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We started this lifestyle 6 years ago in our hot tub.We were married 5 years at the time when our 25 year old friend Joe stopped by unexpected. It was a balmy September evening and we were in our hot tub--naked! It was dark and we said "come on in"though we were a bit apprehensive.We looked away as Joe stripped and got in. Being a good host I went to get our guest a glass of wine.We all had wine and we tried to cheer Joe up as he was going through divorce.Wine,more wine,laughs,more laughs. We were out of wine and donned the robes from the tub area and went into the house.After more laughs and more wine, our robes loosened.
To this point in our lives, both of us had only had sex with <b>two</b> other people a piece. I remembered when we were watching a porn video how aroused my wife became during a DP scene. I then thought"why not let that happen". I pulled open her robe and slid my hands gentily over her perfect breasts. She closed her eyes and moaned,shameless that Joe was seeing all of this.Joe then opened his robe and started to stroke his throbbing cock. My wife opened her eyes to see this young guy's THICK dong. Not nearly as long as mine but thicker.She opened her mouth and gasped at the sight. I felt her mood and said,"would you to suck his cock?". My wife nodded and dropped down in front Joe, grabbed his cock and started sucking him hungrily while making growling sounds. I also dropped down and slid my hand onto her pussy from behind.She instinctively opened her legs farther apart and moaned as I rubbed her swollen clit.She was DRIPPING with pussy juice!Sencing she was going to cumm,I quickened the pace. Joe moaned loud and his head fell back and--WOW--watched my beautiful bride suck and drain J's cock. I watched her drink his HOTT CUUMMM--relishing it. His pulsating cock was VISIBLE. At some point he shot a huge stream across her cheek and into her blonde hair.She then looked at me, drunk with lust, and opened her mouth to show me a tongue full of cumm,pulled me to her and frenched kissed me. She moaned as we kissed. My FIRST taste of another man's cum!She then grabbed his still hard dong and asked me to suck it. I did. Joe said,"OK ,stop, let me suck you".Now the <b>two</b> of them were sucking me.I held back and asked my wife to'slide down on Joe's cock---in your ass". She did and I firmly pulled up her legs to see that J's cock was fully in her ass. I spread her legs and slid my cock in her dripping pussy. I started slow and I could feel Joe's cock pumping her ass. We started fucking her harder and harder.My wife was having a non stop org!Both of us males pulled out and came into her open mouth as she sucked us both,slurping down our cum and kissing us both with pleasure.
This went on all night and into the next day.Our self-employment allowed us to take days off as we were on fire.
Joe would CUMM over from time to time after.We did not stop there---now we are on AdultFriendFinder.
Never looked back!
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New Days Ahead!
Posted:Apr 8, 2020 3:05 pm
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2020 9:38 am

We are D and L. After 19 years of swinging we know what we like. our friends must be Bi and smooth shaven. There are exceptions with females. Weight is not a big deal. We BOTH LOVE CUM! We BOTH LOVE pussy juice! N LOVES DP! we do like drink with friends so they must stay over a night so no drinking and driving! We are nudists as well. We have a deck that we tan nude . LOVE outdoor sex. Our friends are friends inside the bedroom and outside the bedroom! We are loyal our friends and we share every thought and detail with each other. Sex can be anytime--together or separate and we ALWAYS share the experience and be honest about details as that is a turn-on. Cream pies and cum kissing is a REAL HOTTTT thing for us! We do not reflect our age--we are fortunate. Open to but poop and pain. We HAVE become a haven for many marrieds of ages who explore a -NOT SO VANILLA sex-we are here! D/L
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Snowstorms and Neighbors
Posted:Mar 29, 2008 7:04 am
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2010 11:08 am

