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Sick of Bullshit....
Posted:Nov 6, 2013 4:16 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2013 5:16 am

Since I have been a member here, I've met many men. I have met in person, 14 men, I have been with 3 at my house. Not all were sexual encounters. But what I have run into in the past few days is these stupid men that want to play games and waste my time.

Let it be known that I do what I say I am going to do, I show up when I say I will. If we don't "click", then we part ways at the restaurant. If we do click, then we take it from there. I am tired of these wimpy, no follow through jerks that set up meet date, then call with less than an hour to go to cancel. Funny thing is they both used the exact same excuse.

So, take note, no more 800 emails, then 10 phone calls so you can tell me how wonderful you are in bed, and you ask me what I like. I know you just want me to talk dirty so you can jerk off, which is fine, tell me that up front and we'll have phone sex and not waste anymore time.

I'm just sick of pretenders, stringers that have no intention of meeting you if ANYONE else comes through before our meeting. I am worth your complete attention, because that is what I will give you, so if you don't intend to give 100% when we're together, then don't bother me at all. I thought older men were through with games, I guess I've met a cluster of them that aren't. I'm prime rib baby, not ground beef. Give me some respect or don't waste my time. GOT IT?
The Anniversary of Loss...
Posted:Oct 24, 2013 11:50 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2013 10:35 am

The anniversary of my accident is approaching. In that accident, I lost my best friend in the world. We had been friends since Kindergarten. We were in a crosswalk, and were hit by a drunk driver doing 60 mph. He hit her first, which turned the car, and I was hit by the fender and thrown. She saved my life. She was killed and I survived. I sometimes get lost in the grief and guilt. Survivors guilt is real and powerful. She had a full life, and a still growing family. My were settled and on their own. It is difficult to even talk to her husband or to see how they are doing. I can hear the resentment in their voice. They know the accident wasn't in any way my fault, but I lived and moved on, and she is dead and buried. I understand their grief, but I'm not sure they understand mine. I miss her, who she was to me, talking about our lives, sharing the highs and the lows. I have never lost a spouse, but I understand LOSS and GRIEF. However, I don't feel I would be doing her life or her memory justice if I gave into the grief to the point where I stopped going forward. She would be so pissed at me if I allowed that to happen. So as the anniversary of one of the most traumatic days of my life looms large, I remember Kristine. I remember her alive and full of joy, love and pride of her family. I grieve at the loss of a "sister" that shared almost 50 years of my life and her life. But because of her sacrifice and death, I intend to live every day of the remainder of my life to the fullest. I won't settle for anything that would not make her smile. Thank you Kris, for you love, support and all the years of laughter we shared. You are loved and missed by many, but not forgotten by any.

In memory of Kristine S. 1954-2005. I will always love you and be sad for the years we could have still shared. I know you are in Heaven, so give hugs to my dad.
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What Happened to conversation?
Posted:Feb 17, 2014 8:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2014 10:43 am

I'm aware that this is a "sex" site primarily, but I don't understand why every single time you speak to someone it is all "sex" talk. How can you get to know the person, what someone thinks or feels when all they can talk about is "pussy", "dick" "fucking", etc. I get so sick of it. There is more to me and more to life than sex and sex acts. I've left so many men sitting in the public place where are having our first meeting because every word out of their mouth is about how good they are in bed. How much they like to fuck, what they like to do. If you don't do anything other than have sex, and stay in bed 24/7, then I understand why that's all that comes out of your mouth. But there is more to me than just having sex. I need to know about YOU. If you can't talk about anything else, then I'm not for you. I can converse on a myriad of subjects, as I am a well rounded, intelligent woman with many interests. If you want to get to know me, then speak to me in other than sexual terms. There is a time and place for that type of talk, but in a restaurant, at our first meeting is not the place. It is private and doesn't need to be overheard by others. Have some class, be discreet and tasteful in public. I am a lady first, and have lots of things to share, so I would appreciate it if you would take the time to listen and find out about me, otherwise, you will be leaving alone.

