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My first experience with a Couple/Cuckold!!
Posted:Mar 19, 2020 2:04 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2020 11:12 am

The year was 2006.. wow that's years ago!! I had a project in Netherlands and it was in one of my favorite cities in the world... AMSTERDAM !!! I had relocated AMS for one year and the provided the travel, accommodation, meal allowances, incentives, etc.. post 2008 was the time be in Consulting!!! I had a beautiful top floor apartment on Leidseplein, Amsterdam which is right in the heart of the city which hosted, so many parties and some beautiful Dutch girls !!!
One of the girls, once told me that there is this amazing club which I should experience and gave me the contact of the Taxi guy (Hans) who would put me on the list, as single guys need to be on a list to get in!!

Location: Showboat,Zaandijk (Just outside Amsterdam)
Walked in after paying a fee and was given a tour of the place. My first ever visit to a Swingers club!! Headed to the changing room and changed into a tight boxer short. other patrons were dressed in amazing sexy attire, some leather, some lingerie and some semi naked. Wow.. beautiful ladies, couples, males.. you name it.. the place was sooooooo hot!!! I explored the place for a while, the huge gang-bang bed, individual rooms, the naked dance floor, the sauna, the bar, everyone is naked and having a lot of fun.. few ladies did make contact with , talking them, having good conversations, light touching, and lot of foreplay in the air...

I was looking around and I saw this very young, stunning little lady scanning the room and made eye contact with her. Wow!! she was so hot, with an amazing pair of boobs(DD) and an equally hot butt!! around 5'5 and very small waistline.. She came towards me and said something in some language(later i learnt it was Spanish), took my hand and lead me to one of the private rooms and closed the door. A little dark in the room, the bed was ready with some towels and saw condoms on the side. I was so excited and hard as a rock!!

She started kissing me, lightly at first and then deep french, and slipped into my boxer and stroked me so gently. She was saying something and then took off her sexy cami and my god!! I saw an amazing pair of tits with solid little pink nipples.. My mouth was all over them, sucking, lightly biting them, squeezing them, and the other hand groping that amazing butt cheeks.. She then pulled my boxer down and took me into her mouth!!! it felt so good as she gave me this amazing blowjob, with such passion, deep into her, and massaging with her tongue for about good 10 minuets. I felt as if i had died and gone to heaven!! I pulled out slowly and make her lie down and started to slowly go down to her beautiful pink lips that was shaved and smelled so nice. I took a very slow and deep taste of her nice juicy pussy.. She was moaning with pleasure and I kept going at it... faster and faster... She was in an amazing state of mind with so much juices flowing from her pussy, the moaning became so loud and she exploded.. body shaking and squirting all over my face... I slipped on a condom and entered her tight but very slippery pussy.. she just screamed as i pounded her hard.. i was going very hard on her, lifting her legs in a V and pounding deep into her.. she was moaning so loud, the faster I went the louder she got and THEN !!!!!!!

OMFG!!!! I saw in the dark corner of the room, sitting a chair.. a stark naked man masturbating as hard as he can.. WTF???? I just shot so fast and was staring at him, frozen !!!! Just frozen!!

She reached out and pulled towards her and whispered something in my ear.. used her left palm and covered my eyes as asking to close it... and then took my dick and put it in her again and wanted me to continue fucking her.. My heart was beating so loud and fast.. I did not know what to do. I was so horny by now as I pulled out earlier almost as i was cumming. The idea of us being watched, added more excitement into this.. I totally did not expect this.. i just closed my eyes and started fucking her again. I pounded her hard... and kept going, turning her around and fucked her from behind. She kept on moaning as I went deep into her.. she pulled out my dick and started putting it near her ass.. i got the message... i slowly fingered her ass till it was ready to take my dick. Slowly entered her butt and she was ecstatic. I was going slow and steady for few minutes and she wanted me to go faster and faster... I gave one more full hard shove and she just went crazy loud and shaking.. I recon she was coming and I just couldn't hold myself. I was exploding.. pulled out, ripped the condom in one move and shoved my dick in her mouth.. I was still coming. OMG!!! OMG!! She sucked me dry... slowly.. and licked me all over.... Collapsed on her and then recovered... my heart was still beating hard and the man finally spoke.. " That was an amazing fuck, thank you"..
What an experience.. The feeling was amazing... The little Spanish lady was amazing.. The idea of being watched is amazing.. The idea of fucking someone's wife was amazing!! As I learnt over years.. the idea of sharing is amazing!!!