With the rescent snowy winter,we really got to know our neighbors.
Our friends Eric and Randy had just made it to our home before the storm for a fun bi 'fuckfest' with the two of us. The four of us did a hottub and loved the snow coming down on us as we licked and stroked each other between the flakes.We all have enjoyed one another as we are all the same age and have the mindset to think outside the box.
Musician Eric is very attached to a sweet woman who is on the brink of swinging, but not quite there yet. Randy is an intensive soul who also has a female friend who is a little afraid of the lifestyle.
After we all gave each other Golden Showers to keep our heads warm in the blowing snow storm,we headed inside for more fun. With hair all wet from warm piss we relaxed and made a fire and settled down to give my lady a good clit licking, nipple tweeking and sucking,ass fingering, pussy fisting, ORG !
The phone rang and it was our neighbor Tom. He lives behind us and is kind, attractive guy married to a woman who does not care for sex--and very cold. He actually asked if he could snow blow our sidewalk!
While watching my wife getting 'cock stuffed'[ass and pussy] by Eric and Randy,I told Tom to stop in for a drink when he was done.He did. We were all in a vanilla type,now in robes after the hottub and fun, setting by then. After a few drinks he admitted to having sexual feelings that were bi and how his sexless wife Denise told him to'just take care of it' and 'don't include me.'
A little shocked by his disclosure,[this was a neighbor of five years], we suggested that he take his drink and do a hottub after all his snowblowing.
The four of us talked inside as Tom took about a half hour in the tub. We all decided to 'make his day!'
He came in in his robe to find us all naked and in full bloom.He looked stunned and we suggested he drop the robe. He did and was sporting a HUGE erection that Randy and my wife were quick to attend to.
Tom was a tall, thin guy and my wife and I always thought he could be hung--yep!
They knelt in front of him and licked and sucked his 8 incher.In moments,[the poor guy obviously had not come in a long time], Tom groaned and came in buckets,filling their mouths and covering their faces with liquid pearl. Eric and I sat on the couch watching and stroking each other while Randy and my wife licked the cream from each others faces and drained Tom's cock of every drop! Tom stood but not look releived but more a man on fire with lust! I suggest my wife slide down on Eric's cock,she did and with her on top and her sweet ass open, I grabbed the lube and without a word applied it to Tom's cock [he was STILL hard].I said,'it's fuck your neighbor in the ass day.' Randy and I watched as Tom,though tentative as he had never ass fucked before,slid ALL 8 inches into my wifes hot ass. She yelped and shuttered in orgasm,about a dozen for the day and getting hotter. Her sounds ignited Tom further as he grabbed her hips and pounded harder muttering something about good neighbors. VERY hot to see this neighbor of many years fucking my wifes hott ass! Eric and Tom gasped and my wife pulled away to grab both their erupting cocks and suck them off while moaning in pleasure. Randy and I could not help it any more and offered our erupting cocks to my wifes delight as well. To our surprise,Tom dropped to his knees and took both our cocks into his mouth and sucked us dry!
Tom had to get home,as his wife is very controlling. But, withh all the snow we have had,he gets to fuck with us often.
Snow,fuck,snowblow,fuck some more- - - - - What are neighbors for?
Posted:Sep 1, 2007 6:17 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2008 3:28 pm

My wife has a fetish for nice looking cocks. We both do.I have the same fetish for nice pussy, ditto for her. One week earlier we had an unexpected romp with a young lady.She was at a party and we took her home and put her to bed--we thought.Duh! She asked us to go in our hottub--we did with our cocktails and smokes and---this is another blog.
We had been chatting with a man on AdultFriendFinder. He was married and had bi sexual feelings.We WERE going to meet early that day at our house for a drink and meet and greet. He did not show so my wife and I got in the hottub and talked about it--we heard 'HELLO', it was Tom, another hottub adventure. He told us he was so unhappy and we knew the rest of the story. I went in to refresh the drinks. I came out and found what I thought I would see, Tom sucking my wife's titts while she is furiously stroking him with both hands underwater. Experienced now, she gave me the look[signals he is going to CUMM]. He sat on the edge of the dimmly lit hottub and moaned something like --'I can't do this'
With that he erupted in a torrent in both of our mouths stream after stream--HOTT CUMM! This guy needed this,despite his refusal, we licked him hard again.
Back in the house we made another cocktail,Tom felt in need of talking. My sweet wife lifted his cock to a full erection again. She then left the room after saying'I know what you need'.
She came back with her 'strappon',Tom bent over on the floor,at her request, in front of the fireplace. She slowly lubed his ass and began to fuck him,I was so amazed! She was so docile--usually. Tom was SOOO hard and I got under and sucked. I felt them both cumming, the feel of the head of Toms cock and BOOM--he moaned LOUDLY and I felt the full gush of his sweet cumm--My wife quickly released the strappon and worked it in and out of his ass to get all of his cumm together with me.
At this point,I am rock hard and have not cumm yet. They then lick me to a major cumm shot. I look down at my wife and Tom licking my cumm. WOW!WHEW!
Time for bed, Tom crashed downstairs. I wake up to my wife asking for me to fuck her ass while Tom fucks her pussy. We go downstairs to find Tom in the kitchen getting water,it is 3 am! We fucked my wife to many orgs all night till dawn,she LOVES DRINKING cumm,AND DP!
Since then,[June 07] Tom has fucked my wife many times,and my ass too. Tom's wife now is part of the group-FINALLY!
As a couple we had only one sex experience till 6 years ago,now we are bi sexual happy sluts!
The moral of the story---be whatever you are---
Ebony and Ivory Fun
Posted:Feb 20, 2007 4:35 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2008 8:50 am

