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Weird Dreams  

grucalis99 45M
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3/14/2020 10:03 pm
Weird Dreams

Doing the laundry. I take white basket of laundry up put it on the bed. But it's not filled with cloths its filled with dirt, moist dirt and I start pulling weeds from the basket. Then dig holes and plant socks. Two white and two black. My alarm goes off and wake up.

Now this is an interesting dream.

Digging in soil symbolize potential to grow spiritually. Planting something represents taming a negative mood and focusing on the positive. Sock, white sock that's being protective in life, maybe too protective and careful. Too careful, missing out on something in life. The black socks are over confidence and arrogance. Now the laundry basket that represents being bored with routine activities, a change of pace or or something more interesting to help stay happy in life. Pulling the weeds out mean changing bad habits.

See how strange that is. In need of something more interesting or a change I need bury my caution and arrogance to stay happy in life. Get rid my bad habit. By doing that I will have luck in wisely creating the life I've always wanted to live.

Interesting dream. The bad habits part, did that. Quit<b> smoking </font></b>in January. Want to quit sugar, well not quit but reduce it significantly.

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