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First blog post on AFF... and so it begins...  

goldwater694fun 59M
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9/8/2018 11:45 pm
First blog post on AFF... and so it begins...

Hello all.
I am goldwater69, a member of a fabulous kink community in the Twin Cities area. I have been a member of this community for 20+ years, and engaged the internet when it first came online through bbs and eventually specific sites. I have watched communities grow into the massive dynamic that it has become, here and everywhere, and it is constantly evolving as humans generally do, with everyone seeking their place in the world and hoping to find like-minded people with whom to connect and express.

Tonight I attended a play party in my community, one of any number going on at the same time, and at any given time (although usually on Saturday nights. Munches and other social events generally occur throughout the week in the evenings, but Saturdays are the night to fly your kink openly). At this particular dungeon one can witness a fabulous spectacle of people playing in a variety of different areas. For example, tonight there were violet want scenes, flogging scenes, a<b> caning </font></b>scene, punching scenes, a cell popping scene, and my favorite... a hanging scene! Yes, the noose and all. All safe, sane, and consensual, and moderated by "staff". Great food was available, and plenty to see, watch, and learn from.

As I connect with my "people" I am energized, and reminded that we are all seeking that connection that makes us whole, and through honesty, trust, and openness we can find that place we all lust for, whether it is as the bringer of the joy, or the receiver of the joy... or the voyeur of the joy! I am also reminded that ordinarily, people are just too damn consumed by the power sex brings to the table, and I see that everywhere, even here, in a place of virtual anonymity, people are still afraid to bust out into the real world and engage themselves in the real demonstrations of their passions. So I encourage those reading and wanting to get wet in reality with others, or one other, to attend a munch, meet at a coffee shop, get to know someone you meet here online and if it feels right take it to the next level, and take a chance and show up for life, lest it pass you by.

Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It's tough to do that when we're terrified about what people might see or think. 'Be in' is all about passion. Life is short. There are so many interesting things we can do in our life, and I feel like if someone is just "kind of" showing up, it's not worth it for them or for us, but you MUST actually show up. Nothing is better than showing up once or twice a month (or more), acting like an ethical pervert for two or three or four hours with no judgements, and then going home. I mean, for fuck sake, I get to engage with old and newly made friends and do all of the things I always fantasized about throughout the years, and know that they are safe, I am safe, and we are getting it on, not just wishing it were.

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
― Lloyd Alexander

It's so strange how life works: You want something and you wait and wait and feel like it's taking forever to come. Then it happens and it's over and all you want to do is curl back up in that moment before things changed. That's after getting home from an event in a nutshell!

So get out and make it happen. It's right here, parsed from the bullshit profiles and posers. Make your fucking reality something of legend, and not just in your mind.


I will have more stories about scenes, people (not named), places, and everything sex/kink related taken from experiences first hand. I encourage your questions and feedback, and appreciate your following.

Carpe Diem Bitches!!!

japaneseass 53F  
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9/9/2018 9:37 am

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