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Recent Surgery... Space Age Technology. July 6 Update  

good2bme59 72M
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5/22/2020 9:00 am
Recent Surgery... Space Age Technology. July 6 Update

About 5 months ago, I underwent elective surgery for a penile implant. I know, sounds funky, but OMG! It was like discovering the Fountain of Youth for Cocks! I feel like a again!!! .LMFAO

If your partner has ED, he should talk with his Urologist and he will have what I have...

...An Instant, Rigid and VERY Long Lasting Erection. I'm talking Night Long, long lasting! Seriously! I may need a rest, but my Erection remains Rock Hard Solid!

No more frustration, or loss of excitement for my partner, waiting for an erection, or for Viagra work, or for that second erection, or third erection, or fourth erection... while you are still Quaking and You Want IT NOW!

I am talking an erection for hours and hours, for as long as you want it, that stays<b> erect </font></b>even after my ejaculation! No Joke, True That, Yeahhhhh!

I am Smiling!

You will be, as well!

And, if you are interested in a Demo, Talk , girl!!

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