I love sex as much as the next person, I just don't need to talk about it every time I open my mouth. Use your words, use your brain. Just my personal opinion.
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Finally, Some Time Together
Posted:Dec 28, 2013 2:51 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2013 8:30 am

It finally worked out, we had an evening and all night together. You had some time and I was free. Oh, your sweet kisses, the clothes hit the floor as soon as we closed the door. You kiss me and I melt, then you touch my kitty, I'm yours! We immediately go to the bedroom, and kiss, touch, probe, explore each other. I've been sick for so long, unable to be intimate, but the doctor told me to resume normal activities except to be careful of my leg.

Oh you got me to cum so fast, and then again, and again, and again. It feels so good to have you touch me, suck my nipples, then suck my clit. Then I get that perfect cock in my mouth, and to hear your sound of pleasure is music to my ears.

You insert your fingers into my kitty, OMG, you are sucking my nipple, fingering me and rubbing my clit, I'm in ecstasy. I cum again. You play me like a fine violin.

I can't wait until we have another time together. There will be some new things, we will both be in heaven. I will please you like never before. I already miss you, but you are the only one I truly and completely trust.
Being sick SUX!!!
Posted:Dec 21, 2013 7:28 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2013 2:32 pm

Well, my Thanksgiving was horrible. I contracted cellulitis in my right leg, and being a retired nurse, I knew I was in trouble. I got on antibiotics immediately, but it wasn't enough. Went to the ER and was immediately admitted to the hospital with 3 doctors. The pain was excruciating and I could not even stand up. I spent 5 miserable days at home, then 2 weeks in the hospital, including debridement surgery on my leg. I've had cellulitis before, but nothing like this.

I've been home 10 days, and I'm finally beginning to feel like myself more and more each day. My leg is still wrapped, and will be for at least another month, but it is a preventive measure now.

I've missed sex. Since I have come into my "renaissance" it is like I'm feeling deprived. I got clearance from my doctor to resume most normal activities. He told me to use my own judgment as far as "special" activities. So I am.

I have met some wonderful men, some of which are just friends, no benefits, but everyone needs friends. I'm grateful for each and every one of them.

I'm so thankful to be feeling healthy again, and looking forward to getting back in the saddle again.

Merry Christmas to all, be kind to each other, and remember, it is better to be kind than to be right.
Painful Change and Loss
Posted:Nov 23, 2013 5:39 am
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2013 4:47 pm

8 years ago today, my life changed in a drastic way. It was a beautiful day in California and my best friend and I were out shopping and having lunch. We had been friend since Kindergarten. Our grew up and played together, had about the same time, and everything was right with the world. I was separated and living in my own apartment, and she was married living with her husband.

After shopping for awhile, we went to Olive Garden for lunch. We had 1 drink with our meal, and talked and laughed and reminisced about our lives to date. How ironic to have that conversation when within the hour, everything would change.

We paid our bill at the Olive Garden, and we had left my car across the street in the Mall Parking Garage and walked to Olive Garden because it was such a lovely day. So we leave and go to the intersection, push the button for the WALK sign, and wait. There it is, WALK. Kristine and I both step off the curb and begin to cross the street. Because of the bag she was carrying, we switched sides in the crosswalk so the bag wouldn't hit me in the leg.

We reach the middle island of the crosswalk, take a step off to finish the other side of the road, and we hear a strange screeching and I feel a sudden pain, then everything goes black.

3 days later, I wake up in the ICU, with a tube down my throat, a tube in my nose, a tube in my bladder, and an IV in each arm. I'm in excruciating pain in my lower back, pelvis and head. What the hell is going on, last thing I remember is eating lunch with Kristine at the Olive Garden.

My husband and daughters are in the room, crying. I think, shit, I'm dying. I can't speak because of the breathing tube. The Nurse comes in the room and asks me if I know where I am? I tried to shake my head NO, but there is a brace around my neck.

The Nurse gives me a dry/erase board. Asks me my name, if I know the people in the room, what day it is, who's the President, or what year it is. I gave her my name and the names of my family members in the room, but not much else was clear to me. Then I wrote "WHAT HAPPENED, WHY AM I HERE?"

The Nurse told me I was in an accident and the doctor would be in to talk to me in a few minutes. I started feverishly writing questions, was I driving? Did I hit something, was anyone in the car with me?

