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Exploring the neighbour  

gspotloverx69 45M  
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8/31/2019 8:41 pm
Exploring the neighbour

As I stepped out of the elevator, I could hear some music coming from down the hall. I was wondering, was it coming from your house?

I have seen you before and I find you very sexy and would love to connect with you on a many levels, including sexually.

Since I am new in the condo, I haven't had a chance to introduce myself. I did see you last Friday night taking the garbage to the shoot. You didn't see me as I was just heading into my place.
You had on a sexy piece of lingerie, which you were trying to cover up with your robe, but I could see that under that robe, was am amazingly sexy woman.

I live on the opposite side of the floor and had to find where this music was coming from. Please let it be coming from your place.

As I approached your door, I found it was cracked, just enough that I could in.

As I looked in, I could see you dancing to the music, with your back to the door. I don't even know if you knew that your door was open. I carefully opened it a little more to give me a better view. Your hip were swinging slowly to the beat of the music.


To my amazement, you were wearing that same piece on lingerie, as the one I saw you wearing, in the hallway the other day, only this time you had on garters and fishnet stockings, and NO ROBE!!

WOW you looked so hot that I wanted to cum in and ravish you right then.

I watched you for a few minutes, squirming as I stood there with an erection, that wanted to jump and take you.

I could see that you were massaging your breasts and that turned me on even more. I watched as your right hand slid down into your panties and started to stroke, what I could only imagine was, your wet pussy.

As your hand touched your pussy, you moaned, just loud enough that up close it could be heard over the music, but no else be I could hear you.

It drove wild.
I almost threw the door open and took you.

But, we haven't even met, what would you do??
I wanted to start stroking my cock so much, but didn't risk getting caught!

Just then you leaned over the couch pushing your gorgeous ass up in the air to give me a great view of your ass and wet pussy. I pushed the door to open it as NOW, was the time to make my move. But you stood up and I needed to pull back, BUT I didn't want too!

What was I to do?
Did you know I was there?

Were you playing with me and teasing me.
FUCK ME!! I wanted you soo bad!

This continued for what seemed like hours. Then I heard the elevator door open and I pulled the door closed, straightened up and went down the hall to my own place

When I got inside my house, I thought should I wait and go knock on your door?

NO I don't dare.
YES I need to.
What I saw was so hot that I couldn't stop think of dancing. I thought lets go and have a COLD shower and maybe I can forget it.

I got undressed and was so stiff that I needed to relieve the pressure. I stroked my throbbing cock for 10 - 15 minutes, while thinking of you moaning and dancing in that amazing outfit!

FUCK! I wanted you badly!
As I exploded all I could think about was exploding deep inside you!

The cold shower didn't help .
When I got out, I needed to<b> stroke </font></b>my again throbbing cock again.
After another 10-15 more minutes I exploded all over again..
I cleaned up and started to make dinner.

As I finished making dinner, I needed throw some stuff down the shoot.
I entered the hallway, and I could hear the music coming from down the hall. Was it coming from your place?
I hoped so.

I put my stuff down the shoot and slowly walked down the hall to your place.

To my amazement, your door was still cracked open and I could see you were still dancing and playing with yourself.

Your moans made me stiff immediately!
This time I had to do something.

I couldn't stand there and watch you again without saying or doing something.
I stepped into your place and you moved to turn around.....


I slowly moved back out.
But you stood up and took off your soaking wet panties, revealing that gorgeous ass.

Its this time that I move in, without stopping.
I had already removed my pants and left them in the hallway.
As I approached you, I reached my hands around and cupped your breasts in my hands.

You exploded with a wild orgasm. You didn't turn-around, as if you knew you were expecting someone to come over and fuck you. I bent you over the couch and inserted the head of my now throbbing cock into your dripping wet lips.

I just held it there and then exploded deep inside your inviting wet pussy!

I held my cock there for some time then drove the fullness of my shaft deep inside you while holding on tightly to your tits. This time you let out a scream that I thought the neighbours would here for sure.

I started to move in and out slowly at first, but increased the tempo with each thrust.

As I moved in and out of your wet delicious pussy your ass pumped back against my cock to meet every thrust.

We continued this for some time while we both had multiple orgasms. You then slumped down onto the back of the couch exhausted. I slowly exited your place, picked up my pants and went back to my place.

I couldn't believe what had just happened and thought you had no Idea it was me.

The next morning as I was going to work, you came out of your place and asked me to hold the elevator for you. As soon as you got into the elevator I got a raging hard on, and went beet red with 😍 embarrassment.

You looked at me at didn't say anything.
What was I supposed to do!
Then you said, would you like some help with that?
I went even more red with 😍 embarrassment!!

You reached over to push your lower level floor and rubbed against my throbbing cock. I wanted to explode and you knew it!

You then pushed the emergency stop button and the elevator stopped. You pulled open the jeans and released my throbbing cock.
WELL, WELL you said, what do we have here?

Then proceeded to start licking my cock, I moaned and said I was going to explode! You said if I do it will be over...............

Squirming in my place I had to stop my orgasm. So I bit my lip drawing blood. When you saw it you said you are desperate to cum, aren't you.

I struggled and stammered out the word yes. You leaned over and started to lick my balls, telling me that I could have this as long as I wanted, but once I came, it would be over.

I wanted what happened last night to continue, BUT I didn't know if she knew it was me. I had to bite my lips 4-5 more times before I begged you to let me explode.
You said not yet!
Do you want this to end?
NO I stammered out of my mouth.

You bent over, pulled down your panties (Hey they are the same soaked she you had on last night), and said stick that throbbing cock deep into my ass!!

I said but it will hurt wont it and you said, I have been wanting you to stick that throbbing cock deep into my ass since you FUCKED me last night.

I drove it into her ass and we both exploded, leaving the elevator floor extremely wet. Just then the elevator started to move again.

It opened on the ground floor and the superintendent ask us if we were both alright. We both chocked out a muffled yes. The door closed and we both went to work.

However I couldn't concentrate on anything at work that day except for your dripping wet pussy all day!

To be continued..................

gspotloverx69 45M  
4 posts
5/30/2020 10:54 pm

I hope you enjoy this.

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