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How I started being bi  

funbeingnude 68M  
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4/30/2020 2:43 am
How I started being bi

thanks for a blog so one can get something off your chest without being put down. Way back when I was young I had the run of the city where I grew up with no fear. But a older boy who lived down the street stopped me one day in back of the shopping center. He was older and he told me to follow him into the woods so I did and when we got back in the woods to a small clearing he asked me if I wanted to make a dollar so I asked him what I had to do. He said if I told any one he and his friends would always be me up. Ok what do I have to do he said get naked as he started to get undressed. He had me lay down on the ground on my back with my legs closed. Other then changing at the city pool and seeing older men naked with hairy dicks I never seen one so close and big and hard. he got on top of me putting his hard dick between my legs as he pumped way saying I was so sexy and glad he could fuck me In his mind I think he was dreaming I was some kind of girl friend and before he came he got off me and grabbed my hand and said<b> stroke </font></b>it. Before I knew it cum was shooting out and he was moaning so load . Well he got dressed and gave me a dollar and off he went this went on the rest of the summer and some the next year then he started to drive and I never say him again but I always wanted to thank him for it was he that got me started loving being nude outside and when I get a chance love to<b> stroke </font></b>someone's hard dick or gurly clit. Was I a slut or a back then?

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