Finally the doctor comes into the room. He tells me I was hit by an SUV while crossing the street. I told him I don't remember that. Why would I be walking across the street when I usually drive? Then my husband told me the circumstances of the day. I was shocked it had been 3 days. Then he told me that Kristine was with me, she was the first one hit in the crosswalk and instantly killed. That her funeral was that afternoon.

I lost it! I began to try to scream, but couldn't because of the tube in my throat. The Nurse told me to calm down, and I began hitting her. The doctor put something in the IV tubing, and everything sort of faded away.

When I woke up, it was 2 hours later. My family was still there. My precious came to my bedside, held my hand, and told me again that Kristine was dead. Apparently, a drunk driver in an SUV had run the stoplight at the intersection we were crossing. He hit Kristine first, which deflected the car, then hit me and threw me a distance.

I had a broken back, broken pelvis, head injury, and mangled left leg. They were not sure they would be able to save my leg, it may have to be amputated. I began to cry uncontrollably.

My life long best friend, my confidante, my sister from another Mister, Kristine was gone. There was no consoling me. How could I go through the rest of my life without my partner in crime, Kristine?

We had shared everything, our birthdays were 5 days apart, me being older. Our were the same ages, except that Kris had gotten pregnant with a that wasn't planned, but was wonderful. She was still at home and had just turned 16. How do you grow up and become a woman without your mother to guide you?

After a few days, I wanted to see Kristine's husband, but he would not see me. He said it was too painful. The last time he had seen me, I came to their house to pick up Kris for a girl's day of shopping and lunch. As far as he was concerned, I took her away. I couldn't deal with the grief and the guilt. Why did Kristine die and I lived?

Little by little over the next few weeks, the details of the day became clearer and clearer and harder and harder to deal with. I really just wanted to die. I felt as if I had killed my best friend. We were just trying to get some exercise, which is why we had decided to walk to the restaurant instead of driving just across the street.

But, if we had driven, maybe Kristine would still be alive. I laid in that hospital bed in ICU for 4 weeks. Then I was transferred to the floor, where I stayed another 5 weeks. Then I was sent to a Rehab hospital to begin learning how to move and walk.

I had surgery the day of the accident, and they had to fuse my spine, and put my pelvis back together. However, my leg was another story. It was wrapped, but there was still an open wound on it. I would need at least 2 more surgeries on the leg, and would not be able to put any weight on it for a long time. It ended up being over 2 years that I was in a wheelchair and walker at home.

The pain was horrible, plus I gained over 100 lbs. just sitting in that damn chair or on the couch. I couldn't even sleep with my husband, who had moved into my apartment to take care of me. Since he was still working, I lived on the couch and he took the bedroom. He fed me, bathed me, took me to the bathroom, as well as my numerous doctor and therapy and wound clinic appointments. He was wonderful to me. Even though we no longer lived together, we still loved and were committed to each other. His loving care was amazing.

A week after I got out of the hospital, I had him take me to see Kristine's grave. It was horrible. My beautiful, vibrant, fun loving best friend was dead at the age of 51. It just wasn't fair, why her?

The torment for me today is that, if she hadn't switched places with me in the crosswalk just moments before that asshole hit us, I would be the one in the ground and she would still be here raising her . There for her graduation, her wedding and the birth of her first .

That man robbed us both of a future, but none as horribly as Kris. There was a trial, it was his 13th DUI, he had a revoked license, and no car. He had borrowed a car from his friend to run some errands. Some friend, you know you have a friend with that many DUIs and a drinking problem and you give him your keys to a 2 ton bullet, WTF was he thinking? His stupidity cost Kristine her life, and me, a great price as well.

I testified at the trial, they rolled me in and I told what I remembered. Some parts of that day are still a blank and I may never remember. At the conclusion of the trial, the man was sentenced to 22 years in prison for vehicular homicide, attempted vehicular homicide, driving on a revoked license, DUI, assault with a deadly weapon, drunk in public, and a bunch of other stuff the D.A. could think to throw at him.