I was hooked!!!!
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Strange Experiences in Hong Kong !!
Posted:Mar 1, 2019 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2019 1:49 pm

My 3 weeks in Hong Kong was a memorable visit, from many angles, of few i would share in this forum. Hope this would be informative to anyone traveling there so that you are more informed.

The strangest Couple EVER!!! I am going to list their profile name just because i can (Read Profile without "*" - m*y*B*F*u*M*E - else admin might delete this post).

They male come across as "Canadian" and hence we had an immediate connection. Gave me so much of information, connected on Whatsapp, Chat, exchanged pictures, sent me pics of ladies and couples he knows, how he can hook me up with couples and singles,etc.. the whole 9 yards. Eventually he referred to me as "My Bro". When in HK also called me on Whatsapp several times and offered to go to Macau, host parties so that i can join, etc. We setup a drinks meetup on Sat night and he turned up with his partner. They were both very nice(Male - Middle-eastern, Lady- HK Chinese), and we got along very well. Somewhere in the mid conversation he said that he is going to need my help in his business and he will give more info later!!! Then during the evening on further questions they found out that I am actually a veteran in "his" line of work he mentioned before (Yes 18 years!!) . And then they said that they have to meetup with his Brother who is visiting HK and we meet up a bit later in my hotel to play. Guess What??? My "BRO" disappeared from face of the earth!!!! The guy who was ready to give an arm and a leg just didn't get back again. Deleted his Whatsapp account... but i still see the profile is active on AdultFriendFinder.

I have no clue if they were trying to set me up for some shady business deal and found that I know the business too well to get caught to it!!! Or just they were not interested, but if that was the case have some courtesy and drop a thank you note.!! WTF??

Ok.. lets move on to next points...

IF you change your profile location to Hong Kong, be prepared for BOTs !! yes it is a bloody headache. Every day you log back in, you will have minimum 150 profile views from BOTs. If you click to one of them the profile is a standard member profile with a dating site url in the wording. They literally have 1000s of them. For 3 weeks i got over 3000 profile views.. lol..

Then there are couples who connect and ask you to come on "Weechat". Loves to exchange pics all day and never have time to play as they have some excuse lol... hilarious..

All is not bad news!! I connected with very nice people there. Single ladies and couples and did meetup and play also. Overall I had a very good time there , but wanted to leave these notes for anyone else to use if needed!!!

Have fun!!!!
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Courtesy to reply to a message!! - Is it that hard?
Posted:Nov 2, 2018 9:58 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2019 9:53 am

I joined AdultFriendFinder now over 8 ago to connect with people in the similar lifestyle. The operative word being "Connect". How does one connect without sending a message to a profile or sending a message on chat (which I know is not functioning half the time) ?

Over , I have noted (very common to me at least) is that
- You send a message and never hear back from them
- You send a second message and still no answer (now you don't want to write again as you become a stalker !!!)
- Sometimes ppl answer with few words and then nothing from there onward? If so why pretend the to have a conversation?

I wondering, why??? Is it that hard to send a short descent and "clear" reply? I take time to write a descent message and there is no courtesy!!

What is this world coming to
Travel alone/ or as a couple but stay with a Stranger for free?
Posted:Jun 6, 2016 8:39 pm
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2018 9:43 am

Here is a fun but could be a real world situation!!

I travel a lot for my work. Sometimes, to very interesting locations like NYC, Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, etc.but sometimes to boring places also week after week..

Every time I travel, I stay in an upscale hotel(Customer pays ), and most of the time i am upgraded to a double or suite due to loyalty status. for example, currently I am in New York City and right in the middle of Times Square. Have a huge double for my self. Have been coming here for over 8 weeks now, every week. What a waste...

I have been thinking, what if I extend an open invite to the AdultFriendFinder community. If you are planning to travel to any of these locations, then join me and the accommodation is on me !! I would love some company for drinks, dinner and a good conversation and hey, if we click.. all the better...Win win for all parties!!

