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gentleblueeyes02 68F  
23 posts
1/21/2018 7:49 am

watch my mum who has dementia,and i get scared ,will i be like her.I watch my mum and i grieve,for were is my mummie. I watch my mum and i see her smiling ,because everything is new too her,because she has forgotten she has already seen it ...and she is happy........i watch my mum

Morrister 66M  
28 posts
2/25/2018 10:47 am

That's hard. I have dementia on both sides of my family tree, and every time I forget something I wonder if I'm going that way too. So far, so good.

I_giv_pleasure 56M  
2712 posts
6/21/2019 5:12 pm

I know how that goes.

ludwig202 68M
11827 posts
7/3/2019 5:07 am

hi you are wonderfully attractiv and so sexy

edwondering 58M
84 posts
12/5/2019 12:24 pm

u made me remember my mom who had dementia. I's a difficult memory for sure

Stead157 63M  
15 posts
7/10/2020 5:34 am


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