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This is a continuation of my story….  

erika125cd 66T
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5/27/2020 1:00 am
This is a continuation of my story….

It has been awhile but with this virus stuff going on, I should be able write more... to get context read the previous post

Tina and I had walked home from the party talking about the events that occurred. She was very interested in how I felt, what I thought about things that happened and if I truly enjoyed the evening. I had so many thoughts running through my head, my body had a feeling of excitement, a new heightened sexuality and sensuality. I expressed my feelings with Tina and about my desire dress as a girl since I was a lot younger. Not having any sisters made it a little difficult. How I stole moments wearing my mom's clothes when no one was around. That when she suggested our costumes that I was jumping out of my skin with excitement. Nervous but excited.

We finally arrived back at Tina’s house and I was coming down from my high. I had to change so we went up to her room. I was sitting at her makeup chair removing what little makeup I had left. I had removed my cheerleaders’ uniform but was still in my bra and panties when Tina turned the chair around. She too was in bra and panties and hopped into my lap, straddling me, she looked into my eyes and kissed me long and deep. I could feel her breast pressing against me and I could feel her wetness through her panties making my cock rise with anticipation.

We broke our kiss and Tina led me to her bed, we undressed each other, almost ripping our panties and bras. We fell onto the bed clenched in each other’s arms; bodies pressed as if we were one. We explored each other as if it were our first time, which it was. Oh, we had kissed and embraced each other but never naked. We kissed, caressed, and stroked each other. I made my way to her ample breast, feeling the softness of her skin and nibbling on her nipples, feeling them get hard as I suckled and nipped and licked her, knowing I was making her moan, listening for clues as to what I should do next. I also was taking mental notes because this is how I was feeling earlier at the party, wondering what it would be like if it were my breasts getting played with. Tina’s moans were growing as I felt her pushing me lower. My hands were roaming all over, grabbing her hips, feeling her cheeks as I went lower. I could smell the sweetness emanating from her crotch. I took it in which made me even harder. I started kissing her lips as she held my head once I reached her clitty. Her juices were flowing, her aroma was enticing, her thighs were soft, and her moans were growing even louder.

Tina then pulled me up and we kissed, my mouth, lips and face full of her juices. She rolled us over where she was on top. Now it was my turn to have her kiss, lick and suck my body. My<b> nipples </font></b>were putty in her mouth, growing harder as she bit, and kissed them. Working her way down she licked my cock as if it were a sucker, stopping at the tip blowing warm moist air as she worked her way to my balls. She sucked them in one at a time, rolling them with her tongue, I was in ecstasy. Tina worked her way back to the tip and engulfed my entire cock I did not want it to stop.

Tina worked her way back up as we kissed, I tasted and smelled myself on her breath, I was in heaven. I then felt the wetness of Tina’s pussy at the tip of my cock and with one push down I was inside her, she on top looking into my eyes with a wicked smile. I felt her squeezing her lips around me as she whispered, “don’t you wish you were the one getting fucked?” I kissed her deeply, as we were moving in rhythm, moaning as we quickly were coming to a climax. As we finished, I whispered back, yes, I wish the roles were reversed, but I also was feeling the moment with her, feeling my manhood inside her and our bodies melting together as one.

We were dozing off, holding each other tightly when we heard the garage door opening. Her parents were returning from their party. We remained quiet until they settled into their bedroom. We briefly talked about the night and our feelings. We promised to talk over the weekend as I had to get dressed and get home. But what Tina said as I left had me walking home with a smile on my face…………….

Life may not be the party we hoped for. But while we're here we might as well DANCE!
Yesterday's a memory, tomorrow's a dream . . .Enjoy today!
Hugs, Erika!

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