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The Handshake Orgasm  

gearshift1955 66M  
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5/27/2021 6:35 am
The Handshake Orgasm

In the summer of 1976 i was in the Army stationed in West Germany. One saturday i was leaving one of the local bars { guest<b> houses </font></b>} on my way back the barracks. I decided cut though the park on my way. The park was next a university. A lot of young ladies hung out in the park. Well my surprise i spotted two ladies trying throw a frisbee. I went over and introduced myself. Their names were Alex and Greta. For the rest of the day i spent show these ladies how throw a frisbee. show their appreciation they invited me back their place. Little did i know what was in store for me. We get back to their place and the first thing they do is to light up a bowl of hash. Not much weed in Germany but a lot of hash. The next thing i know is that we are all naked and one of the girls is sucking my cock. This was a night to remember. WOW i still get HARD to this day thinking about that summer. Over the next couple of months we fucked and sucked and licked each other to death. One day i came by their place and walk in to find them going at each other. Alex had her hand inside Greta's pussy. I was standing with my mouth open but not saying anything and they started laughing. I said what are you doing her. I had never seen fisting before. They said What does like? I said looks like you are shaking hands with her pussy. We laugh about that for hours. This was taught Greta by her grandmother, she was from Belgium. During WWII most of the men in her town were gone fighting in the war, so that left the women to with each other. start you place the index, middle and ring finger in the pussy. The pinky goes in the rectum and the thumb is left with the clit. Once your fingers are inside you start massage. As she reaches an orgasm you remove the pinky and fold in the thumb and gentle slide the whole hand inside her pussy. The Belgium ladies had for but i could not pronounce . So i dubbed THE HANDSHAKE ORGASM. They taught me EVERYTHING i though i knew about sex and i mean EVERYTHING. They even used a small dildo on me. After i got used , was NOTHING like having your cock sucked and your asshole fucekd at the time. was the ultimate orgasm. The first of August the girls went on holiday {vacation} and were supposed be back by the end of the month. I was supposed leave the first week in September. Well my order came down and i left the last week in August. I never did get say goodby. I left them a note and told them where i lived in the states and home phone if they ever got a chance to come to the US. History says that the summer of love was 1968, but to me was 1976.

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