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Santa Baby ..  

forbiddenwish 55F
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12/25/2019 4:38 am
Santa Baby ..

Sometimes - you take a previous story and you give it new life..... Happy Holidays to my readers. You know who you are. May Santa have delivered to you - a sexy present.

Waiting patiently was never one her strong traits and damn him - he was late. Her thoughts a jumble of erotic images and her body already tense with anticipation. The wait was excruciating but she knew it only enhanced her arousal.  She felt like a at a candy store and wondered if she would just jump him when he arrived.  He was late.  Perhaps the nasty Austin traffic - shouldn't people stop moving here at some point?  She couldn't wait to see him. She settled herself on the bed, laying on her stomach and pulling out a pen and pad to start another erotic piece of literature.  Humming a Christmas song - Santa baby, slip a condom under the tree for me,  been an awful good girl, Santa baby, so hurry down my chimney tonight....  Images of him danced in her head like visions of sugar plums. He was making her mouth water.   Hmmm maybe this is how Santa feels when he sees a plate of cookies?

She heard the rattle of the doorknob and looked over. He walked in, closed the door and then he just enjoyed the little stage setting for a minute. It was chilly outside, the weather colder because of the holiday season and the so-called Austin winter.  Is it really ever Winter in Austin - sure a bit chilly and enough to want to warm your body against just about any warmer body but not truly really truly cold.  Traffic was impossible with a car accident that caused miles of backed vehicles, he's not sure how he escaped that madness.  Thank goodness years of living in the area means he knew every side street and exit to get around the chaos.

She was dressed in her holiday attire. Red silky pajamas, red painted toenails and a small red bow tied around her neck. Just like his own personal holiday gift ready to be unwrapped. Her legs were crossed up in the air as she was penning some thoughts and she was humming some freaking Christmas tune. She looked over and smiled. She said - I was warming up the bed for you ... come over and join me. How did she do that to him - a simple sentence and already he was getting hard. He removed his sweatshirt and walked to the bed sitting down next to her with a huge smile on his face.  How could you not have a smile - A big red bow just for him.  He placed his hand on her back and leaned over nuzzling her neck. Mmmmm... you're nice and warm. She laughed and discarded her pen and pad without a thought, flinging it without a care in the world. She turned around, wound her hands around his neck and pulled him down for the kiss. She savored the feel of his lips, tongue and the heat melting in his embrace. Her tongue played an ancient mating game with his and her mouth seduced him like only she could.  While she nuzzled at his neck enjoying the slight stubble and peppering him with kisses she whispered Happy Holidays. He laughed, thinking to himself Happy ... hell ya. As she licked him from jaw to ear... she whispered - I hope you enjoy unwrapping your present.  They say unwrapping very slowly adds to the excitement.

He reached down to unbutton the front of the silky pajamas. To his delight
he discovered more gift wrap as she wore a bright red holiday pushup bra
underneath. Whew.  How do they make these things that barely fit?  Really does Santa have special Elves set aside to figure out sizing and the fact her breasts were barely contained?   He slid it off her shoulders and dipped his head to nuzzle his way down her neck to her cleavage. She tasted like his favorite holiday sugar cookie maybe a combination of vanilla and almond with a hint of sugar cookie frosting.  Absolutely fucking Delicious. He placed his hand on her hips and slowly peeled off the silky pajama bottoms revealing her red holiday V panties. He sighed in appreciation just staring at the miraculous sight in front of him.  What man (and would likely tempt any woman) in his right mind could ignore these scraps of nothing really with the power to bring a man to his knees so he could use his mouth to pull the lovely little bow strings holding the pieces of fabric together.  He didn't think he'd ever get tired of the sight. Thank you Santa (and your Elves) for women's lingerie.

She was so restless - You're making me hot ... here let's get you out of these useless clothes. She slowly removes his clothes tossing them just about in every direction as her hands are teasing him with sinful torture... so delicate ... so delicious.. he groans.  She's going to be his undoing.   Then he then slides his hands over her breasts as it's all fair play and slides the cups aside and stimulates her hard pebbly nipples as she gasps in delight squirming closer for more. He could swear he still hears her humming that damn Christmas tune again.    

