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Holding out for a Hero  

forbiddenwish 55F
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8/20/2019 2:03 pm
Holding out for a Hero

Eagerly awaiting my arrival, you're anxious and a bit nervous. Your mouth
waters in anticipation and your palms are sweaty as you try to picture the events unfolding. You gave a key and knew I would show up shortly. You just didn't know what to expect. I had warned you it would be a surprise. You adored surprises and looked forward to each and every one. It was like getting your
own personal present each time we met. Who wouldn't want that?

Using a key, I opened the door slightly. I was wearing a long overcoat covered almost every inch of me except of course the boots. You couldn't hide the boots. The red thigh high stiletto heels were vibrant and outrageous and so sexy only a few can truly appreciate the look. I knew you would adore them. Maybe even worship them a little. (A can hope) When I walked in the room you were likely in the bathroom so I decided to take a few minutes to get myself ready. I took off the overcoat and pulled my hair accessories to make sure everything was in place. Damn, this outfit was tight and it was going take a miracle to keep breasts from spilling out. Leaning over might not even be possible. I seriously should have done some more heavy-duty aerobic activity this week. Damn that slice of chocolate cake.

It felt like forever before you came and saw me and just stopped to stare. It was a great costume and I knew I looked the role. You were staring so hard I thought maybe something might be wrong. Your eyes took in every darn inch from the knee- boots to the barely-there panties/skirt, to the cinched deep burgundy bustier and all the way up to the metallic headband. Let's not forget about the golden lasso coiled the waist. Yeah, the lasso. You were looking it with wonder.

I think you said it all in just word - Really?
Then you laughed. I guess I kinda laughed back - it was hard not to. It's a pretty outrageous costume.

For a second I think my mind-short circuited. I mean ... who would wear such a costume a damn overcoat? How the hell did she do this? I feel like a all tongue-tied. She's so smoking I swear my cock might be trying push through the damn zipper and . The outfit is truly sinfully, seductively sexy and molded every curve of her body. I just want to trace with my hand every
single inch of it and maybe my slide hands underneath. I think amazed she could think of such a creative costume. My very own Wonder Woman for the evening. The top is so tight wondering if her breasts are the only thing holding it up. If I pushed it down would I hear a 'pop'? Even her hair is curled in the exact same way. While this is great to - thinking all I want to do is strip her of this and have own personal way with her. I wonder what she is up to?

She says: I hear you've been searching for a hero. here to audition for the role. Why don't you take a seat?

So I take a seat on the nearby chair. pretty anxious to see where exactly she is taking this. Am I a participant and how the heck will this unfold.

She walks over to turn some music on. The music is dark and erotic with a seductive beat. Her hips start to slowly move with the music and our eyes meet. She smiles, .... alluring and teasing as if she's daring me to away.

I can't believe doing this. But hey - I can see I have his full attention and invested 0%. He seems captivated. So it's time to get this show going. My hair is down all loose, wild and slightly curly and I shake it for effect. The music takes over as my arms and hands slowly caress my body and skin for him. He watches every movement. I turn around and continue gyrating movements then slowly lean over so you can see that scrap of skirt material and glimpses my silky black thong. I turn my head towards you and run my tongue over my lips. You're mesmerized. Your very own personal erotic hero, truly a rare treat. Turning around, while moving my body to the seductive song, I start unzipping my top. watching you as I remove it and my breasts fall free. Full and curvy and very aroused. Delicious. I have your full attention as you stare at and beckon with a finger. As if you could make do what you want.

I walk over to your chair, turn around and start removing the mini-skirt, sliding and slinking it off my hips, down my legs and boots and onto the floor. The thong is barely hiding much but it does make a statement. I take the lasso off the skirt and attach it to a little loop I put on the side of the thong.

You're very aroused and enjoying your personal entertainment. It's every 's dream. Turning around, I lean into you to steal a deep tongue sucking kiss. ravenous. Your hands are my sides, touching and feeling the smoothness and you can smell my sweet alluring scent that is beckoning you to continue the kiss. Mmmmm... so yummy.

I stand up, move your legs together then I sit down staddling you. I start unbuttoning your shirt and undressing you as slowly licking your neck, chin and up to your ear. After I have you shirtless, my hands<b> stroke </font></b>your delectable body while your hands have a mind of their own and they feast on my breasts, squeezing, sliding and pinching the sensitive nipples and creating enough friction to have purring in delight. I close my eyes reveling in the pleasure your hands are giving . I can feel myself getting so aroused and wet and I want to squirm and push against your groin. Instead, I slowly unzip your pants pushing them to the floor and reach inside to touch your silky cock. So hard, so ready and all mine. I slowly end our little lap action and stand up. so aroused and know it won't take much for to climax. I grab the lasso, slide it down and discard it. I walk around the back of the chair and wrap your hands together with the lasso knowing you will surrender to . I can hear you chuckle.

I walk to the front of you and slowly start straddling your legs so my pussy comes in with your hard cock. Then I lean in for a devouring kiss. As I rub breasts against your chest, I slowly start nibbling my way down your neck. My hands have reached down to grab your cock and pump up and down. My other hand is now slightly cupping your balls and reaching lower to excite you even further. I can hear your moans as I have my way with you. I rub your precum over the top of your dick and then position myself so that you're at my pussy entrance. Ever so slowly I push you inch by inch inside my wet sheath. You moan as the tight walls of flesh tightly encase you. So good and so damn tight. I start to lift and lower as I ride you cowgirl style with your hands still bound behind your back. Your staring at my tits jiggling in front of your . I lower my hands and start to caress your balls from behind as I ride you. so so wet and it's making it slick. Then I take my hand and rub it on my clit and you are watching mesmerized as I start to bear down and get tight. My climax is close. I increase the pace and feel myself getting to the point of no return and as my climax descends on me - my pussy starts clamping down on your cock and gasping now as the incredible pleasure takes over and rolls through over and over again. My body is on fire and I can feel you coming so close so I reach you and you use my finger rubbing it near your anus and you go ballistic. You start thrusting and your climax hits you with a roar. I can feel your hard spurts inside my body that cause my own internal walls to contract. You groan in mindless delight. Your head thumps against my shoulder as you try to regain some control.

It takes us a few minutes to recover from our delicious treat. reminded that I still have thigh-high boots on and a headband.

You lean in grab a sensual intimate kiss. You nod your head where your hands are tied. I kinda laugh. What did you think - we were done?

anonymossy1 56M
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10/16/2019 9:05 pm

Tell me more.

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8/20/2019 3:02 pm

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