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Pineapple Express
Posted:Aug 6, 2018 3:11 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2021 4:44 am

Referring to my last story “Sky Rockets in Flight”, “Jen” and I hadn’t been able to spend much time together since our night on the beach. She was an avid sailor and crewed on at least two racing boats, and I was working to earn money for college. When we had kissed goodbye, she whispered in my ear that we had unfinished business. I didn’t really know what that meant but I was soon to find out.

“Jen” and I got together about a week later to watch some TV and lounge. She brought over a big tub of fresh, sweet pineapple for us to munch on and our kisses wound up being sticky and sweet. She had to leave for a trip the next morning so I took her home a little earlier than usual. Sometimes we’d stop to make out in the far back corner of an old church parking lot and tonight she said she wanted to stop there before I took her home.

We pulled into a dark corner with overhanging trees and she reached over to turn off the radio when I stopped the car. Before I could say anything her lips were locked onto mine and I could still smell and taste the last of the pineapple on her lips. Her hand had already run up my thigh and was tracing out the head of my growing cock.

She stopped suddenly and told me she had a surprise for me and that she wanted me to jump into the back seat of the car with her. My heart was pounding as the thought of my hips thrusting into her ran through my head. We jumped into the back and seat where she told me to lay back. The unfinished business was that she wanted to give me my very first BJ to go with my very first fuck. I protested at first but she pushed me back and had my pants undone and down around my thighs in a second. Her hands were hot as she wrapped them around me and slowly teased the head and tip. She started slow but began to build a rhythm as my hips arched to get as close to her mouth as possible. She changed speeds and grips as little moans and gasps escaped my lips.

I was lost in a haze when I noticed that she had unbuttoned her own pants and had her right hand down the front of her underwear. I reached over and replaced her hand with my own. She repositioned so that her crotch was cupped in my hand. The moans were mutual as she kept stopping to breathe, while never letting go of my cock. I slipped two fingers into her causing her to slam down on them, driving them deeper. I felt the gush of her hot lube sliding between my fingers as she came but never stopping her stroke. I could feel my cock reaching the point of no return and the rush of blood was in my ears. Her lips tightened as I swelled and she drove down on me. I heard her gag a little as I came but she held tight and I felt my knob completely in the back of her throat as she gulped. I remembered the feeling I had when I came inside her and this time it was 10X harder. My hips arched and twisted and my balls pumped what felt like a quart of cum. As I relaxed and my cock stopped throbbing, she still kept a firm grip on me as she pulled back. She took several deep breathes and then released her grip which caused me to leak out a small amount of left over cum. She slowly licked this clean and looked up at me with a smile. Her cheeks were flush, her eyes tearing, and mascara running. I realized I still had her pussy in my own grip as she asked if she could have it back now.

We zipped up without saying a word and then got back into the front and drove home. When I dropped her off she leaned over to tell me that I was the first person to ever go down on her and I took her virginity in that sense. I could smell the musky smell of my cum on her breathe but I also smelled sweet pineapple. I think she sensed my surprise because she took my still sticky, grool covered fingers, and licked them off in her mouth. She whispered in my ear,” just so you know, I love pineapple”. It all made sense to me now that the pineapple had sweetened my cum. As I drove back home, I could still smell her scent on my hand, and that also carried the sweet smell of pineapple. I’ve loved pineapple ever since.
Sky Rockets in Flight
Posted:Aug 1, 2018 5:42 pm
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2020 5:16 am

I was a bit of a late bloomer growing up, athletic and good looking, but awkward with girls.

Don’t get me wrong, I had friends that were girls, but none I was having sex with. We all know when that first time comes it’s usually a messy combination of buttons, zippers, and bra straps.

My first time was quite the difference though, and I have my girlfriend’s fantasy to thank for that. We hadn’t been dating for long, but long enough for kissing, hickies, and some petting, but wanted more.