She just wants to devour him and that impressive candy cane package that she just can't get enough of.  She feels herself getting wet as he reaches behind her unhooking her bra clasp and discarding it. Then leaning in he starts sucking on her breasts with his mouth, tonguing her nipple and slowly sucking it in.  He hears her whimpers of delight and feels her restless movements and it's turning him on that he has the power to bring her to her knees. He lightly bites down on her nipples knowing how much stimulation she enjoys as she reacts with trying to climb him like garland on a Christmas tree. Then he reaches down and slowly undoes the ties on her pretty little panties to have them slip to the floor like soft little flower petals.  His personal holiday gift fully unwrapped and ready for his plunder.  He was never very gentle with his toys during the holiday season.  Smirking while remembering his naughtiness he slides his finger over her soft vaginal folds and slowly inside her feeling her warm wetness and juices as he continues slowly fucking her with his finger.  She's pushing against his finger and whispering More as he adds in another finger and uses his two fingers to<b> stroke </font></b>her g-spot over and over again.  Slowly he slides up to stimulate her clitoris until and she is pushing and bucking up against his finger. He smiles.. knowing she is as aroused as he with an impending orgasm on the way.   Who needs holiday goodies when he has his own personal supply.

She leans in and says,  wait, wait ..... She reaches over and grabs the bottle of scented oil this one saying Buttercream Frosting. She's smiling and thinking to herself, time for some fun knowing he will enjoy every second of it. She tips a stream of oil onto her hands and slowly warms and massages the oil so her hands are covered. She looks up at him and says - Have you been naughty or nice this year?  Then she slowly begins to rub in the oil.  Starting on his cock she works the oil onto his erection with long, tight pulls that draw his shaft up and out. He practically shivers in delight wanting more but waiting patiently. She uses her hands to cup his balls, his scrotum is full, warm and already pulled up with excitement. She can feel herself getting warmer and wetter just from the anticipation and his reaction. Satisfied he is ready, she removes her vibrator from the table and starts rubbing the oil over its head and body. This is going to be so delicious and so naughty.  Then while staring at him she takes the vibrator and slowly starts inserting it into her pussy, spreading herself so she can get the full length fully inserted.   It's taking her a moment to adjust since it isn't exactly the smallest vibrator she has and it's lodged pretty deep inside.  They really do need to make candy canes much bigger to practice with and maybe she'll send a letter to Santa next year.   Like he's just been mesmerized - he slowly realizes this is not how he wanted this to play out.   So he grabs her, turns her around before she can recover and tips her over so her ass is in front of him in carnal invitation.  He grabs the scented oil bottle and tips a stream over her tailbone and using his fingers he works it in and down slowly, massaging it into her anus. Around and around he rubs the oil into her till his finger is buried knuckle deep inside. She is squirming, moaning and is that a prayer to Santa he hears? He knows she needs to be well lubricated, the fit is going to be very intense especially with the vibrator fully lodged in her pussy. Knowing she is ready he slides his cock over her well oiled backside letting her feel and enjoy the slick surface. She feels his erection sliding down between her cheeks and she is tingling all over from the sensuous sensations.  Why is that damn song still stuck in my head - hurry down the chimney tonight.  Geez.    Then she feels him pushing the head through her tightened rim and slowly pushing so she can savor the full penetration. She panting and groaning and reaches over to turn on the vibrator on low and Gasps.  OMG.  Tight, warm, slippery, vibrating, steamy, slick penetration in both her pussy and her ass has her gripping the bed so hard she's sure - There really is a Santa Claus and maybe some special Angels.   He starts thrusting back in as she arches her back allowing him to slide in so deep he is completely held. He thinks -he might just lose his mind and takes a minute to catch his breath. So good, so slippery and so extremely tight.  He's murmuring something as he is pulling out and sinking back in again. She is beyond control. She turns up the vibrator and for a second she swears she's seeing stars dance in front of eyes or are those blinding Christmas lights as the mindless pleasure just climbed to new levels. He starts moving faster and each<b> stroke </font></b>deliciously rougher with his cock like a heated stone. Stroke after<b> stroke </font></b>and she is whimpering now, the pressure so intense she may barely survive.  Hanging by a thread she grabs the bed covers and he leans in and whispers some sexy dirty words to her and she melts into endless convulsions.  He knows he's a goner as his breath rushes out,  his hips jam forward, his body quaking and erupts with a long toe numbing climax. Damn - he gasps as he collapses on her neck.  He can still feel her body twitching around him and she is face planted in the bed.   He stays there a few minutes before pulling free and falling to the bed on his side. She laughs, groans and reaches out to him and says Can't Move.  Give me a few minutes.  This Christmas gift might need new batteries.   He leans over grabbing her waist and leans in and whispers - Happy Holidays Sexy.

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