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Flirty Fridays  

forbiddenwish 55F
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9/6/2019 10:16 am
Flirty Fridays

The bar is crowded, noisy and filled with the atmosphere of adults on the prowl. We agreed to meet at this location to fulfill our demand for some role playing. It had a been awhile and I was looking forward to meeting you. I scanned the bar area but didn't see you yet so opted to grab a drink and wait it out. The dress was skintight hugging every curve. It was meant to get attention and provoke a response. From the appreciative glances my way it seemed to be doing the trick for both the men and women in the crowd. I smell like a warm vanilla cookie and it gets noticed those I pass. Who can resist wanting a taste of a warm cookie? I stroll up to the bar and order my drink and while I'm waiting I feel a set of eyes on and know it can only be you. I turn around and see your smile as you head my way. There is a certain lust filled gleam in your eyes as you scan from head to toe enjoying what you see. The temperature in the room seems to have heated up causing my heart to race a bit. I should be downright chilly with the AC pumping in this place but your scintillating scorching stare is hotter than the Texas heat outside.

You approach wondering how the hell I can walk in those heels but the thought quickly leaves your mind when I reach up and place my arms around your neck, slink my body right up against yours and proceed to devour your mouth with mine. A kiss was long overdue. heated warm all consuming kiss gets the blood roaring in your head, punches your gut and has all things lower pumping with blood. My pussy is throbbing with arousal and I can feel myself getting wet with wanting you so badly. I can feel your delight at my boldness. We aren't shy showing each other our affection. I'm hearing some whistles and yeah I want what she's having remarks. So I look at you and smirk. We just spiced up the room and everyone wants a taste.

Lady luck seems to be on our side tonight as we find a small table in the corner. Devouring our drinks your hand never leaves my thigh with your fingers circling and circling higher as if they are wondering what's underneath. Our smalltalk and laughs never seem to be enough. You're a brilliant conversationalist and I love watching how you think. I could talk for hours with you and find myself aroused beyond belief. I'd let you whisper anything and everything in my ear as I love the sound of your voice. There is a certain chemical attraction I get when around a thinker and you just do it for me and push all my buttons.

My hand on your upper thigh has a mind of its own as my inhibitions are lowered from the drink. I'm slowly teasing you as you sit and try to ignore it. Your own fingers are getting bolder and I find myself wanting to share this experience. You feel yourself getting harder as my hand reaches upward to caress you and outline the feel of your cock. It practically dances in my hand wanting more attention but constrained damn zipper. Your fingers have reached underneath my dress to start caressing the outline of my pussy beneath the panties. You're outlining my pussy lips and going up and down the slit over and over again. Your finger slowly goes to the edge of the panty line then underneath. I'm instinctively holding my breath. My mind is screaming - yes I want more - go there, do it. My own fingers are wrapped around as much of your cock as I can get to but I'm constrained your pants and the fact we are in a very public intoxicating environment. I don't want to share you. I lean in to you and start nibbling on your neck. A playful bite, suck and lick and I whisper some words into your ear. I stand up, smile to you and head to the back of the bar.

I stroll into the women's restroom - several stalls with long doors. It's an upscale place and the amenities are nice. No one is around so I head to one of the stalls and I hear the restroom door open and know it's you. You are right behind me. You enter the stall, close the door and pull me against you and proceed to devour my mouth as if you haven't kissed anyone in months. I'm melting in your arms trying to angle for the deepest most intimate kiss. I can feel your hard throbbing cock through my dress. Your hands slide down and lift the dress to my waist. You glance down and chuckle at the cute little polka panties with the bow over my pussy. You slide the dress down my arms so it it's now just wrapped around my middle and you slide my bra cups down so my breasts spill out into your waiting hands. I'm already hard and pebbled and you quickly work, pinching, pulling my nipples as my moans get louder. You lean down to suck the nipple in my mouth working into a frenzy. I'm shuddering at this point from the pure unadulterated desire and heat flowing through . Then you say - I can't wait, turn around, hands on the wall. I turn around as you slide my panties off and have your fill of my ass. My tattoo is on display for you to see as you part my thighs and quickly nestle your hard delicious cock at my ass. You pull my ass to you as you reach underneath parting my folds and push the head of your cock to my wet dripping opening. I'm so aroused you easily slide through the first inch and then have to push your way inside till your balls are nestled to my ass. I'm squirming in delight and no way to stop the moans of how good you feel and the pressure from this angle. I can tell you are really horny and demanding and this release will be just what we both need. Your pumping is getting so intense and I'm in a mindless delirious place feeling two heated bodies together in pleasure. I'm talking dirty to you asking you to pound and fuck and you can't seem to get enough. You keep hitting my g-spot and I can feel myself gushing inside releasing fluid with every<b> stroke. </font></b>The buildup is tremendous and I bear down gripping your dick with my pussy walls knowing I'm so close as I give myself over to the waves of orgasmic shuddering pleasure and my muscles ripple and intensify with every<b> stroke. </font></b>You are riding my orgasm and prolonging my pleasure as I feel you swell and then gush into me spurting stream after stream into .

I'm breathing heavy and you are leaning into . It's going to take a few minutes for us to recover from . I can hear someone else in the restroom giggling. I reach up with my hand to touch your face giving you the reassurance everything is ok and was simply amazing. It doesn't have to be said with words - we know each other. You pull out of and I can feel your already leaking out riding down my leg. I grab some toilet paper to wipe up. You look at me with the dress still very much only in the middle of my body and you lean in for our kiss. soul-touching kiss confirms the passion and excitement we have between us. I immediately start to redress so we can exit and head back inside.

We grab another drink and sit in a different corner. The tension has been released for the moment. Your finger is itching to go back to what it was previously doing. We look at each other and laugh. You're insatiable. So I open my legs and give you access as your finger gets all slippery and wet sliding inside of me then circling my clit, playing with it. My eyes are half closed and I'm wondering how I'm going to survive the night.

atxgoodvibes 55M  
8 posts
2/4/2020 8:17 pm

Wow, thank you!

WLVgentleman 63M  
18 posts
9/14/2019 7:02 pm

Wow! What a delightful read! Would enjoy re-living that adventure with you!

bugsy114 53M  
89 posts
9/10/2019 11:37 am

I love your imagination!

GhostofH 61M
20073 posts
9/7/2019 8:48 am

Brilliant! Well done.....

forbiddenwish replies on 9/7/2019 9:43 am:
Thanks. A bit of a playful fantasy to cool off the Texas heat.

Donna_N_Rikk 57M/55F
14 posts
9/6/2019 11:49 am

Great story ! Loved reading it!

forbiddenwish replies on 9/7/2019 7:32 am:
Glad you enjoyed it!

10195 posts
9/6/2019 11:41 am

forbiddenwish replies on 9/7/2019 7:33 am:
Thanks for reading!

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