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a night out
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 11:54 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2023 3:30 pm

She fantasises about him dominating her, but really he is a gentle man. So she sets up a plan, they talk and decide it might work.

2 weeks later the drinks are flowing, they have a few friends round while they get ready keeping the drinks rolling before they head to the club. The atmosphere is jolly, conversation is easy, everyone is getting along as the alcohol hits the blood stream.

All dressed in her knee length wavy skirt she comes up behind him, arms round his waste, he turns still in her grip until they are facing each other she reaches up and whispers sweetly into his ear "are you ready" with that they into each others eyes and smile before their lips meet for a long passionate kiss.

They all head off in a cab to the club, sitting opposite him she flashes him the inside of her thigh while making seductive eye contact, the whole cab ride there legs fondle each other while the chemistry between them draws them closer together until their faces nearly touch and he mouths into her mouth " ready"

Outside the club in the brisk evening air, waiting in line, she shivers into his embrace as he wraps his strong arms around her from behind, rubbing her to keep her . She starts circling her body against his as his hand caress all over her bare arms. He becomes more solid behind her as her ass rubs his front before she moves away to get through the doors.

On the dance floor they move to the music, dancing like they are the people hearing the beat of the music, the vibrations stimulating their senses as their body's connect, moving together in their own rhythm. Her hands up the back of his shirt, his hands gripped around her buttocks, groins together arousing each others inhibitions provoking the sexual chemistry getting to a point they both feel they could fuck right there on the dancefloor, she leaves his grip and walks towards the ladies, he heads towards the corner of the club and finds somewhere to sit.

5 minutes later she has hunted her man, she goes over to him, takes his hand and pushes something soft into it and walks away before he can react. Walking away she looks over her shoulder watching as he unravels the thong she just handed him, he makes eye contact, puts the panty in his pocket and follows her to the over crowded bar.

She edges her way closer to the bar, amongst the hustle he envelopes his body around her, his manhood standing to attention against the top of her tush, with his left arm wrapped around her waste his right hand grapples for the Bottom of her skirt, making contact with her skin he slides his hands from her knee up her inner thigh, she trembles his touch sticking her ass towards him. she gets to the front of the bar, people all around them as she feels his hand skim across her genitals she pushes her ass even more as his finger finds her juices inviting him to play, right there with people all around them bumping into them his finger fondling her g-spot as she grabs onto the bar. The waitress comes over, he pulls his pleasing fingers away and goes back to his seat while she is served.

Walking towards him drinks in hand and a flirtatious grin on her she feel captivated. She hands him his drink, sits next to him and places both her legs over his left leg. They share a kiss, they drink, talk and kiss some more, she is very tipsy now all inhibitions seam possible. she stands up and starts dancing in front of him. puts one foot on the seat he sits on exposing her thigh, lifting the flowing skirt in front of him so he gets a glimpse of her lady. He sits on the bench gazing into her eye as she straddles him right there, still moving to the music her hands explore his body, starting on his as she kisses him, her lips moving towards his neck as her hands fumble his shirt, down his chest past his belly button before she finds the top of his pants. Grinding in time to the music her fingers pull his waist band slipping her hands into his trouser she pulls his cock and climbs right on too, no warning but she is wet for him, he glides inside her but she stops moving in time to the music, she kisses his mouth, she bites his lip, she sucks his tongue. From the outside world she is just sat on top of her man kissing him, her flowing skirt covers their indecency she isn't fucking him. She is squeezing his cock from the inside making her own beat while he sits throbbing inside her wet pussy, she grabs him from behind the head kissing his plump lips pulling him closer to her chest she bounces 3 times and stops, he looks at her with those craving eyes as again she squeezes her muscles around his dick before bouncing on him 3 more times and slowly pulling herself up he exits her steamy hole and she fucks him back into his pants, before she pulls him back to the dance floor.

After a few more drinks and lots more dancing, fondling and sultry energy they stumble their way outside the club where a cab is waiting.

Inside the cab she has her hands all over him, she fondles his cock and right there she whips him out and takes him into her mouth, he is shocked by her advances in the cab but takes the glory, he smiles when the cab driver looks at him through the mirror as she is sucking him so tentatively, curling her tongue round his tip, sucking just his end, nibbling his 4-skin, her hand caresses his balls and she slides his shaft down her tongue. The car comes to a stop, they and tumble of the car.