Being only teens, we obviously couldn’t just rent a room or something, but needed to be creative. My girl, “Jen” had always wanted to have sex on the beach. Being it would be my first time, I had no issue.

We snuck some sleeping bags, beers, and Rumpleminz out to the woods and made up our appropriate excuses. There was a local beach within walking distance of her house that was a huge party spot on weekends, but kind of quiet during the week. It was the beginning of a very hot summer and the water was already comfortable enough to walk out on the huge sandbar and swim in.

We retrieved our gear, chose our campsite, and got a small fire going. The beach was still pretty crowded from the day so we took our time, and drank some cool beers in the growing dusk. After some shots of Minz, we went for a swim and then back to our blanket. We zipped our bags together and snuggled in. I was in my trunks and her in her bikini. Our cool wet skin felt good to the touch and it wasn’t long before we were getting lost in long and passionate kisses.

She flipped me on to my back and straddled my hips with her long, muscular legs of a soccer player. We were a good fit, me being 6ft and her 5’10. Under the cover of the sleeping bag, my manhood had long since made itself known and we were separated only by the thickness of our swimsuits. She started to rub herself up and down the length of my cock, stopping only briefly to grind against the tip, before moving back down. We stopped kissing and were both drawing heavy breaths as the friction rose between our legs. She let out a gasp as she tightened her thighs and dropped her full weight down on me. I felt my cock and balls pumping uncontrollably as my hips reached up to meet hers. My trunks were hot and slippery inside. She knew that I had cum and just smiled as she fell over next to me.

I was stunned, I had blown it – came before I even had a chance to fuck! I stumbled though an apology and she kissed me and pulled me back up to go for a swim. The water was great and we waded out up to our chest. I dropped my trunks to wash out all the cum, wondering if it would attract any curious and hungry fish. I think she knew what I was doing because she reached up from behind me and wrapped her hands around my balls and cock.

It was like a jolt of electricity and I felt myself getting hard. Oh to be 18 again! We splashed around a little more but her hands were firmly wrapped around my cock and my hand down her bottoms , with one hand gripping her ass and the other wrapped around her pussy as our lips locked. We stoked the fire back up at our campsite and zipped ourselves completely into the sleeping bags for privacy on the sparse beach. We stripped our wet clothes and pressed our hot lips and naked bodies together. It was steamy inside and my head was spinning from another shot of Minz and the musky smell of her now soaking wet pussy. I took the top this time and worked my way down from her sensitive neck to her heaving chest, with my lips.

Her breasts were firm and nipples hard as I rolled each one through my tongue, drawing a little gasp as I nibbled the nub. I could feel the fine silky hairs on her belly as I moved my tongue down, stopping at the top of her pubic line. Her hips lifted up to meet me as I flicked her lips and clit. She smelled great and tasted even better. Her slick natural lube running out her pussy and down between her inner thighs and ass.

I plunged in, licking, biting, and sucking her swollen clit. This time it was her that didn’t last long as she arched her hips and was wracked by contractions. A guttural moan was all I could hear as she tried to push my firmly locked lips away from her spasming pussy. I finally let up as she unzipped the bags, replacing the hot air of sex with the cool lake breeze.

I was fully recovered and my cock standing at attention. I moved up her body, running my cock along the length of her leg, as I reached my lips down to hers. She laughed and said that it was my fault that I made her cum too early this time. I ran my throbbing head up the length of her pussy, and against her clit. She was still sensitive and pushed me away. I put my tip just up against her pussy lips, enough to make sure I was properly lubed. I pushed just past her lips and slowly moved just an inch or so in – knocking at the door so to speak. As she got used to me I felt her thighs spread and she lifted her knees to allow me in.

I felt the length of me slide in till my pubic bone touched against hers and my balls were up against her inner thighs. My first time, and it was great. I started slow, enjoying every thrust, her pussy making wet smacking sounds as I pulled out and pushed back in. That musky smell was back and I could feel a growing tightness between my balls and ass. The combination of spit, from me going down on her, and the natural lube, drenched my cock and balls, and was leaving a growing wet spot in the sleeping bag.

