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Sex With A New Young Married Friend  

giantalien 28M  
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3/13/2020 12:22 pm
Sex With A New Young Married Friend

This is a real sex story which happened when I was 19 and it was my sexual encounter. Guys this is the first time I am writing a story, for any mistakes please spare me and I would be happy to get some feedbacks on this story. This is going to be a bit long story but surely you guys going to enjoy it.

I was in Delhi doing my training at that time and it was December winters. One day when I was playing cricket for my club suddenly my mom called me home urgently .When I reached back home rushing, she told me that one of our distant relative from native have come to Delhi without any notice and they are waiting at the airport and as they don’t know the language and place I need to bring them home. Then I got the number from my mom and called them up.

They told me that there was my brother (john), his wife (neethu) and a friend of her (Ramya) are waiting at the airport. I had never met my Bhabhi as I was not part of the marriage, now it’s 3 years they have married and they have a of 2 years.

So I started my car went to pick them at the airport there for the first time I saw my Bhabhi and her friend for the first time. They both were I would call as the pure mallu beauties Neethu was purely white in color and Ramya was dusty. They both had exactly the same figure and height of actress Priyanka chopra. My dragon under the pants already started to dance after seeing them but I made myself controlled and told myself that one is my Bhabhi and other one is her friend.

I went and welcomed my brother with a hug and a smile for the other 2. He introduced me to the both and said sorry for coming without any notice. Then we started for my home in car they told me they have come here as neethu and ramya have got a job in Canada and they are flying next week, they have come to Delhi for visa purpose and the consultancy through which they are going also is in Delhi only.

They told me that I have to help them in all these processes I readily agreed as the whole week I had taken leave because of Christmas (I am a Christian).

Then only I came to know that Ramya was also married and 1 yr old boy in the hometown but her husband is working in Dubai for last few years. He comes only once in 2 years, I was disappointed to hear that as she looked so young. (I forgot to tell you Ramya was 23 and Neethu was 22. Both of them got married at a young age. Ramya had a love marriage, it was an inter-religion marriage and ran from her home and married so her family doesn’t approve them both now. These I came to know later).

When we reached home they got along with my family very fast. But they were not able to bear the cold. My home was a 2bhk flat, as my dad had gone for a business trip for two weeks my mom, sister, neethu and ramya slept in one bedroom and me and john in another.

Next day I, john, neethu and ramya started for CP in the metro to meet the consultant. On the way, I saw john and neethu romancing all the time they got, at the same time I saw Ramya getting feeling bad all the time seeing both, so I started talking to her in a very friendly and she started to open up and we started sharing lot about the family and the background. Then I asked her:

Me: What happened why you are so depressed?

Ramya: No nothing

I insisted

Ramya: I am getting jealous after seeing both of them as they are romancing all the time and I have not met my husband for the last 1yr.Only calling and sometimes video chat. I have not even done video chat for the last 2 weeks, now I am missing him very badly.

I held her hand

Me: It’s ok. It’s part of life. He is doing all of this for you and your . I will help you with the video chat today in the evening.

She was happy to hear that and I held her hands for some more time and as we reached Rajiv chowk station I warned my brother that it would too crowded, difficult to move out as people would pushing from both the ends and told him to take care of neethu and I will take care of ramya.

When the door opened people started to push us and ramya was holding my hands too strong and I put my other hand on her waist as a protection , but sometimes during that times my hands slided upward and touch her lower boobs. She didn’t mind too much of all these as she thought it was because of the rush it happened.

After all the official work when we were coming back again my brother and wife were sitting in corner seat of metro and romancing and me & ramya were standing next to the closed door I was leaning on the door and holding my jacket in hand and other was holding my hand, then I sensed that she was actually rotating her fingers around my palm. I felt like playful and I also started the same. We both were smiling at each other while doing this. I thought that she is enjoying my company and started being playful to divert her attention from my brother and neethu.

Next 2 days we roamed we all around the city I showed them the places and we both continued to play this game hidden but suddenly she started to ramp her body on to me, keep our held hands on her thighs, giving me a naughty smile. I also kind of started enjoying it used to put my hand her laps, shoulders, and waist. She didn’t say anything.