She puts the key in the lock and as she turns it his hand goes right up her skirt and into her damp pussy the other arm comes round her body to keep her balanced like she is his puppet She lets them in and shuts the door, keeping her in his grip he guides her up the stairs to her bedroom and pushes her onto the bed and starts tugging her clothes, pulling of her skirt, she fights against him, she hates being naked but he wants her bare, he tugs at her top exposing her seductive body. Grabbing hold of the ties he binds her left leg and hand together before doing the same with the right. He is in control! She is bound he undresses himself and stands next to the bed his cock throbbing he pulls his onto her knees her head in his hands he enters his man into her mouth, with 3 sharp thrusts deep into her throat she quivers with excitement as he slowly pulls his cock out of her mouth and in again with 3 sharp thrusts. She is all vulnerable and on show in the mirror as he pulls his shaft from her throat he moves his hands down her body and grabs hard onto her butt cheeks spreading her labia wide, she keeps sucking as his hands slap hard against her buttocks and she makes little yelps as his hands connect with her skin, her enjoyment sparks more energy into his dominating side and he slaps her again she sucks him harder the sensational new experience giving way to both of them.

He takes his cock from her mouth and climbs on to the bed behind her, his hands still caressing her juicy clit, she feels his breath as he bends in and kisses her pussy letting his tongue loose to find her clit his hands clutch onto her butt cheeks spreading her wide again, he dips his tongue into her pussy and again circling her clitoris. Bringing her to climax she watches him in the mirror as he smiles to him self. Before she knows what's happened he has flipped her over still in the restraints and with both arms and legs in the air he slides his hard and ready cock into her trembling vagina hands holding her ankles thrusting her fast and hard until he ejaculates all over her stomach.

She goes to take a breath but he sits her up, kneels infront of his girls and puts his wet cock into her mouth, she sucks him off, feeling his cock tenderise with her passion, the alcohol still pumping through them, the room full of steamy passion, he fucks her mouth deep and hard.

He grabs his and whispers sweetly into her ear "are you done"?
short fantasy
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 11:50 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2023 3:30 pm

Thinking of a sean were I lightly tie you to the beam and have you standing with your sexy ass lean your back arched and legs slightly apart, I start by kissing your back of the knee work my way around to the top of your leg to your thighs, hands creasing and gripping you bum cheeks pulling my head closer between you legs teasing your lips and hole before my tounge dives deep inside you. deep pressing my tounge you feel working with my lips to spread yours to feel your swollen clit that my tounge flicks n rubs for what feels like eternity. Hanging from your restraints shacking from your my tounge again starts to work its way to your belly button your sides your rib cage and then to your breast pulling your nipple with my teeth gently with a pinch of pain. As 1 hand goes through your hair gripping your neck with a squeeze as I pull my self up and kiss you fiercely on the moth and go around the back of you and mount you on my rock hard cock teasing you first with the tip before sliding your wet dripping pussy down a quarter of my thick shaft deeper with each time I l lift you up n then back down till fully inside, your on top toes biting your bottom lip as the momentum picks up and the energy building you realise your no longer on the touching the floor you tense up once more than ever you have done before to release the biggest orgasm you ever knew was possible. . . . . . . .
ice breaker
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 11:46 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2023 3:30 pm

our body's close to each other skin touching our sense's hyped with such sensitive sensation soft lips we kiss, smooth taste of your tongue a bit of your bottom lip my teeth pull leading your head as you naturally pull back to feel the delightful pain that it brings . . . you feel my hand lightly at first exploring round the hole of, before you feel the firm grip around the front of your neck tighten holding you steadily in place as my other hand you can feel my nails start from your shoulder drag slowly down your back to your sexy fine ass cheek squeezing. feeling the strength i take control of your body and work the motion of the momentum of you being straddle on my throbbing twitching cock. deep in to your eyes i holding your gaze as you fell every inch entering you going slowly deeper maken you wetter sliding your walls apart so deep your sure you can feel poking the bottom of your belly. . you warp you legs tightly around my waste so that your juicy wet pussy clit is touching the hook of the stern of my shaft and body maken you swell and feeling every movement inside and , it almost looks like we are not moving but we are so deep so connected the energy the sensation you cant help give a moan a bite of your lip as your eyes roll back in to your head and your body twitch's in a powerful orgasm . . . i lay you on your back, still inside you your legs are open as your trying to catch your breath . . . slowly sliding in and of you the full length of my throbbing manhood makes ya body shiver, your not to sure if you can carry on yet but you dont want it to stop.

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