After meeting a very handsome young black male on here, my wife and I decided to have him over for a few drinks. She, of course, was dressed to kill in her short skirt and fishnet nylons
The 3 of us hit it off great and after about the third round she spread her legs and asked me to lick her. Her pussy was already soaking wet with anticipation of the night to cumm. She moaned as I tongued her and looked up to see our friend was licking her now exposed nipples. Her hand was pulling open his pants and she pulled away from us both to suck his throbber to full hardness. She stared in awe at the 8" thick beautifull black cock, a good compliment to my 71/2 ".This was going to be a full house--could she take it? After more foreplay she did---and did!!!!
She asked me to lie on my back and she straddled my cock and took it all in her sweet pussy while Chad slowly slid every centimeter of his black dong into her eager and horny ass.I could see in the mirror his hard thrusts into my wifes tush as I felt his bumping on my tool inside her as well. I could see his huge black pipe disappearing into her STEAMING HOT ASS. And hear her yelping with pleasure and hear the slapping sounds of his HARD FUCKING! We got a rythum going as she SCREAMED with pleasure and came non-stop during our furious DP fucking!She was now yelling for us- - - - "FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER"and "Chad,Chad, FUCK ME,FUCK MY ASS HARDER WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK"!
The words were too much and I said "I'm going to cumm' and Chad said "me too". We both pulled out as she sat up and greedily sucked on both of us at the same time. Two big cocks, one ebony and the other ivory, Chad and I looked at each other before we threw our heads back and sent rivers of hott cream into my wifes cumm- hungry mouth. She moaned with pleasure as we filled her mouth again and again with liquid pearl. She looked up at us as she milked our every drop and said "MMMMMMMM--I want MORE, and ALL night.I want both of you to fuck me in every way and feed me all your HOTT CUMM!!".
And we did. Now, Chad is a great friend, both in and out of the bedroom, and will continue to keep my best friend and wife, COCK STUFFED and CUMM FED, WOW, I married Seka!
BTW-after each session, we get a bit more freaky. We used to have all this silly criteria.Point is,if you REALLY love someone-you give them wings.We are open. Younger,older, black or white,straight or bi--------
Posted:Nov 16, 2006 1:13 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2008 8:50 am

This is the is the first in a series that is about all of us.We are not naturely monogomous as a race.
After our fun with our hot tub friend, Nora and I sat and talked about life. We have hopes for our . Want to leave them with the memories we all hope for ---a legacy of living life to the fullest.
We decided to go to a nudist resort in Florida. Now, Nora was raised as a 'good girl.'It was easy breaking the rules in our hot tub;this was big time.
A July evening on a friday night, after a delayed flight, we arrive at the largest nudist resort in North America.
Nora was in a marriage with a man where she felt poorly about herself. NOW was her time to live. At 41, she had the body of a , and so did I at 42.[ We work hard physically every day].
We came out to the MANY pools and got in. A man came forward and introrduced himself as Dave. We talked and when he went to the bathroom--yea--no peeing in the pool- Nora looked at me with that look. The 'I want to FUCK both of you and not regret it."
Dave came back and we asked him to come back for a night cap.He did.You have to realize here we are all nude.
Note: in a nudist enviroment,we are all the same as far as bodies and 'stiffies' really do not happen---- -much.
I came back from the bathroom to find my bride stroking Dave's hard cock. I asked her to sit on my face and then asked Dave to fuck her ass. He was astonished.After about several minutes of licking my wifes clit and watching Daves cock pumping her hot ass I pulled up and entered her pussy. She said 'YES" "double fuck me now" and we did. That was it for Dave. He pulled out of her ass,and my wife pulled off of me to moan and flip over to get under this Dave guy as he released a torrent of HOTT CUMM into her open mouth. This was the same women who said she was 'forced' by her first hubby to do just this.Now about to cumm at this sight I put my cock on her lips with Dave and exploded in a deluge of cumm , she moaned and twisted her body and said "MORE".
Throughout the night, Dave and I sucked and fucked my hot Nympho Nora to dozens of orgs.
She now has asked me to set up a-----TBC
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Posted:Nov 11, 2006 3:15 am
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2008 10:16 am

Being self employed at home decorating, we sometimes sub contract help. Mary, a friend and artist, was to help us today. We arrived as ususal. No one was home. My wife helped us to to tape off the room before she left to give a quick estimate about a mile away. Mary inquired as to our 'sex life'.Somehow she knew we were swingers!?I could not help notice she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were fully erect. We painted and my beautifull wife came back as we were just finishing the room. I suggested that Mary stay the night at our home as she had an hours drive. All agreed.
we went home together, set up Mary with a room, had some cocktails, and did a naked hottub. Dark, so what?
I felt Marys hand caressing my cock under the water as my wife went in to refresh our beverages. She came out to see us entwined and set down the cocktails and said---'we can go inside now', we did.
Now inside,in robes and together on our couch,Mary opened my robe and shamelessly sucked my cock. My wife loved the sight of me cumming in another womens mouth and dropped to share it with our friend.WOW! I then licked pussy'S --yea--both-and got hard again and we all had a great night. We rescheduled the next day as we did a short breakfast and did all that you could imagine.
EXCEPT, we fogot our other single friend and his partner were cominng over to fix our roof!
They walked in,11 am, we are naked and drinking and buzzed and BOOM, two ladies, three guys, DP. 3P--and lots of orgs.
Two days latter-the roof was done and the painting complete.
After 8 dozen orgs------
Posted:Oct 27, 2006 8:40 am
Last Updated:Mar 29, 2008 9:34 am


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