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YIKES Caught by the cops!  

fucksinpublicxxx 53M
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6/7/2020 10:35 pm
YIKES Caught by the cops!

I had a bud "Ken" that lived about 40 miles away so hooking was a bit of a drag but he had a nice size, was good and had a huge load. Ken liked pull out right before he came shoot his wad over the outside of my opening just thrust his cock back into fuck his mess and make a bigger mess which I totally enjoy! So we started meeting in between in the canyon. (Thus why I still prep Mon, Wed. Fri. We'd go for a little hike or just fuck on the side of the road usually in the back of my truck sitting the edge of the tailgate using his SUV for cover. This went for months then one faithful day just as he was about cum (making the face) CHP drove by hung a U and came investigate. I had these baggie shorts that Ken was fucking in the leg shoved the side and was just totally splattered royal as the black n white stopped. Ken managed to get his hard dick into his pants, shirt covering his bulge, ? I was covered in cum but tried cover what I could with a shirt as the cop walked n asked if everything was ok and what was going ? Not really knowing what say? The officer took Ken to the back of his car to question him first, left him than came back to ask me a few things? By now I had a pretty good idea he knew exactly what was going on but kept cool, he was really cool about the whole thing as he was hinting/ asking / telling me he had no problem with it I could see a chub starting to form in his pant? also saw a ring on his finger and asked, his reply. Married wife pregnant and cut off, and the bulge in his pant was huge by now! Not knowing exactly what to do or say? simply asked? STD free? He was such a nice guy (hard to believe he was a cop) and loving back to back dick I lean back raised a leg and gave him a peek of my cum soaked crack and in a blink he had his dick out and wow! Average length but really thick (and I wanted it it)! So while Ken is still waiting at the backside of the cop car I've got this cops dick in me, and what seemed like a whole ten strokes he dumped his load, now I'm dipping for sure. So already having my info asked me if he could call me later? Um sure? He took off, Ken asked if that really just happen and got hard instantly and proceeded to pound my cum dripping ass (HARD) Well a day didn't go by when I had a phone call requesting to see me and I couldn't wait to feel his FAT shaft again "BAD". Over time We'd meet here n there fuck in the back of the cop car most the time but mainly Me folded over the<b> hood. </font></b>And with all the time spent having sex he actually started getting better? His fat cock working my ass had me cumming hands free which is hard to do unless your good or sporting more than 8 inches. Sometimes I would show up already done filled full of cum and he enjoyed fucking it after , cum makes the best lube! Sometimes we would make such a mess, he knew to bring a second pair of pants Fun Times!

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