His friend, lost his house, his car, got some jail time, and lost everything financially. I made sure Kristine's family got first claim to any monies, because that's the way I wanted it. By the time it came to me, there was nothing left. I now have a lien against me for the hospital bills for saving my leg. I can't pay that bill, ever, and I'm sure after the 10 years it will be written off, or if I file bankruptcy it will go away.

But I bear all the scars both external and internal of that horrible day 8 years ago when I lost one of the most special people in my life. So today, do me a favor, take a moment to be grateful for what you have, because it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye and your life will be forever changed. I lost Kristine and her entire family that day. Because even though they know it isn't my fault, they still blame me somewhat. I blame myself too, and I have what my therapist says is "survivor's guilt". All I know is my life will never be the same, I will never be the same.

But I loved and still do love Kristine, we shared 51 years of life together, and she was taken much too soon because someone was stupid. So be thankful for everyday, and do something special each day to remind you how precious life is.

I love you Kris and will always miss you terribly, my precious friend and sister from another mister. GOD bless her family.
Is this the 50's?
Posted:Nov 20, 2013 10:13 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2021 11:42 am

I'm gobsmacked. One of the gentlemen I was seeing doesn't want to see me because I have a black friend. WTF? Are we still in the era of segregation? Let me make this crystal clear to anyone that may want to "date" me. I'm not prejudice against any race, color or creed. My prejudice is against stupidity and ignorance. So, if you have an issue with another race, I AM NOT THE WOMAN FOR YOU!!!!

GOD created all men in HIS image, which means we are all the same, we just come in different flavors. I care about the inside of the person, what kind of person they are. Are they kind, considerate, tolerant, honest and tender.

I will be with who I want, when I want, and if you can't handle that, then take your small minded, bigoted ass somewhere else. I have no time for you.

I can't believe I was fooled by this narcissistic bigot, well trust me, I won't be fooled again. I was controlled sexually in my 30 year marriage, I won't be again, EVER.

I'm so pissed at myself for not seeing who this man really was. I won't fall asleep at the switch again. Oh well, good riddens to bad rubbish.
What A Great Afternoon...
Posted:Nov 18, 2013 12:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2014 6:17 pm

We met at a place that was halfway between where we live. We got a room, went in and I went straight to the bathroom. All the time I was driving, my mind was on you.

I came out of the bathroom and you had turned down the bed. Then you walked up to me and gave me such a wonderful kiss. Then you touched my breast, then kissed it. That began such an erotic and wonderful time of intimacy and passion.

You know exactly where to touch me. Oh your touch is so sensuous and masterful. We lower ourselves to the bed and you remove my clothes. As I'm getting on the bed, you enter me from behind. Oh you feel so good inside me, so hard, so commanding. After that, you put your fingers inside me. Oh it feels so good, oh that's the magic spot. I orgasm, it is so exciting, my whole body trembles. Then you kiss me and continue to finger my kitty, OMG I'm going to orgasm again.

As we begin to kiss, oh how I love your kisses, so tender, so sensuous, so passionate, it makes me want you so much more. I push you back on the bed and move my mouth down to your beautiful dick. I put my lips around you, and take all of you into my mouth. I suck, kiss, lick and enjoy it throbbing in my mouth. It's so perfect, the shape, the feel in my mouth and it tastes so sweet. I take my time to make sure you enjoy all the sensations.

We kiss more, and rub and explore each other. It feels so wonderful to be in your strong arms. How can one man be so strong and tender at the same time. You are so considerate of my pleasure and satisfaction. It makes me want to please you, to bring you to a new heights of ecstasy, just as you have with me.

Our time together is too short, I wanted more of you. Well, next time we will have more time together. There will be more kissing, more touching and many more orgasms. Thank you for making me feel so special, so sexy and sensual. You are an amazing lover.
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Did Anyone See?
Posted:Nov 3, 2013 1:31 pm
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2013 9:21 am

We were invited to a Christmas Party. We didn't know very many people there, but we went anyway. We arrived, got our drinks and sat down to chat with other guests.

While we are sitting there, you lean over and reach under my skirt. You know I don't wear pantyhose, just thigh high. I'm wearing my thong, the pretty one you like. You moved my thong to one side and began to rub my kitty. I'm feeling aroused, but in the midst of a crowd I can't show it.