To say I erupted would be an understatement. As my muscles tightened, I thrust one deep last time and unloaded what seemed to be an endless stream of hot cum. My body was wracked and she pulled me down on top of her to rest. We lay there, spent, our sweat mixed together on her chest and belly. We sat there for a long time, my now limp cock, still inside her pussy. I propped myself up and kissed her longingly – ah, my first time. I felt her start to move her hips and realized that her pussy had gotten warm and wet. Amazing – 18 again! The tip of me tingled and I don’t know where it came from, but my cock reacted by starting to get hard again. As I grew inside her, she tilted her hips up so that I could easily stay in till I reached full mast.

It took me a little longer, but gave her time to cum once more before that all too familiar tightness came back and my balls were pumping out what little cum I had left in my body. After a cool swim to wash off, we stoked the fire one last time and dried off on our blanket. The beach was dotted with small fires and several people walked by and waved but we really didn’t care. We snuggled up in our bags and slept the rest of the night away.

The early sun was already bright and hot as we woke up and kissed one last time. We noticed joggers up and down the beach and hastily dressed. We were a little sweaty and covered with sand, still sticky cum, and girly grool. As we hiked back to her house, I smiled and vowed to never forget my “first time”.
Female Ejaculation
Posted:Aug 1, 2018 3:33 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2020 5:15 am

Female Ejaculation has always been one of those mythical things that ranks up there with the existence of Big Foot, Aliens, and the Loch Ness Monster.

In one camp you have the nay sayers – it’s just pee from an overactive bladder that gets released during intercourse or orgasm. Watching any of the popular porn videos will certainly make it seem like that. Others say that it’s a glandular secretion during intercourse and orgasm, similar to that of a male prostrate gland. Other, have no clue – it’s a mystery. I am of the belief that any time you can make your girl shoot ANY liquid out of her body while you are having sex is a GOOD thing.

At the end of the day I think every answer is correct. I’ll admit, I was clueless. My first girlfriend was an active lubricator meaning that she would and could get very wet depending on the circumstances. I didn’t really know what it was – but I liked it. Every woman is different and none of them can tell you if it’s length, girth, hook, the head, or just the libido that can or can not cause it. I’ve made several women squirt and for the most part it’s just a little pee – no harm done. I’m of average length but above average girth and I’ve been told that fullness can put pressure on the bladder, along with an intense orgasm, can lead to a little leakage. I seem to be a little more successful when I jack rabbit her pussy and clit with my hand. The stimulation and tempo tend to trigger a release, especially if she has already come once just prior.

