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A sub´s taste  

filho_de_Odin 46M
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7/26/2015 5:08 pm
A sub´s taste

The upper rectangular window was inexorably being swallowed by twilight out there in the free world ; damp, cold floor pierced soft, light young skin like ice daggers, threatening to rip right through the flesh and cut to the bone. Shackles caressed a stiffened limb while a pair of hands stroked the lenght of the shaft chained by it´s base to the stained white wall.

The fresh youthful body lying in the floor next to its pet house began to quiver in anticipation of the early stages of orgasmic spasm.

- Faster - a low and commanding , deep silky female voice as dark as the dying light arose from the furthest corner of the kennel . - I have other business to attend to.

A new, unfamiliar voice, replied the young man´s brain, one he´s never heard before, just another one. Precum slipped through the tip of his reddened head as a familiar sound stormed the cement floor. Relentless leather high heel boots stormed the cement floor and pressed hard down with its needle like tip, preventing the flow of ejaculation right at the exact moment.

Giggle sprang from above when his expression betrayed the searing pain. It was something he waas geting used to, getting acquainted with, being trained for. The weight subsided, just enough.

- I don´t want to see you touching yourself until I givew you permission to,understand boy? If you do, spread your legs, rest your arms by your side and let them stay. Starting now.

His soaring arms and legs moved slowly to do as it was ordered, and the heel was removed even slower from his body, not before striking down again for less than a second in a flash of twisting pain. Leather creaked as a voluptous pair of legs danced around to a halt right over the young man´s head, staring down on each side of his head, and finally putting it to use as a buttocks pillow. The air was almost drawn out of him, as the Domme brought the full weight of her considerable body down.

The smell of actual fresh leather was new, but the smell of different female fluids was an entirely different thing altogether. It always gave the sub an utterly intoxicating rush. And his body corresponded the same way, which was almost invariably rewarded with a swift<b> caning </font></b>in the nether regions.

- Why are you so happy about boy?

One quick lightening flog followed the sentence as the woman´s body tightened it´s grip over him, threatening to cut all the air at any moment, while gripping hard on the raised cock. Her mouth swalllowed hungrily every piece of his member, up and down, up and down, maddeningly skillfully while holding the cock´s chain. Blood pumped, heart thumped and semen flowed freely down an eager throat.

Without a single hesitation or even a look back , high heeled fresh leather boots stomped out of the kennel into the free world .

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