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The sisterhood becoming real...  

erika125cd 67T
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8/15/2021 11:36 pm
The sisterhood becoming real...

Read the previous blogs for context…………..

The next few weeks, I would make my way over to Tina’s. I would walk around in her shoes, learning how to walk in heels, taking smaller steps to get my hips to sway to get my “girl” legs. We would work on applying makeup, Tina would show me the different brushes, base, foundations, mascara, eye lash, blush, and lipstick. I would watch her as she would apply her own and then I would put on mine. I was learning a lot from Tina and was getting the real feeling of being Tina’s girlfriend.

We would pluck my eyebrows, to shape them a little at a time. Hopefully, no one would notice the change. Wearing glasses sure helped with that. I had put on one of her wigs, always the longer hair one. I would switch between the blonde and brunette. I thought the brunette wig was a little more my style.
With her parents always traveling for business we had a lot of time together practicing and learning. We started going for walks around the neighborhood, being the fall season, it was dark early, and it helped me to feel comfortable. We would talk about being sisters and I was learning about the female mind. Every visit Tina would give me a present, and I was quickly growing a wardrobe of my own. I would usually leave them with Tina until I was able to find a safe place to store them at home. I did take a few panties and bras for the times I could be alone at home.

As I was feeling more and more like Erika, Tina and I became closer as friends. After our long walks we would hug and kiss, but we would not have sex. I think we were great girlfriends and sex would hurt a great relationship. We would talk on the phone every day we did not get together. One day Tina said it was that time of the month and time to feel the female curse. I had to find my mom’s pads and take a few for my use. Luckily for the first few days I did not have gym class in school. I had to change pads every few hours those days. I had to buy some at the drug store, so I would have enough. I was able to find a store that was far enough away that I would not be recognized. I was a little nervous but after that first time it got easier.

When the week was done, I was somewhat relieved that it was over. I guess that’s how girls feel during that period. That Thursday Tina asked if I could spend the weekend as her parents both were traveling, and her brother was going to be around if Tina needed anything. She knew that he would hardly be home. As the weekend arrived, I told my parents that I was invited to spend a weekend at a friend’s cottage up north and headed to Tina’s.

Unbeknownst to me she told her parents she was having a girlfriend over for the weekend and girl that was a weekend……

Life may not be the party we hoped for. But while we're here we might as well DANCE!
Yesterday's a memory, tomorrow's a dream . . .Enjoy today!
Hugs, Erika!

JoAnneTon 54T

10/27/2021 2:55 am

Oh to have reacted similarly to my younger impulses and to have met a girl like this to help.
Brother around - what's going to happen there ??

JoAnne xx

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