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fkmeallnitelong9 49  
162 posts
7/4/2016 4:49 pm

My question for all of you today is about tattoos. I am seriously considering getting one. How long did you think about getting one before you did it. Do you ever regret getting it? Did getting one actually lead you to get more (like the old saying-one is not enough). Did it make you happy at first and still happy today?

fordfire4 45  
277 posts
11/2/2019 2:01 pm

I have 2 and have never regretted them, and I'm planning on at least 1 more. Both current ones and the future one have a lot of meaning.
If you do want to get one, you are already heading in the right direction by waiting and thinking it out. Seems like most I have talked with that regret a tattoo is because the decision was spur of the moment and alcohol influenced.
If you do decide that you want one, best advice I can give is #1 and most important, Find a GOOD artist!! Even if it means travelling to go see them.
2nd sit down with the artist that you pic and draw up something original. "Stock" tattoo books lead to regret
3rd, make it something that has meaning to you...something with a story behind it

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 11/2/2019 4:57 pm:
what wonderful advice.. I appreciate you taking the time to answer your thoughts

Yours_4A_knight 55
1441 posts
5/3/2018 10:06 pm

Some is Good, but in my opinion, there is such a thing as too much and I am maybe pushing it [image]

I had thought a long time before I go my first one (i was in my 40's) and did a lot of research and though before I got that one. I had idea and thoughts, but mostly a great artist who said all those sound fun but here lets just freehand it because it won't work flat.

I wonder if you chose to go through with it or if you are still considering

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 5/6/2018 6:18 pm:
that is a beautiful work of art you have there. and yes I am still wanting one

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 5/9/2018 7:38 pm:
thanks for your thoughts

xclearx12 30
4 posts
9/15/2017 7:34 am

My only suggestion would be you have to get something that is very meaningful to yourself! I have some that have multidimensional meanings and remind me of great times and core interests. I try to get themes / ideas that are timesless. Whatever you do no names haha🙈🙈🙈.

Took me about 2 years to decide on first one and right style. Also good idea is to check out momentaryink.com you can upload an image and get a temp tattoo to test it out to see if you like design / size / position

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 9/16/2017 6:10 pm:
what great information. I appreciate that A LOT

Trapper69 63
2537 posts
10/20/2016 10:35 am

I have none, and have no desire to get one.... I know several people who have at least one. About half wish they hadn't done it now that they're older. One has spent more than $20,000 to get his removed.

Some people look good with a bit of ink, some look like freaks....it all depends on the artwork, size, and location.

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 10/20/2016 10:57 am:
well put..thanks

bitmore967 49  
65 posts
9/2/2016 1:18 pm

i know exactly what i'm going to get - which i think is the most important part... but i don't know when. i think i'm more apt to wander into some tattoo studio someday and say "what the fuck, lets make it happen!" than to schedule it. which is probably a mistake but it sounds like a good experience nevertheless!
so yeah, settle on something you wanna see for the rest of your days on a body part you'd like to see something on ... and do it!

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 9/2/2016 6:56 pm:
thanks for the insight

guynamedjim 62
756 posts
8/9/2016 7:24 am

Seattle good heavens they are everywhere! It's NOT good. Personally a lot of women getting them all over and it makes them ugly cause it is a distraction of there personal beauty. Does anyone think in those terms? What's the point wearing your heart on your sleeve? Someone said once when one gets older and skin looks like a raisin your'll look like a lizard.

Handsome_Polska 40
30 posts
8/5/2016 8:28 pm

I suggest going to a tattoo convention to see the various artist portfolio's and styles. Morgantown has one coming up Aug 19-21 at Waterfront.

tedscott40 57
2445 posts
7/8/2016 1:51 pm

I don't have one and don't plan on it.

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 7/8/2016 11:56 pm:
thanks TED

sphxdiver 70
21066 posts
7/4/2016 5:44 pm

Almost got one when I was in the military, but chickened out, guess i wasn't drunk enough to go through with it.

Don't have any !

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 7/4/2016 5:47 pm:
good choice, bad time to get one

Theniceone798 27
21 posts
7/4/2016 5:17 pm

People say I'm heavily inked but I see myself still naked, just getting started. Love my ink, in all honesty don't care about others. I do it for myself, and if I like others art I'll say something if it comes up. Otherwise it's become an icebreaker for people who want to talk to me. Which is a plus but more often than not; a negative. Like I hear it ALL are time and I've been tatted for 4 years, like come on now, You got to have more than that to talk about.

Just my perspective slash insight, if you love the art yourself and keep looking at it and love it over and over a tattoos for you.

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 7/4/2016 5:50 pm:
great point!

dettopus 58
152 posts
7/4/2016 5:05 pm

I have 2 which I thought long and hard about. My first thing is get what you want and that it suits you. Don't get one just because someone else does. I got my first one at 18(maybe 1981), my second one was in 88. sorry I don't remember the age. None of them show in public unless I decide (shirtless) my wife did get one and soon after wanted a second one. She has yet to get but it can be addictive.

My personal advice is if you really want one get one that suits you and get it where you don't mind it being seen. Not that I'm embarrassed about mine just that society might not like it . I know that's funny coming from a sissy but hey at least I'm honest.

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 7/4/2016 5:17 pm:
thanks a lot I appreciate it

hung_pleasure 34

7/4/2016 5:02 pm

Love ink on a woman...sexy as hell!

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 7/4/2016 5:07 pm:

BadBoy4Fun1965 56  
129 posts
7/4/2016 5:01 pm

Got my first at age 18,now have 9 total. no regrets.Happy then and now.

fkmeallnitelong9 replies on 7/4/2016 5:06 pm:
I appreciate that

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