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How to get cuckolded Pt 2  

feelmeup1961 63F  
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10/12/2020 10:51 am
How to get cuckolded Pt 2

Here are some more tips about how get another man into your wife’s sex life. The route you go down will - obviously - vary, depending the sex life you and your wife already have.

Paramount is try gauge her response to the things you say and do - and be adaptable.

One game is to get an airline-style eye mask . And no, not the sort of mask you’re wearing now… Think more Lone Ranger. If you pretend to be someone else, make sure you’re doing things that she definitely finds arousing. Associate your<b> fantasy </font></b>with her excitement, not her anxiety. The best route to satisfying your fantasies about other men fucking your wife is by first making those fantasies EASY for her enjoy.

Ask her to make a story about something she might have done while you were out… Listen carefully to how she frames the story.

Another game, only if you have a good and slightly experimental sex life, is to try touching her while wearing gloves. It introduces the idea of an unfamiliar touch in circumstances where it is completely safe. She might find it creepy of course! So listen carefully.

Many women, no matter how beautiful, lack confidence. In some women that makes them “shy” around men. In other women, it makes them eager for reaffirmation from men. In some women it’s both! You have to carefully consider how your wife feels about confidence. You want to create a game that encourages her to feel confident - and the kind of man you choose is important. Some women want a man who tells her she’s lovely. Not many women - certainly not on a first encounter - want a man who tells them she’s a slut. Even though it’s 2020, women often don’t want to do things that make them feel slutty. You must NEVER say or do anything that makes her feel ashamed about fucking other men.

Trust is everything. Your wife needs to know that it is a game that you are BOTH playing together, a game that strengthens your relationship - not weakens it.

While most women are comfortable with having gay friends, women are often less comfortable with being married to a bisexual. Whatever your views might be about same sex fun, bear in mind that this game is about what your wife wants - and feels easy with. If you have bi feelings that your wife doesn't know about, you will have plenty of time to subtly change things later… when she has got her head around playing cuck games at .

Similarly, but conversely, women are often less inhibited about FF contact than men are about MM contact. But it is vital find out what your wife feels. Never bounce her into unknown territory. Time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted!

Hope some of those tips help…

Have fun out there…!

neilcoates 44M
1453 posts
10/13/2020 7:49 am

is this something you do ?

bande6365 56M/58F  
136 posts
11/29/2020 4:49 pm

can't you jus talk to her for me lol

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