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After dinner
Posted:Nov 12, 2020 5:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2020 6:59 pm

After a nice dinner I take you home. Be a the gentleman that I am I walk you to your door. I tell you that I had a really nice time and I would like to see you again if you would like that. You put your key in the door and unlock it. The whole time I am looking at your body thinking Man I would love to kiss all over your entire body. The urge gets to be to much and I walk up behind you. Push you forward up against the door. Start kissing the back of your neck. You try to turn around but I wont let you. I rub your shoulders with my hands and you relax and start to enjoy it. I slowly move my hands up and down your arms. I then move my hands around to the front. Your breast pushed up against the door. I slid my hands between your breast and the door. I feel that your nipples are starting to grow stiff. You let out a little sigh. I move in closer and press my body against yours. You can feel my hard erection on your ass. I slowly move one of my hands down your body while I still have one breast in the other hand keeping you pulled in close to me. My free hand I run up under your shirt and bra. I now have my hand on your nipple which is rock hard now. I pinch the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. You gasp with a small wimpier but the pain is good to you. I start rubbing my hard cock across your ass. You reach behind you and slid your hand between your sexy ass and my cock. You can feel my cock throbbing. By this time you have figured out what we both want. You open the door and pull me through. I shut the door and you turn around to face me. Our lips fall together. A couple of little kisses tasting what each others lips taste like. I part your lips with my tongue. We have a long wet kiss that seems like it's lasting forever. You now have me pushed to the door. My hands move down your back and firmly grab your sexy ass. Your hands make their way down my chest and start rubbing my cock again. Without stopping the kiss I start to undress you. One slowly button at a time. You are wanting me to just rip your shirt off. Finally I undo the last button and slid your shirt off. I then undo your bra and let it drop to the floor. I now have two hands full of magnificent breast. I kiss my way down. I kiss and lick on your breast until I find your hard nipple. I start sucking on it and your head rolls back with pleasure. You unbuckle my paints and slid your hand inside. You can feel the precum that has soaked through my underwear. You hold my wet dick and lead me to the bedroom. You pull my shirt off over my head and start kissing on my chest while pushing my paints to the floor. I push you back onto the bed. I lean over you still sucking on your hard nipples. I start moving my way down your body. Undoing your paints and sliding them off of you but never removing my lips from your body. I start kissing your inner thighs. You pussy juice has soaked your panties. I begin sucking you wetness from your panties.
I move your panties to the side by using my tongue. I search for your clit. When I find it I suck on it like giving you a blowjob. I pull your panties off and throw them on the floor. I take your legs and put them over my shoulders. Your pussy is flowing with juices now. I am sucking up every bit of it. I put my hands under your ass to pull you closer to my face. I'm sucking and teasing your pussy for 20 minutes. You can't hold it any longer. You start humping your hips up and down like you were fucking my face. Your legs get stiff and you squeeze my head in between your legs. You start to cum and it seems to last forever. You try to get away but I pull you back in for I am not done yet. Your gasping for air as I am sucking on your pussy. You push me away and roll me over on my back. You straddle my head with your legs. I can see your wet pussy still dripping and the glimmer of your cum that ran down your ass. You slowly place your throbbing pussy on my face and start moving up and down my face like you was ridding a hard dick. Each stroke you take I am licking from your clit to the back of your ass making sure I get every drop of your cum. You take my cock in your hands and bend over to start sucking on it. But the pleasure of me sucking your pussy is to much and you just lay there with my dick in your mouth. I reach down and take your head in my hands to hold your head still and then I start face fucking you while I suck and lick on your swollen pussy lips. I since that you are about to cum again. I pull your head all the way down on my dick. You start to cum the same time I start to cum in your throat. Neither one of us let a drop go to waste. When we are done, we just lay there wore out. You still on me with your head resting on my dick and your pussy inches from my face to where I can smell the enjoyment you had.
Pure pleasure
Posted:Oct 30, 2020 5:31 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2020 6:58 pm

I take your ass in my hands and pick you up and carry you to the bed while kissing your neck and breast. Gently lay you down on the bed and never taking my lips off your sexy body. Start working my way down your body. The closer I get I can smell your wetness growing stronger. Once I reach my target I kiss on your inner thighs and all around my treasure. I slowly kiss on one leg while lifting it over my shoulder. You raise the other leg over the other shoulder because you know what is coming. I run my hands your ass and pull you in closer. You can feel breathing on your wetness which is starting to drip . I start sucking on one lip and then move to the other. You reach down and hold the back of my head with a hand full of hair. I use my tongue to split your pussy lips and lick the inner you. You pull my head in harder so I don't miss a drop of your wetness. I reach up and take a breast in each hand. I work my way up until I find your clit. As my tongue rolls across a ladies natural pearl your ass tightens up and I know that I am there. I take your your clit and start sucking on it like a blowjob. Your breathing gets quicker and gets shorter. You pull my deeper into your soaking wet pussy. You start slowly start bucking your hips as if you was fucking my . Your back arches as you get closer to an orgasm. You tighten up you legs around my head. Moments before the climax you start start moving away from me. I reach you ass with both hands and drag you back to my mouth. The pleasure is to much for you. You pull my head as far in to your pussy as you can get it. Your legs start the shake and you start having a long hard orgasm that seems to last for minutes. gasping for air but I don't let up and keep sucking all the juices flowing from your body. You raise my head up and give a long wet kiss so that you can taste the pleasure that I have been tasting. Then you push my head back down to return to what I started. The second and third orgasm soon follow with a flush of wetness running down your ass. After I clean you up I roll over and we both take a much needed rest. As we lay there your body keeps having uncontrolled aftershocks until we are rested enough for round two.

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