’s ass a hard slap then pulled out of her and stripped the condom off of her rubber cock and tossed it into a trash can.

She looked over at me and said:”Did you enjoy watching me fuck the shit out of your girlfriend’s tight, little ass?” I stammered:”Yes it was an amazing ass pounding that you gave her.” Candy smiled and said:”I’m so glad that you enjoyed watching me pound her ass.” then reached down and propped Jade’s ass in the air. She began to rub her clit and ran her finger up and down her tight pink slit for a few minutes before she slid three fingers into Jade and began to pump them roughly in and out of her pussy.

Jade began to moan and shake apparently enjoying the rough finger fucking. Candy grabbed her hair again and viciously pulled it hard forcing Jade’s head back. Candy pulled her fingers from her pussy and licked the juices off of them before mounting Jade and sliding the strap on into her wet pussy. She began to ride her hard bouncing Jade’s ass back and forth as she pounded into her pussy. Then she began to slap her ass viciously while she continued to pull Jade’s hair.

This went on for a long time until Candy pulled out of Jade’s whose ass was beet red from the vicious spanking. She leaned over and gave jade a kiss and left her alone. Then Candy decided it was time for me to be taught a lesson too. She grabbed me by the hair and roughly tossed me on the floor and yanked my pants off and ripped my underwear apart. Then she sat on my chest as she un-cuffed Jade and placed them on me. I watched as she untied Jade and began to tie my ankles with the silky rope. I was now helpless and completely under her control.

Candy began to slap my face with her big tits and then pressed them against my face. I moaned and wiggle around under their weight, but Candy just slammed them harder against my face. Then she began to rub her long nipples all over my cheeks and lips and made me suck on them. Finally after several minutes had passed she pulled them away from my mouth and got off of my chest allowing me to breath freely again.

Candy grabbed my legs and forcefully spread them apart as she reached for the lube and a condom. I knew that I was in real trouble now and closed my eyes waiting for the pain to hit. Jade slipped against me and began to caress my face saying:”It is going be ok honey. It only hurts for a minute or two, and you deserve to feel what I had to feel.” Then she leaned over kissed me, knelt down and straddled my face.

As she did that I felt the sharp pain of the fat strap on sliding into my virgin ass. Candy slowly slid it in and out of me for a few minutes before she began to really pound my ass. As I took Candy’s strap on Jade grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth against her wet pussy and hissed:”Lick it bitch.” I ran my tongue over her slit and licked her hard clit for a few minutes before sliding my tongue deep into her wet pussy. I slid it in and out of her fast and hard as Candy pounded my ass.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity she pulled out of me and slapped my ass super hard and laughed. She leaned over and whispered in my ear:” Did you like having your tight little virgin ass banged by a girl?” I whimpered:”I guess it was ok.” Candy smiled at me and said:”Good.” Jade was moaning and writhing on my face as I licked her wet, tight, pink pussy. Several minutes later she began to scream with ecstasy as she reached her orgasm and came on my face. Candy quickly pulled her off of me and straddled my face herself.

She pulled my hair as I began to lick and suck on her clit as she rode my face and then I worked her pussy over with my tongue slamming it into her tight hole. Finally after what seemed to be a very long time she began to scream wildly and then came in my mouth. I lay on the floor panting thinking that they were through with me, but I was wrong. Jade and Candy slid between my legs and began t lick my long shaft and they kissed one another around it. I could feel their long, wet tongues as they feverishly worked their way up and down my cock.

I felt a hand grasp my cock and begin to stroke it as a tongue worked me over. I laid back and enjoyed it for a long time until they pulled off of my cock. Then Jade sat on my cock and began to ride me like a cowgirl and leaned over me and pressed her tits against my face. I moaned and began to eagerly suck on them working her nipples over and taking as much tit into my mouth as I could. Candy just lay there and watched as Jade wildly bounced up and down on my cock. A few minutes later she got up and pulled Jade off of my cock and whispered:”My time to ride him.” And sat on my cock and rode me hard like a wild .

After a while I began to moan and screamed:”I’m going to cummmmmmmm.” Candy rode me faster and began to French kiss me while Jade rubbed her clit as she watched us. I blew my load into her tight pussy just as Candy began to scream that she was cumming and squirted all over my cock. Then she pulled off of me and lay on the floor beside me. Jade was still working her clit and slid a finger into her pussy and began to pound it into herself as she stood over me. I reached up and pulled her down to my face and began to lick her clit as she fingered herself.

After several minutes of my licking her while she fingered her pussy she began to wildly writhe against my face and yelled that she was going to cum again. I moaned as her hot cum began splatter all over my lips and face and lapped it up like a thirsty dog. Jade finally satisfied stood up and reached down and pulled me to my feet and kissed me. She leaned against me, smiled at me and whispered into my ear saying:”That was so much fun. We’ve got to do this again.” I shook my head and said:”We sure do.”

I gave her a tap on the ass and headed for the bathroom leaving Candy and Jade alone for a few minutes as I relieved myself. When I returned they were sitting on the couch talking about the events of the evening. They made room for me and I sat between them and joined the conversation. Candy’s eyes lit up as she said:”There’s something we never tried tonight.”

I looked at her and asked:”What is that?” Jade excitedly said:”We never used the paints.” I said:”Oh, you’re right. Maybe we can use them tomorrow.” Both of them whispered:”We should do that!” I said:”Well, I’m ready for bed you two wore me out.” and got up and headed to the bed room leaving them alone and thus ended one wild night of superb sex with two very hot ladies fulfilling Jade and I’s longtime fantasy of making it with another woman.
The End

I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

donsv1962 58M
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6/18/2020 5:49 pm


I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

author51 58F
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6/19/2020 12:09 am

Good to see you back Hun..Was worried about you.How have you been?

donsv1962 replies on 6/19/2020 8:40 am:
Thanks my friend. I just took a break from the site. I'm good and I hope that you are doing well.

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