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Dance, Music, Sex, Romance
Posted:Apr 30, 2013 11:05 pm
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2013 11:28 pm

Dance, Music, Sex, Romance

That's the name of a pretty damn good song by Prince...but that's not why we are writing this. We are actually broaching this subject to see if there are (and we know there are) any other folks out there that have done/are doing this:

Having sex on Ecstasy/Molly.

Okay, you can save the judgmental comments for the after-school specials. We are grown ups, raised 3 , mildly successful, and are in no need of being nannied.

Before the family came along, we used to roll and go to the clubs and dance all night and then screw into the next day.

We're not gonna lie...X brought us closer as a couple. We would get all mushy...but our true feelings came out...we were able to finally express what we should every day...but don't because of jobs, , school, etc etc etc.

But we made time for that...it was special to us. We also got into swinging that way, which was another thing that brought us closer than ever before.

Yet, we hung up both swinger hats and X hats and raised a family...never thinking we would revisit it.

Flash forward to 14 years of bonding and incredible sex...and we are off the wagon...back in the saddle...whatever you want to call it.

When we party...there's lot's of dress up and dom/sub play. Role playing is fascinating and exciting while rolling...you can really let yourself go, especially if you are with the one that you love and the one that loves you most.

Plus, everything just feels so damned good...everything...sheets...clothing...skin...sweat...water...air...just a phenomenal experience.

Anyway...we are back, had a little adventure with our girl Molly...we got some great...very hot footage...and this weekend looks like it will happen again.

It's pretty anonymous around here...We are just wondering how many folks will comment...and how many will answer honestly.
Good Golly Miss Molly!
Posted:Apr 30, 2013 10:46 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2013 3:20 am

Have you ever taken MDMA/XTC/Molly?
Yes, and having sex on it is even better!
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Episode #1: It's all about the Quickie!
Posted:Apr 20, 2013 5:03 am
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2013 2:38 pm

Thanks for stopping by. At the very least we hope you will find this entertaining and possibly even slightly funny.

WARNING! We are very blunt folks, and while the sultry Mrs. Velvet delivers her message with a silver tongue and class, The 'Ol Greek here at times is about as subtle and classy as a beer and broccoli fart in a crowded elevator. I kinda view myself as a General addressing his troops right before he leads them into battle. And much like you...the readers...not everyone is going to make it to the end.

So now...let's get on with "The Quickies"

Kim Kardashian...in the name of all that is Holy...please wear clothing appropriate and proportionate to your weight gain during your pregnancy. Those skimpy short dresses that are 3/4 of the way up your thigh and get all frilly around the waist make you look like a friggin' Macy's Thanksgiving Day Balloon in Taffeta and Rayon. All you are missing are 8 midgets hanging from ropes around your wrists and ankles.

I was touched by an angel back in '94...I was just wondering if the statute of limitations had run out and if not, with which municipality would I file the charges with?

By a show of hands...who is still laughing at the Mayans?

Some of you will know this name: Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. He's the guy with the crazy hair on History Channel's Ancient Aliens. It looks like possibly one of those Alien Anal Probes he's carrying around in him like balloons of coke in a drug mule's keister crossing the Mexican border may have shorted out. He looks like one of those troll dolls with the pencil shoved up is arse that you roll between the palm of your hands, which the troll ends up with the "ABA Dr. J Afro".

Speaking of aliens...ever notice how many rubes, hilljacks, and rednecks claim to get snatched out of their trailer parks by aliens? Think about it...if this is the cross section of humanity that they have used for study to determine whether or not mankind is worth contacting...well let's just say I will be putting my money on us having a gay black Libertarian in the White House first.

Those were my Quickies...and now for something actually worth looking at...let's see what we can find in Mrs. Velvet's Box.

The Quickie Survival Kit

Hey everyone! Keeping with the theme, here is a quick but crucial tip on executing a successful Quickie:

Plan Ahead! Both the man and the woman need to share in this responsibility, especially if you are the one that is instigating the quickie. Here's a kit you can assemble ahead of time and can all neatly fit in a jacket pocket, cargo pants/shorts pocket, glove-box, or purse.

(1) Sandwich Baggie (you'll put the rest of this list into the baggie.)

(2) condoms- quantity of two.(Always good to have, even if you don't normally use them. If you do use them, good to have 2 in case one breaks. Also good to have in the happenstance the opportunity to have a stranger join the fray. They are also a good cum catcher. Tie it in a not when done and throw it in the plastic baggie.)

(3) LUBE! Sometimes when nature does not want to cooperate or work within your time schedule grease up that pole and have him get to work! Also, if there is going to be any oral in this quickie, make sure it is a lube that doesn't taste horrible (like those horrible warming liquid lubes.) Silicone based ones aren't too bad. Pink is tolerable and Wet has almost no taste at all. Plus the potential for anal sex during the quickie increases with a good lube (wink at The Greek).

(4) A dray wash cloth. Clean up is a snap and once used, you can toss it in the baggie.

(5) An extra pair of her panties (fellas), especially if you are going to cum inside her (which is so damn hot), and extra extra extra especially if she is wearing a dress.

(6) Now, knowing how averse my big masculine hubby is about Aunt Flow and anything or product to do with that monthly inconvenience, I can't expect the man to remember or acquire these, but a pantyliner (or two if your partner cums like my hubby)is a must if taking a hot load to the yammy.

(7) ATTENTION MEN!!! BE A TRUE CHAMPION!!! Either grab her vibrator (if small and battery operated) or go and buy a small "travel size" vibrator (pocket rocket). This will ensure that your gal gets off and you will look like a hero.

I hope this helps you all out and increases quickies all across this community.

Now back to The Greek!

Thanks! Man, I really out-kicked my coverage when I got her to marry me! (You football fans will get that one quicker than most!)

Every episode will end with our song, movie, and Adult Film recommendations for the week (or however long it is until we have the time to do another one of these)

SONG: For us, we LOVE having sex with some White Zombie/Rob Zombie jams crunching in the background. This week's song recommendation is Mrs. Velvet's all time favorite Rob Zombie joint entitled "WHAT?!" (Vampire Lovers in Wild Bikinis)

MOVIE: You just have to love Christopher Walken. Heck, I dig him so much I can even forgive him for being in that train wreck and complete waste of celluloid called "7 Psychos". So, for those of you who saw that piece of garbage, I insist you watch this week's movie recommendation King of New York.

ADULT FILM: We have two. One is a ground-breaker in the industry...while the other is just HOT AS HELL! First, some vintage porn circa 1972: "Behind the Green Door". Not only was it the first porno to be mentioned in a mainstream movie (The Cannonball Run in 1981: Jackie Chan's character is watching Behind the Green Door in his car) but it was the first adult film to be widely released in the US. It also stars the epic Marilyn Chambers (RIP), which this film was her porn debut. It was also the first feature film to have interracial sex scenes.

The 2nd recommendation is the 1997 Adult Film "The Devil to Pay". Shayla LaVeaux and Chloe are magnificent in action and the whole damn film is just hot beyond belief. But here's the kicker: It actually has almost decent acting and it actually executes the plot points during the course of the film. Throw in Deva Station and Alexandra Silk, mix in the fact that this was Stephanie Swift's feature film debut (she would go on to do over 180 flicks) you definitely have a hot classic to watch with your mate.

See you all soon!!!

*****As always, you can email us or post comments here. We promise we will respond!

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