Then, you slide your finger inside of me, then 2 fingers. We continue to talk to the other guests. It's getting more and more difficult to maintain my composure. My kitty is so wet and in my head, I just throw my legs open, unzip your pants, pull out your cock and sit on it. But we are in a crowd.

I'm doing my best to make sure no one sees your hand is under my skirt. Oh God, it feels so good. You continue to finger me and my arousal soars. What are we going to do, I have to have you inside of me.

I leaned over and kissed you, then whispered in your ear, I'm going to the bathroom, meet me in there in 2 minutes. I get off the couch, go to the bathroom in the back of the house, my heart racing and my kitty aching.

You come into the bathroom and lock the door behind you. I unzip your pants, pull out your cock, and begin to suck it, lick it, kiss it. It is so hard. You want to undress me, but I remind you we are at a party and we need to be quiet and quick.

I'm sitting on the toilet lid, sucking your cock as you moan quietly. you stand me up, and you sit down. You lift up my skirt, put your finger inside my kitty again, and begin to finger and lick my kitty. I'm going to scream out, it feels so good.

Then you tell me to sit on the bathroom counter, which of course, I do. You put your throbbing cock inside my kitty, moving my thong to the side. My kitty welcomes you and I am flying high with enjoyment. You hold my legs up and apart as you are fucking me. Your cock is so hard and my kitty so wet, it goes in and out so easily.

Shit, I'm going to cum, I want to scream out, but I know we can't make any noise. Oh God, I'm cumming. You fuck me even harder, your breathing is labored and I'm still welcoming your cock. After a few minutes, you cum. You bury your mouth in my shoulder and let out a low moaning cry.

WOW, that was so intense. We kiss and hug, and smile because we are both satisfied. You are so considerate, you take toilet tissue, warm water and clean me off. Then you clean yourself. The toilet flushes.

I fix my hair, compose myself, and leave the bathroom. After a few moments, you leave the bathroom. We talk with each other as we walk around the house commenting on how nice it looks.

No one even noticed we were gone? No one knows we fucked in the bathroom? We go back to the sofa with fresh drinks. There are different people in the room. We talk to them. After a few minutes, you reach over and pat my kitty on top of my skirt. OOH! Did anyone see? Do they know? Who cares if they do.

Then, you reach under my skirt and begin rubbing my kitty. Then you move my thong to the side and insert your finger, then 2 fingers. Oh my God, I have to go to the bathroom. I ask the people next to me "will you excuse me please"...
The Getaway
Posted:Oct 31, 2013 9:47 am
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2013 6:38 pm

Finally, we have some time that we can spend a weekend together and get away from it all. We go to the beach, there's no one there this time of year. We wrap up and go for a barefoot walk on the beach. Holding hands, hugging & snuggling, kissing and touching. It's a bit chilly, so we need each other to stay warm.

After the walk, we go to the cabin. You build a nice warm fire while I cook us a nice meal. We eat, all the time we are talking, sharing and learning more about each other. We are enjoying a great wine, with soft music playing in the background. The candles are flickering, the fireplace is warm and inviting. We finished eating, and take our wine over to the sofa to enjoy the fire and each other.

We begin to kiss, we put down our wine on the table. As we are kissing, we begin to explore each other's bodies through our clothes. Then your hand goes under my blouse and inside my bra, you begin caressing my nipples. I am so aroused, my nipples are so hard. I begin rubbing your cock through your pants, oh it is hard, I can feel it.

We decide to move to the rug in front of the fireplace. As I lay down, you are standing over me. I take your pants off, and your underwear while you are still standing. As you stand over me, I ask you to just drop to your knees, which puts your cock and balls hanging right over my mouth. I reach up and begin to caress it with my hands, and kiss and lick it. It's like a lollipop. You are so hard and pulsing.

You move down by me and take off my blouse, bra and pants. You reach inside my thong and rub the top of my kitty. Ooh, the feeling, it makes me tingle all over. Then you rub a bit, moving your hand down to the opening of my kitty. As you rub and your finger finds the split, my legs begin to open for you. You take off my thong, and then with your fingers you are rubbing my clit. I'm getting so wet, and so excited. As we are kissing, we are fondling each other as our anticipation soars.

