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The second meeting with the XXL BBC  

fucksinpublicxxx 52M
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5/6/2020 8:04 am
The second meeting with the XXL BBC

Waking up extremely horny I decided call my new black friend in which he was really shocked hear from so we agreed meet a little later that day in turn gave me time totally prep! The whole time was thinking of that massive piece of meat inside me! So on my way out "T" just happened to stop by hoping to get a little action? I thought, why not? If you can hurry? I'd love to have a load of cum in me before going over to get brutalized by a huge black cock so I let "T" take me right next to the car. He pounded me for a few minutes and off I went to my next encounter! Once there my new friend said he was very surprised I called back? but was glad I did because he couldn't stop thinking that I was the best he ever had!! and most don't call back mostly because of his size and he fucks so hard, to get everything out of each and every session. So I had to ask? are you going to be easier on me this time? He just smiled and took out his ridged cock, just seeing took my breath away! He started to lube up as I sat back on the edge of the bed, opened my legs and he put a finger in me than shot me a big ass smile and said "YOU NAUGHTY FUCKING " Than sank his hard cock deep in me, I'm ready for anything I was so horny! To my surprise he was actually very gentle took his time penetrating with long slow strokes, going deeper n deeper than flipping me over and doing me in that position all the while my body just enjoying every minute of it being filled with cum moments ago n now being totally worked by a massive black cock that kept getting bigger n bigger the whole time going slow working that massive thing in n out of me to the point where I was about to cum! This was so fucking hot, I didn't ever want it to stop! Than like that I started to get pounded and the huge black dick was about to unload! Now I'm hanging on for dear life!! He's thrashing my fuck hole tearing me up to the point where I was begging him to cum! finally with a loud grown I could feel the expanding throbbing trunk pumping gallons of cum deep inside with each pulsating<b> stroke </font></b>and with that I began climax I came everywhere. As I tried regain my composer with a still hard black cock in , he rolls over face down and starts fucking again? But no so violently but short fast stokes just so he could erupt in one more time! After that I was sore as hell, dripping cum for days but kept hooking up with him every chance we could! We'd meet anywhere for a quickie, bathroom stalls fitting rooms nothing but good times...

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