So the question is.. Would you do it if a stranger extends the invite?
Yes, I would, but first need to get to know the person a little first
Yes, WE would, but first need to get to know the person a little first
Yes I/We would - Life is an adventure!!
No I/We wouldn't - (Please do give a little info)
Not decided !!
Depends on the location and other factors (Please specify)
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FAKE and SCAM season is kicking off !!! (again !!)
Posted:Feb 29, 2016 8:24 am
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2016 11:48 am

Last few days (a week or so) has been crazy!! I guess the masses are slowly awaking, smelling the spring round the corner. I mean the "SCAM and FAKE" Masses !! So far my opinion is that this site is ridden with them, almost to the point that a decent real person(s) cannot exist. This is my second post on the topic, and don't want to be repeating but desperately need to vent a little to cool down....

Who are they? What do they want? Why? are some basic questions that comes to my mind. I really don't think I will find answers to these.. Other than the monetary aspect of scamming a person, what else is there? I am struggling to understand. Maybe everything finally leads to monetary benefits and hence people are wickedly motivated!!

Last few days saw an increase in some activity.. It is indeed a wise person who said "If something is too good to be true, it isn't !!" I seem to be getting flirts, suddenly IM chats and mails.. "Hey.. we are in town and looking for a 3Sm,".. "Wow nice profile, we would love to meet you, are you free tonight?", " Like to hookup with us during the weekend?" and the list goes on.. One pattern you do observe here is that they are all in a hurry!! Need it now, tonight, tomorrow,... hmmmm..... BUT , first.. let's chat a little.. give me your phone digits to text, or IM, or Skype.. and then all the words one would want to hear, what they would like you to do to them or to his wife, or to the girlfriend.. and then "hey we need to see a face pic or can you show your face on video ? ".. Seems like a very reasonable request and once obliged, miraculously everything halts!! Dead stop!!

Ok, one can't complain on the above because, it could be a simple instance of they really don't like your face or how you look. BUT then if so why can't you be a decent human being and just say, "No thank you, I/we don't think it is a match" or even simply "you are not what we are looking for".. Some feedback and end it.. Absolutely no contact after the face pic !!! Really ???? Is my face that shocking, to give you temporary amnesia ???? may be that's what happened !! So folks you have been warned.. if you ask for a facepic, there is a possibility for you to get an amnesia !!!

And then there is the other kind, who take it a step forward.. they want to play right away. They are all ready and horny, just waiting for you to come.. "Lets meet downtown in few hours?" Where ? and they always give a nice hotel. Text me when there.. hmmm.. this sounds too familiar ... so if I text saying I am here (Which I am not because I know not to, by experience now !!) , I bet you the next text is giving a sob story or, agency story, or i need to pay for the taxi story, where they ask for $$$$. Always they are very happy to receive it "electronically" before they see me!!! Really ????? You think I am going to send money to some douchebag sitting in a sorry basement in Timbuktu ??? .. man the things they come up with..

So where does all this leave the decent, real people who are looking to connect with others? Well it is a challenge where I guess you have to tolerate these crazy people and try to connect with the real ones.. For me it is just a search that will continue as a means of connecting with real people. I do believe that after a short interaction on this site or with other means, it is always best to have a one on one meet somewhere public and see how things go. At least that way you should be able to see and feel the real person.

Finally... all is not lost but just barriers on the path.. Amidst all this chaos, I am really happy I have connected with some really nice people on this site, and do hope the real folk continue to come here and are not discouraged by all these crazy kind..

So Ottawa !!! The journey continues with a little optimism !!!
Does high number of Friends in your profile matter ?
Posted:Aug 31, 2015 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2019 10:49 am

Thought of running a poll somewhat inline with my blog posting.. Hope ppl contribute.

- When one is looking at your profile, does a high number of friends you have on your profile matter?
Yes - More friends the chance of connecting with you is more
Yes - More friends, could mean you are not a fake profile and therefore trust you more
No - More friends, means you are just collecting friends and not genuine on a meetup
No - More friends mean I/we will be careful and asses the situation
Indifferent - I/We do not care the number of friends on your profile
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