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Dear Mr. Yum  

forbiddenwish 55F
56 posts
5/13/2019 11:25 am
Dear Mr. Yum

You don't know me yet. That's ok. You see I have a confession to make. You are the lead star in my porn fantasies. I know this is a lot to take in Mr. Yum. I don't mean to scare you but you see I can't help myself. My thoughts of you consume me. You're always on my mind as I go about my daily activities. You're in the car next to me, you're behind me at the grocery store, your sitting near me at the theater or restaurant. Mr. Yum - you are everywhere! Now I know this sounds kinda strange and bizarre and I'm not a stalker babe, Mr. Yum. I take you very seriously and my fantasies aren't some cheap little visuals - they are downright darkly sinful and delicious- only the top-notch for you and I've tried to give you a variety to pick from. When you read my fantasies, Mr. Yum, your mouth will water and your cock will get very excited. Don't worry Mr. Yum it's ok if you really really like them.

Mr. Yum, I hope you don't mind that when I'm sitting down with a notepad or my computer - that I fantasize about you and how amazing you are. There are times Mr. Yum - that I swear you've seen me sitting near you watching you. We've made eye contact. Though you always seem so busy Mr. Yum - I hope you don't mind if in my mind I've kinda sat down next to you and maybe flirted a bit. I know you would never mind if my hand wandered to your thigh or if I leaned in and rubbed my breast on your arm. You seem like you wouldn't mind. I like that about you. You have that sexy twinkle in your eyes.

If we met at a bar Mr. Yum do you think you would be a gentleman or would you be more forward? I kinda have you in both roles. I think you are hot either way. You really do make my panties wet. Do you prefer to fuck me in the private bathroom stall scene or would you try and sit near me and lean in to smell me and then whisper some dirty words in my ear. Would you be subtle Mr. Yum?

Oh and Mr. Yum? You are downright the most amazing kisser on the planet. Your lips melt me to the point I'm combustible. My nipples get so hard just thinking how much I adore your lips and tongue. My hands get twitchy too because they have a mind of their own. We should definitely declare your lips as downright dangerous. Plus I'd like to think they were mine. I'm a bit possessive like that. Afterall if you want to be the lead in my porn fantasies I'm expecting a little bit of loyalty here. Mr. Yum I would hate to think you were playing the field. You wouldn't do that Mr. Yum would you?

So, Mr. Yum, I know you will really appreciate this open letter. It is so important for you to know how hot you are on paper and how many times I have to use toys on myself while I'm writing. Thank you for the many orgasms.

Ms. Curvaceous

author51 57F  
95827 posts
5/16/2019 9:00 am

    Quoting author51:
    Well written piece.. I write about my own Mr. Yum who much like yours is constantly on my mind...I know the feeling as they are wherever we go.....lol.
I quite agree.. It would be a Top Seller.....LMAO!!!!!!

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

author51 57F  
95827 posts
5/15/2019 5:59 am

Well written piece.. I write about my own Mr. Yum who much like yours is constantly on my mind...I know the feeling as they are wherever we go.....lol.

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

forbiddenwish replies on 5/15/2019 7:59 am:
This is sooooo true. Everywhere! Maybe we need a gals t-shirt: Are you my Mr. Yum? I'm sure we can make it trend everywhere. The guys can thank us later.

Imthatgirl1122 38F
1641 posts
5/13/2019 12:04 pm

very sexy...made me horny....

bugsy114 52M  
87 posts
5/13/2019 11:48 am

I'm jealous!

forbiddenwish replies on 5/13/2019 12:00 pm:
It's ok Mr. Big. I know Mr. Yum likes to share. The more the merrier.

benard69 63M/63F  
5175 posts
5/13/2019 11:46 am

Is this Ms. Gray ??? lol

discreetyum 60M
78 posts
5/13/2019 11:29 am

I think I know you.....or would like to....lol. Anyway, hit me up honey....

heatcoat at gm4il

forbiddenwish replies on 5/13/2019 11:38 am:
Oh I remember! It was the grocery store - the produce section. You asked me what I would do with that long thing what was it? Ahhh squash. I kinda winked at you and said I had many uses for it. You laughed.

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