Ejaculation is a much different story though. It’s thicker and sometimes looks like male cum. It typically does not shoot out but definitely oozes. As I have said, my first girlfriend was definitely an ejaculator, but I just didn’t know what it meant – or how lucky I was. It wasn’t till I was dating a woman in college that I truly understood. Our first encounter was a relative quickie (no sex, just some kissing) and I didn’t appreciate what was happening. Our second encounter took a little longer to develop and was worth the wait. We were doing homework together in her living room with her roommate and stealing casual glances, and touches. Her roomie was not aware and we were still trying to keep our relationship somewhat discreet. She’d run her foot up my calf under the table and I’d brush her knee and thigh with my hand. I was afraid to get up so as to not give away our secret by the enormous bulge in my pants. Around Midnight she finally decided to turn in. “Sally” needed to get up early in the morning and said we’d have to reschedule to later. She was much shorter than I was – about 5’2 vs 6ft so when she leaned forward to give me a hug and kiss me, it was somewhat of an awkward exchange. I went to put my hand around her hips and wound up essentially cupping her left boob in the process. It all happened pretty fast but she kind of fell into me, we knocked our lips together and her right hand nailed me right in the crotch. We both pulled away laughing and I said, let’s try this again. We exchanged a long, passionate kiss and when I pulled away she took my hand and said “last time you had your hand here” as she cupped it around her breast, “and I hand my hand here” as she cupped my bulge and squeezed. We sat there in the doorway for at least 10minutes, essentially feeling each other up, before we both ran for her bedroom.
There was nothing sensual about this, we both just wanted to fuck like crazy after having to hold it in all night. When our clothes came off I noticed the large wet spot that had formed in her scanty, baby blue panties. I peeled those off for her as she grabbed ahold of my cock and squeezed it’s girth. I had my back to the bed and she pushed me down and climbed up over me. I was ready and she was as well. She held my cock up and literally jammed it inside her pussy lips. She was so wet that there was no hesitation at all. Watching her ride me with those nice 38DD’s and that silky blonde little pussy made me rock hard. I tried to slow her down but she was already cumming hard. Just as she came, she pulled up a little and I felt a warm gush of hot fluid run down my cock and around my balls. Assuming a little squirt, I thought nothing of it. It wasn’t till after she pulled off that I saw the “strings” leading from my cock to her clit and lips that made me wonder. I told her that looked great and she said that she has always been “a cummer”.

Unlike a little pee, which can be clear and very liquid like, this was thick and somewhat milky and had a strong musky smell (like male cum). My balls and ass were wet and slippery to the touch. We kissed some more and she rode down on me hard again till I came. The process did not seem to repeat itself though. We did however have sex more and more and it seemed like the first time we did it for the day usually had this happen – it was usually her hardest orgasm of the day as well. Several instances totally flipped me out. One time she was bent over on the bed giving me head, and was grooling hard. She said that the feel of my cock in her mouth (especially the head) was such a turn on that her pussy was literally overflowing. Another time we hadn’t seen each other for a week and were planning a fuck session when she got called into work. I had just gotten there as she was running out the door for her part time job at the cosmetics counter for a local department store. She gave me a quick peck and squeezed my crotch, to hold me over till later. I pulled her close and ran my hand up the front of her skirt as I gave her a long, keep kiss. I ran my finger under the elastic of her panties at the crotch and felt her silky blonde pubes covering her lips. I spread her lips with the tip of my finger and collected a little moisture from her clit. Pulling away, I said “and that’s to hold YOU over till later”.

She worked for a few hours and met me back at her house where she told me that she could not get my touch out of her head. It was a busy evening and she was working the counter for holiday sales. My touch had left her with a tingle that just would not go away. It was simple enough in the cold car but the warmth of the store with the occasional breeze shooting up her skirt from the door got her going. She said that with all the bending and moving, that her panties had ridden up and were rubbing on her lips and clit. Every time she walked it would send a jolt of electricity through her thighs. Her panties were wet and when she finally got to sit her panties pulled hard up on her clit. The more she tried to ignore it, the wetter she got till finally, during a lull, she sat on the edge of her desk and rocked herself to a small orgasm on the corner. It’s amazing when I speak to the difference in smell and texture of ejaculation. She said that when she came she was sure she could smell the musk of it and the pressure of the desk pushed the fluid back up her pussy lips to between her ass cheeks. She didn’t have any spare underwear and she was afraid to take them off for fear that it would start running down her leg! Of course this sounded like a big kinky story to me until she lifted up her skirt to show me that the crotch was completely soaked almost up to the waistband in the front and all the way up the ass crack in the back. As soon as that musk hit me I got an immediate hard on and we headed to the bedroom. I was still standing up so I laid her on the bed and lifted her hips and legs to meet my eager cock. Before plunging it in, I saw her pussy oozing a sticky clear liquid that was running down into the crack of her ass. I fucked that gooey mess like there was no tomorrow and we left a foot wide wet spot on the edge of the bed after we both got done cumming.

Just enjoy it while it lasts!

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