Then next day ramya came to me and told me that she has to do some shopping, for which I agreed and started for sarojini nagar market in the bus, I felt this is my chance to try my luck and started the conversation with some courage.

Me: Do you think that what we are doing is right?

R: I really don’t know, but I am enjoying all these. Are you not comfortable?

Me: I am fine, I just wanted to know whether you are doing this because you really like it or as a token of thanks for the help which I am doing for you being a stranger to me?

She didn’t reply to it but suddenly her eyes filled with tears, and I got scared

Me: I am sorry if I hurt you with my question, I never intended to hurt you.

R: Please don’t think that I am . I am getting bit desperate after seeing neethu with her husband and as a woman, I also have a desires which is not getting fulfilled. I had sex with my husband only 5-6 times in last 3 years and I didn’t have a cock inside me for the past one year. I hope you can understand and help me out.

I was stunned to hear that she wanted some sexual favors from me and she told me all of a sudden. I was not able to digest that I am going to have my first sex with a girl who is elder to me and who looked like a sex goddess.

After some moments I came into conscious and nodded yes with a smile. She was happy to see that. Now we both wanted each other very badly and were not able to wait.While roaming in Sarojini I put my hands on her waist, from under the jacket and pulled her as close as possible.

Slowly I slid my hands under the sweater and inners and touched her bare waist .

I rolled my hand over her belly at those places where the crowd would be pushing each other and so that nobody could see us. She was enjoying all these, she gives me moans in between and in return she was also trying to measure my dick by holding it. As we were walking in the streets I asked her size and she told me 34-30-32.she asked me what the size of my dick is? I told 7 …..she gave me a surprising look and told “so today I am going to ride on something very longer than my husband? His one is 5.5 inches”.

After shopping we boarded a bus to return to home while sitting next to each other she kept some shopped material on her lap and some of them on mine too. I again kept my hand on her lap over the jeans under the bags and started rubbing hands over it.

As my hands reached closer to her pussy she started breathing heavily. She was looking outside the window so that no one could sense anything wrong.

As soon I reached her pussy I started rubbing it, she was closing her eyes and enjoying it, my dick in the pants was already made a tent on my jeans and wanted to get rid of the clothes which are covering it.

I carried on rubbing her pussy for almost 5 mins then she held my hand and told “If I continue like this she would cum very soon.” so I had to stop now. After that when I turned back I saw that a guy who was standing behind our seats was looking at us, So eventually I had to withdraw my hands from under the bags which was kept on her laps.

In the evening my brother decided to go to our cousin’s home which was 10 kms away from my home. I felt this was the right time for me to lose my virginity, I messaged ramya and told give an excuse and stay back, as I will also not go.

When mom came from work I told her that I was not feeling well so you along with my sister take john and neethu to our cousin’s home. Neethu also told mom that she was also not feeling good as she was having periods, so she can’t come along with them. So they left the home by 7 leaving me and neethu alone at home.

As soon as I closed the door I looked at ramya, who was standing just behind me with lusty eyes. I went near her and hugged her very tightly, she also responded in the same way. We both looked like we were sex maniacs in the past life.

Slowly then I put my lips on her and we had a French kiss, we were sucking each other’s tongue like anything. We continued it for 5 mints. While doing this I was roaming my hands over her back and pressing her ass cheeks. When we broke the kiss, I asked whether I need to bring the condom. She told that she needed my raw flesh inside her pussy not worry she will take the pills tomorrow.

Without wasting time I throw her on bed and I removed my shirt and belt. She came towards me and removed my pant and boxer, my erect cock is pointing towards the roof and without saying a word she kissed my cock and balls. Tingling sensation flows through my spine and I moaned. She then put her wet mouth over my penis and sucking it.I can feel the hotness of her mouth and enjoying my first and best blowjob. She licked the tip of cock and moves down her tongue on my cock and licking my balls.

