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greekphilosopher 57M
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12/21/2019 3:38 pm

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12/30/2019 7:30 am

♪ ♪♫ Ding dong merrily on high ♪♫ ♪

Hey peeps! Hello all. Have you been good ? Because you know what happens if you haven't! You will just get no presents. And of course...most importantly, sometimes all you got do is believe ! Myself  and RB have been ever so good, tick tock, tick toc..
I have missed you all so much but have been busy with life of , and well, you know how it is...
 This year has been the year when I have finally been told I can have no more babies! Yehaa... took almost 2 from asking have the operation ( the chop ! ) final result! I can now spend the savings on beer! This has also been the year I gave up smoking. Yehaa ...!!! Smoked last joint back in July. Have been smoking the as it was, for the last few , no plain roll-ups and of course smoking in the evenings and days off. As it happened, a few months after giving up, I was called in for of those random age related check ups and was diagnosed with COPD. It seems I gave up just at the right time, well, just before it killed me lol!
 I have been smoking for 45 . I should of had enough by now...I have also been working in an extremely dusty and unhealthy environment for 36 ...
Oh yea, also, on merchant navy days there was asbestos on the ships I was sailing around the world in. Aah, those mid seventies...
 So it turns either a mix of all 3 factors, or not, has caused now having take things easy   ( easier than already ? I love this ...scope for improvement malarkey ! ) and occasionally use an inhaler. I am still on job, because that's all I know and love, footprint on the planet and all that, but for the first time ever I am seriously considering change. May be something less stressful and less dusty, may be even retirement, of some sort. It's not as if I have any mortgage support or anyone off large amounts of every month. I am sitting at a happy place. Of course I would not stop working completely but would become even more eclectic than what I am now !
 The important thing is that I want and would be happy change. And be honest, after 36 , I definitely have had enough of that. This has also been the year I am finally warming up the idea of changing . and RB ( remember her? her and are an item...still ! Met her in , did you know ? Ha ha ) have sat down and talked about us still living in separate addresses, and weighted up all the pros and cons. Some final tweaks need be put in place before the move. Should you start looking for hats and ties ? Well, no such plans yet...But this year is indeed a weddings year. One of my close younger friends has gone and got his girlfriend pregnant, so the wedding is soon in the coming year. Tsss tsss....this is what I was doing 30 something ago, taking a pregnant woman up the altar, (no pun intended...) How some things never change. Also, older and her fiancee, after being together for almost twenty , a mortgage and 2 later, have now decided that they are right for each other and wish make things official. and my lovely are attending. And I am making a speech ! It's going be a hoot ! So looking forward it. Am I ready for it ? But of course.....not !
 I thought it was turn this year come in, and wish you all the happiest Christmas and the best-est ever year follow. Hope those of you looking for someone, find them this coming year. For the others, I hope the good fairy comes and smashes her magic stick on your back, with the nicest possible meaning. And remember...some times, all you have do is believe!!!

Early post, but myself and my sweetie are going away tomorrow , for a few days, to a 3 bed lodge with a tub...outside! So it may be kind of busy!

oh, and a season joke or ...

Christmas Shopping

A were doing some Christmas shopping together.
The shopping centre was packed, and as the wife emerged from a shoe and and bag shop, she was surprised to find that her husband was nowhere to be seen.
Irritated because they had a lot to do, she called him on his mobile to ask him where he was.
In a subdued voice he replied,
"Do you remember that jewellers' we went into a
of ago, where you fell in love with that amazing
diamond necklace that we couldn't afford, and I
promised that I would it for you day?"
Barely able contain her emotions and with tears already forming in her eyes, she said,
"Yes, of course I remember that shop honey."
He then said
"I am at the pub next door."


Baptising the Drunk

A man is stumbling through the woods totally drunk when
he comes upon a preacher baptising people in the river.
He proceeds to walk into the water and subsequently bumps
into the preacher. The preacher turns around and is almost
overcome by the smell of alcohol, whereupon he asks the
drunk, "Are you ready to find Jesus?" The drunk
answers, "Yes, I am." So the preacher grabs
him and dunks him in the water. He pulls him up and asks the
drunk, "Brother, Have you found Jesus?" The
drunk replies, "No, I haven't found Jesus."
The preacher shocked at the answer, dunks him into the water
again for a little longer this time. He again pulls him
of the water and asks again, "Have you found Jesus,
brother?" The drunk again answers, "No,
I haven't found Jesus." By this time the preacher
is at his wits end and dunks the drunk in the water again, but
this time holds him down for about 30 seconds and when he
begins kicking his arms and legs he pulls him up. The preacher
again asks the drunk, "For the love of God, have you
found Jesus?" The drunk wipes his eyes and catches
his breath and says the preacher, "Are you sure
this is where he fell in?

greekphilosopher 57M
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12/21/2019 3:39 pm

Since giving up smoking, I have now discovered what a dry herb vaping device is.... Wow!!!
I love the new tech, me!

pocogato12 68F  
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12/21/2019 3:49 pm

I LOVE HEARING FORM YOU!!!!! I kept all those funny jokes your shared "years ago" especially the ones that taught me chinese
I am so sad to hear about the COPD but it gets us all at some point. I have 3 inhalers so good thing you quit when you did. Have to tell me how food tastes in a couple of months- huge change.

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greekphilosopher replies on 12/21/2019 4:17 pm:
Hey Pogo. Love seeing you around! Ai Bang Mai Ni lol ouch!
Merry Christmas from both of us.

foz19504 65M
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12/22/2019 4:30 am

Good news about you and RB. I would have thought you would have put a ring on it by now. Sorry about the copd. Be careful with the vaping thing.

greekphilosopher replies on 12/22/2019 11:28 am:
Hey foz. Nahh, no ring yet ...
Copd , slowly learning to live with it. Thanx

MyBaffies 50M
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12/22/2019 5:12 am

Congrats on the giving up smoking. Hope your physical form and wallet feel all the better for it.

Good luck on the next phase of your life.


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greekphilosopher replies on 12/22/2019 11:29 am:
Hey My Baffies. It certainly shows, on both. Many thanx.

tickles4us 58M
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12/22/2019 8:10 am

Glad to hear you two are doing well together. Vaping isn't going to help your COPD situation any though so if you like your life walk away from that shit before it grabs hold to tight. Those lungs are designed to run on nice clean air and anything else is poison to them and you.

Merry Christmas.

Vive La Difference

greekphilosopher replies on 12/22/2019 11:30 am:
Hey tickles4us. I only use it sparingly. May be that would be the next step. Thanx

Resident_Bitch 103M/103F  
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12/23/2019 12:29 am

Happy Christmas to all friends of Greek P's....sorry I stole his time formerly spent in Blog Land

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greekphilosopher replies on 12/23/2019 2:51 am:
Happy Christmas you thieve!

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