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gdstf 63M/61F  
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9/1/2007 6:17 pm

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4/5/2008 3:28 pm


My wife has a fetish for nice looking cocks. We both do.I have the same fetish for nice pussy, ditto for her. One week earlier we had an unexpected romp with a young lady.She was at a party and we took her home and put her to bed--we thought.Duh! She asked us to go in our hottub--we did with our cocktails and smokes and---this is another blog.
We had been chatting with a man on AdultFriendFinder. He was married and had bi sexual feelings.We WERE going to meet early that day at our house for a drink and meet and greet. He did not show so my wife and I got in the hottub and talked about it--we heard 'HELLO', it was Tom, another hottub adventure. He told us he was so unhappy and we knew the rest of the story. I went in to refresh the drinks. I came out and found what I thought I would see, Tom sucking my wife's titts while she is furiously stroking him with both hands underwater. Experienced now, she gave me the look[signals he is going to CUMM]. He sat on the edge of the dimmly lit hottub and moaned something like --'I can't do this'
With that he erupted in a torrent in both of our mouths stream after stream--HOTT CUMM! This guy needed this,despite his refusal, we licked him hard again.
Back in the house we made another cocktail,Tom felt in need of talking. My sweet wife lifted his cock to a full erection again. She then left the room after saying'I know what you need'.
She came back with her 'strappon',Tom bent over on the floor,at her request, in front of the fireplace. She slowly lubed his ass and began to fuck him,I was so amazed! She was so docile--usually. Tom was SOOO hard and I got under and sucked. I felt them both cumming, the feel of the head of Toms cock and BOOM--he moaned LOUDLY and I felt the full gush of his sweet cumm--My wife quickly released the strappon and worked it in and out of his ass to get all of his cumm together with me.
At this point,I am rock hard and have not cumm yet. They then lick me to a major cumm shot. I look down at my wife and Tom licking my cumm. WOW!WHEW!
Time for bed, Tom crashed downstairs. I wake up to my wife asking for me to fuck her ass while Tom fucks her pussy. We go downstairs to find Tom in the kitchen getting water,it is 3 am! We fucked my wife to many orgs all night till dawn,she LOVES DRINKING cumm,AND DP!
Since then,[June 07] Tom has fucked my wife many times,and my ass too. Tom's wife now is part of the group-FINALLY!
As a couple we had only one sex experience till 6 years ago,now we are bi sexual happy sluts!
The moral of the story---be whatever you are---

Slyone20 63M/54F
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10/17/2007 7:31 am

Talk about one HOT story! As the male half, I would love to get together with you two in the near future

bibibi696969 57M  
2 posts
11/11/2007 5:56 pm

Great story. Very hot!!!

rm_httimesfun 41M
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11/22/2007 5:40 am

Very hot, would love to have been Tom in that story. With my newly bi side shining through, I wanna test it out bad with a couple. I hope to hear from you soon.

harleyjim2005 71M
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2/2/2008 7:37 am

WOW! that sounds like fun!! having trouble typing one handed. LOL

lonebone222 66M  
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2/7/2008 5:04 am

Great encounter. Like the two of you I love all but pain. Never experienced a strap on but want my first. Love to share an exploding cock with a woman.

justlookin41or2 54M/59F
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2/18/2008 6:51 am

nothing like taking a strap on from a woman

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3/19/2008 10:21 am


nwilm4u2 65M
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12/20/2008 2:24 pm

Very hot! I would love to play likr that.Why not invite Harlyjim2005 and me over. Harly and I have played together. Would love to join a hot couple!

stonie34343 34M  
11 posts
4/30/2009 6:16 am

Very hot! Would love to be on the receiving end of her strapon!

24 posts
5/28/2009 2:07 pm

bi sex is hot!!!!!!!!!jimmy

slim2x4 47M
5 posts
6/29/2011 6:58 am

Great story! Just one of those fantastic nights.

warmwisguy 59M
3 posts
10/14/2011 7:24 am

that sounds like the best time ever. a penthouse dream for most of us. ...well someday i will get that lucky

IntimateServant 51M
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9/18/2013 7:30 am

sounds fun


y not

Bull_Murry 35M  
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3/11/2014 12:47 pm

so incredibly hot!!!

melrosecpl 62M/59F
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5/14/2015 6:31 am

Made me perk up ... Thanks for sharing .

mr_mrssmith_911 51M/41F
27 posts
8/27/2015 5:34 am

Hot story

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