You take your tongue down between my legs, and begin to kiss and lick my kitty. Your tongue finds my clit, and I let out a moan of delight. Your tongue begins to move all over my warm, wet kitty. I ask you to turn around so your cock is close to my mouth. We pleasure each other with our mouths. Then you put your fingers inside my kitty as your tonguing my clit. I can't hold it back, and I climax. Oh, it feels so electric.

I'm sucking and licking your cock and you begin to moan with pleasure. As I concentrate on your pleasure, your cock feels so good in my mouth, and hearing your enjoyment only heightens my excitement. You have me stop so you don't cum yet, and you go back to my breasts, kissing me and fondling my kitty. Oh God, I want you inside me so much.

You position me on all 4s, and enter my kitty. Your cock feels so hard and so amazing. I am in ecstasy. As we move in unison, we both are sharing our pleasure with the other. We even talk dirty. You ask me how much I like you cock in my pussy and I ask you to fuck me baby.

As we reach the height of passion, we climax simultaneously. WOW it feels so good.

We slowly separate, laying next to each other on the rug, breathing heavy and enjoying the moment. We snuggle and kiss. I thank you for all the pleasure. You thank me for the same. As we talk and snuggle, we sit up, naked and sweaty. The fire still feels so good, and the wine tastes good after steaming hot sex.

After a few minutes, we begin to kiss, you hand goes down to my breast, you realize how hard my nipples are. I'm turned on again. We begin to fondle each other.

Here we go again, Oh God, you make me feel so good. NO, don't stop, come here, I want to...
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A Shower, how provocative
Posted:Oct 30, 2013 10:46 am
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2013 10:21 pm

You told me you are going to take a shower. Hmmm, what thoughts run through my head. You standing behind me in a steaming hot shower, you grab the body wash and squeeze some into your hands. You rub your hands together to make sure it's not cold. Then, you begin just under my chin, and start to lather up my breasts. Then you move your hands all over my chest, stomach and back. I put some shower gel in my hands and rub them together as it begins to lather.

I turn around and begin under your chin, lathering and rubbing your chest and stomach. We are now washing each other's bodies. Breathing heavy and our bodies alive with anticipation of the other's touch. I move my hands down and begin to wash you stomach, then around your cock and your balls. My hands are so soft and your cock is so hard. I begin to wash it, moving my hands back and forth, first slowly, then faster.

You are washing my chest, and you move down to my stomach, then to my kitty. I open my legs so you can wash all of me. You fingers find their way into my wet, pink kitty. I'm making your cock pulse as I massage and wash it. You are making me wetter and I begin to moan with ecstasy.

We are lost in what the other is doing. I let the water hit your cock and balls and all the soap washes away. I drop down to my knees, with the water hitting the back of my head, I take you cock into my mouth. I kiss and tongue and suck on your cock until you are just about to cum, then I pull my mouth away and you cum on my breasts.

You pull me up to you, I stand and we kiss erotically. I am so wet and my kitty is aching for your touch. You insert 2 fingers, then 3, and you move them back and forth faster and faster. You are hitting my clit as your hand goes out and in. I'm having a combined clitoral and G spot orgasm. It is so HOT. I'm in complete ecstasy.

We kiss again and again, then continue to wash each other's bodies. Front and back. Legs, butt, and even feet. We turn off the water because we are both clean.

As we get out of the shower, you begin to dry me off. Lifting my breasts to your mouth as you dry them. I dry off your chest, and I wrap the towel around your cock. We just took a shower together, do we get dressed?
An Erotic Journey
Posted:Oct 26, 2013 5:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2013 6:55 pm

We are kissing as we enter the room. You reach behind me to close and lock the door. As we are kissing, you begin to touch me through my clothes. You rub my breasts, clinching them in your hands, kissing my neck. You take off my blouse as we continue French kissing. I love a passionate kiss and a tender touch, and yours is perfect. After you remove my blouse, you take off my bra and begin to kiss and fondle my breasts. My breathing is heavier, I begin to take off your shirt. We continue kissing as I remove your shirt and throw it in the pile with my blouse and bra. My hands rub your chest, and find their way down to your cock and rub it through your pants. Oh, it's hard, I can feel it pulsing.

