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spotting Fakes On AFF  

easyguy4112010 56M
15 posts
5/27/2021 7:18 pm
spotting Fakes On AFF

HI everyone who may read this.

hope you are having fun and enjoying life. I have notice a few "tells" when reading
profiles see if they are for real.

first, one pic, and it's too good to be true, cause it is.

grammer, I see a lot of women are "seeking for" which my 4th grade english teacher
would frown upon. seeking and looking are the same kinda words, and if you are not
really fluent they are interchangeable

but no one seeks for, they see people are looking for well whatever.

wanting go chat. 0% FAKE if they want move chat.

however does have some real women. but until you talk on the phone,
consider them fake.

fake women try argue they are real!! they they ask you buy the gifts cars before you meet!!

well that's it for now. i am very interested in other peoples ways of spotting AdultFriendFinder fakes


12641 posts
5/27/2021 7:56 pm

it's a sport now

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We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

Paulxx001 64M
21618 posts
5/27/2021 9:11 pm

I usually check their wrists for one of those glow in the dark stamps. ❗❗😎

OntheBeach813 56M  
4 posts
5/27/2021 9:15 pm

Other tells:

- Beginning with the word "Am" rather than "I am".
- Immediately trying to go the romance route. All are seeking the loves of their life...on a sex-dating site. Seriously?
- "God fearing".
- Getting their location wrong versus what's on their profile. Usually they don't know exactly, or they cannot even remember the name they used.
- Moving the conversation immediately to Hangouts or WhatsApp, with one of the reasons being that they're not here often. Despite the fact that they answer far more quickly than almost anyone else.

And here's a good one when someone kicks off a conversation: They'll be the first to ask you where you live (which is on your profile that they didn't read), and they'll respond with something like "Me too" Despite their profile citing a completely different location. Pro Tip: Quick answer to stop this is to say you live in "Lagos, Nigeria", or "Accra, Ghana". You'll never hear from them again.

Good luck and be careful out there.

redrockrascal 63M
23264 posts
5/27/2021 9:20 pm

it is grammar not grammer - so you are fake.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

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Bornfem 30F
58 posts
5/27/2021 9:50 pm

A lot of fake guys here as well, and guys call all females fake when you knock back their poor attempt to pick you up or they send you cock, that screams fake plus hiding their face.

easyguy4112010 replies on 5/28/2021 4:30 am:
HI, I would not know about fake men, as I am not looking for men.

Brownie202 64F  
2558 posts
5/28/2021 3:27 am

No fake men? Only women are fake and in such great numbers? Fake because they don't want you is more like it in some cases. Maybe us women should start blogs on how to spot whinny men. At least 2 or 3 every day or two just like there is about fake women.

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RyuFujin 54F  
1424 posts
5/28/2021 3:28 am

There are various image search sites out there also. Tin eye is one, but sometimes it doesn't catch every scammer's *photo*, and that could be due to the profile and/or photo being newly uploaded, and has flown under the radar of the image search.

I know of one guy, who is pretty active on here, that is using the photo of another guy who's BEEN DEAD for over six years! I copy/pasted his pic into tin eye, and it was atrocious what came back! Talk about the lowest of the low.

I don't see a lot of messages, or profiles, on here that contain *god fearing* and other red flag speech, but they are abundant on another site that I haunt. This other site seems to be a training ground for scammers.

"Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter won't mind, and those who mind won't matter." ~ Dr. Seuss.

AnewWoman 63F
266 posts
5/28/2021 4:23 am

The fakes are here and always will be because there are an abundance of gullible people on this site to prey upon.

WyoCowboy7751 68M
2246 posts
5/28/2021 6:09 am

OR Spotting the , " Fakes " Like Yours Believe Me !!!! Just giving You a Hard Time

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