She again started to suck, but I stopped her and pulled her nighty over her head and she was nude in front of me. I was amazed at her structure and fats on her body. I want to crush her nude body under me. So I made her lying and I crushed her by lying top of her and started rolling on either side of bed. I sucked her right boob and pressing her left one. Then I switched the boob and moving my face down and kissed her navel and kissed her clit. She moaned loudly and pushed my face from there.

I slowly kissed her pussy and gave a single lick it tasted salty and she moaned slightly I kissed her lap her pussy is getting wet I slowly rubbed my finger on her hairy pussy I started kissing her mouth and then I started sucking her tongue later she started sucking my tongue her kissing became better and was getting intense I am grabbing her ass while sucking the saliva out of each other’s mouth.

After 10 or 15 minutes of kissing she slowly lowered my trousers and boxers my dick was hard and oozing precum she went on her knees and licked the precum from my dick and slowly started blowing me I removed my t-shirt meanwhile and I am standing nude with my dick in her mouth

Now she made me stand on the floor and she kneels down on the bed and kissed my chest and licked my nipples and moved her tongue over to my cock and sucking it slowly and spitting her saliva on it.

Pre-cum started to flow on my penis and I made her lie down and starts fingering her. Forefinger went in easily and she moans, when I inserted my middle finger along with it.It was tight and wet allowing lubricating. After few minutes I widened her legs and placed my penis over her clit and rubbed it, she moans loud and pleaded to fuck her.I inserted my penis but it slipped, she caught it and placed it in the correct position and asks me to push.

I pushed it and it gradually goes in and I am finally inside her. Then I started to move myself push and pull and started to fuck her rapidly. On hearing her moans I felt stronger and increased my intensity of thrust. I kissed her lips and pressing her boobs while fucking. But I felt pain in my joints and hence I placed my both hands on her hands and stretched it outside by placing my all body on her. I then bites her neck and fucked her.

She locked my hips by crossing her thighs and she arched her back indicating that she reaches her orgasm, she was yelling I am coming, coming which makes me extremely horny and I told her I am going to ejaculate, she asked me to cum outside, hence I removed my penis and my sperm jets flow on her stomach and navel, then we both lie next to each other.

Suddenly I felt like rubbing her ass hole and I started with my middle finger and slowly tried to finger fuck her asshole while fucking her pussy, her ass was dry and needs lubrication.

So I spit on her ass crack my saliva flow towards her asshole I stopped fucking and gently rubbed the saliva around her asshole again I spit at her asshole multiple times and was rubbing her asshole slowly I bent my face towards her ass and sniffed her asshole and I gave a lick on her asshole, suddenly an idea came to my drunk mind I told her to bring gee from the kitchen she looked at me with a naughty smile she went to the kitchen and brought a bottle of ghee.

I sat on the bed and made her bent down with her ass facing my face I pour ghee on her ass crack and started licking it she was giving sexy sounds I licked her ass and pussy for a while and applied ghee on her boobs.

I started finger fucking her ass and keep on increasing the number of fingers inserting in her asshole finally four fingers and I made her lie on her stomach put two pillows under her ass so that her ass was in a clear position to fuck I applied ghee on my dick and pushed my dick in her asshole it went smoothly and I fucked her ass more than fifteen minutes her asshole become wide open then we switched our position.

Finally I made her kneel down and put my dick in her mouth fucking her mouth I was fucking with a great pace she was gagging and saliva was flowing from her mouth to the floor finally I ejaculated in her mouth it was a huge load of cum, she slowly opened her mouth widely and allowed the cum to flow from her mouth to the floor she kept her mouth open until the whole load of cum and saliva flow to the floor it was quite an erotic seen watching the cum flow.

Then she stood up and slowly pushed me to the bed and sucked my dick clean. She thanked me for the session and they all left after 2 days. Now we do video chat sometimes in skype and share our sexual feelings like very good friends.

Thanks for the patience my friends, please give me the feedback/comments for the sex story. if somebody is looking for a good open friendship can also message me.

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3/13/2020 10:23 pm

Lovely well written erotic hot story

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