I unzip and unbutton your belt and pants, and slide them down along with your underwear. You kick off your shoes and step out of your pants. Then you begin kissing and nibbling and fondling my breasts as you remove my pants/skirt and panties. We leave our clothes in a pile by the front door as we walk over to the couch. I sit down, and you stand in front of me as my hands run from your chest down to your stomach, then find your cock. I begin to kiss your stomach as I fondle your cock and your balls. My mouth finds your cock. I begin to kiss and tongue your cock until it is completely in my mouth.

I begin to gently run my tongue up and down the shaft as I am kissing and caressing your cock. It is so hard, and so much pulsing. I can feel and hear your breathing is heavy. After a few minutes, you sit down next to me on the couch. We are kissing as your hands begin to probe and fondle my body. You suck on my nipples as you rub them. As we continue exploring each other's bodies, your hands find my inner thigh.

You kiss me so gently, your tongue finding different parts of my mouth and mine doing the same. As we continue to kiss, your hand runs down my inner thigh until it finds my kitty. You gently push my legs apart and begin to fondle my kitty. Your finger goes inside, oh I am so wet and my whole body is tingling with anticipation. Then you insert 2 fingers into me and begin to move your hand, all the while you are kissing me. I am yours. We get up and move to the bed.

Once on the bed, you fondle my breasts and kiss them, then you make you way down to my kitty with your mouth. You part my legs, and next thing I know I am in ecstasy as your tongue enters my kitty. Your finger finds my clitoris and you gently rub it. I am so wet, as you continue to lick and kiss my kitty and your fingers are inside and rubbing my clit, I climax! WHOA, that was wonderful.

After a few minutes, I reach down and pull you up to me, kiss you tenderly, and nudge you onto your back. I begin to kiss you chest, then I run my tongue the length of your body until I am there. I gently place my lips around your cock and begin to suck, lick and tongue your cock. It is so hard. You tell me how great it feels. I continue until I think you are just at that point, then I stop.

We continue to kiss and fondle each other, taking turns kissing, licking and sucking the other. Then, you tell me to get on all 4s on the edge of the bed. You stand behind me and enter my kitty with your hard, pulsing cock.

We begin moving in unison, oh it feels so good. I have already cum 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 times. I want to be sure you are pleasured and climax. I beg you to cum inside my warm, wet kitty.

Finally, you do, you cum. WOW! It's amazing. You don't want to pull out yet, so I lay down and you lay on top of me, your cock still inside.

We slowly pull away, and lay next to each other on the bed. We are gently rubbing each other and we kiss again. We talk for awhile.

We have enjoyed each other's bodies and felt every feeling possible. It is truly a blissful moment.

We kiss again...talk some more. Then my hand touches your cock, it is soft. I ask if you want it to stay that way. You say...
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So many things have changed...
Posted:Oct 21, 2013 4:20 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2013 8:41 am

Since I was last in the single/looking/dating arena, which was 30 years ago, things were so different. There are guys out there now, that even if you tell them you are not interested, still persist. They send emails, hotlist you, flirt with you, check your profile numerous times daily. They just don't get the message. I've tried to be polite and respond to almost all emails, but I have decided that from now on, if they don't fit my profile, I'm not responding, I'm just deleting. So those of you that can't take NO for an answer, will understand when I don't respond. I may be a fluffy woman, but I am not desperate or hard up. I'm selective, and if you smoke, do drugs, are under 50, MARRIED, or prefer not to say, I will just delete you. I have been blessed to meet a couple of really nice men on this site, but you have to kiss a lot of toads... I'm done kissing toads. I know what I am looking for, and if you don't measure up, I'm no longer wasting my time. This generation, time, era whatever you call it, is so different. But, I refuse to settle, there is quality out there and that is what I want because that is what I am. I am a big woman, but I am a quality woman, in and out of the bedroom. I am intelligent, fun loving, kind, generous and sensual. I love my awakening, sex is wonderful, WITH THE RIGHT PERSON. So changes may have occurred, but I haven't changed, I'm not stupid or reckless. And that's the name of that tune.

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