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Awesome encounter second half  

fucksinpublicxxx 52M
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5/10/2020 8:23 am
Awesome encounter second half

Well after the Mr. tracked down, He was about 35 I was 26 at the time and agreed get a room (why we couldn't go back his place?) Once in the room he whipped his pants off and pulled mine off all the time telling me how hot n sexy and how great my ass was and needed it himself, than stuck his dick in my face (not really into sucking dick but hey?) I wanted to see if I could taste his wife on him? But before I could get in just a few licks he lifted up my legs and started to bury his nice thick cock in , glad I pre-lube lol (even today still) Hey sex happens. As he worked it in he starts muttering oh man oh fuck commenting on how great I felt and how amazing this was than started pounding! Oh wow this guy was great himself! The wife was right! He worked me with my legs on his shoulders than had me on top hammering me from below that was amazing! Than had me face down with my legs together making me tighter, thought me was going to flood my ass full of cum? but at the last second flipped me over got in a few more<b> strokes </font></b>than pulled out shot a big blast of cum on my chest and shoved his dick back in me and emptied the rest of him inside me! Telling me how amazing it was and how my ass was better that anything he's ever had before like my ass was gripping his cock and milking it while the rest was sucking the cum out of the head, he couldn't get over it saying, pussy feels great but ass fucking is so much better and he's a little to big for the wife, thou she tried she just can't take it. The main reason why she wanted to see him with another guy. So he asked if we could hookup again later, after all we had the room all night, so hell yes! This guy is a great fuck and I'm hopping down deep that maybe I'd get his wife too! So he left me with the key and still being horny as hell decided to make a couple of phone calls? and had a few friends over and the last one to come after getting the message "Big Dick Chis" The one with the 11 X 3 that loves to go second so he can suck cum out of your ass before stretching you out beyond your limit! But this time he fucked me so hard I felt like I ruptured my left nut and I'm expected to go again later? Oh well Life such as it is... Fucked silly and left in a puddle of sweat and cum

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