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Trip home from Ottawa  

gspotloverx69 45M  
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9/12/2019 8:29 pm
Trip home from Ottawa

I was working in Ottawa about 4 months ago (construction).
We finished late and I was heading home on the overnight bus.

While I was waiting in the terminal for the bus, you got out of a cab, smiled at me and turned leaning into the cab to pay him.
Your skirt was so short that I could see as you bent over that you had no panties on.

You bent over in front of me to pick up your luggage, revealing your very ample (at this moment I thought they were 44 DD's) bosom's.

You saw me looking and smiled while licking your lips.
You went away into the terminal, and I wanted to go after her, but I didn't.

I sat down to wait for the bus to arrive (still 45 minutes before it came & 75 before it was to leave).

I started to get restless and was starting to nod off it had been a (very long day), when I heard this soft voice say, is this were we get the bus to Toronto?
I turned around and it was you.

WOW, you gave me an erection immediately. I tried to slowly hide it , but you said that was okay, you liked it.

You sat down next to me and we talked. All the while you kept leaning forward to give me a better view of your tits. I thought they were going to bust out of that flimsy bra and blouse you were wearing.

I wanted you so bad, and started to squirm, with the thoughts of asking you to go with me into the bathroom, but I just blushed.
You asked me where I was heading and I said Toronto; which you replied "so was I".

I tried to move closer, but you just put her foot into my crotch and started to rub my throbbing cock through my tight jeans.
I exploded and you said "oopsy, what are we going to do later"
I blushed again, and said that I wanted to eat your pussy right now.

Just then we heard the bus pull into the back of the station, and we adjusted our selves as there were many passengers getting off the bus.
The door flew open and I wanted to hide on the bus, but I didn't want this to end. I wanted it to continue on the bus.

I put my luggage in the bottom hold and you bent over (deliberately revealing your wet pussy and gorgeous ass to me as you put your luggage underneath as well.

As we got on the bus I went to the very back so we could be alone, but you stopped and was flirting with the bus driver.
This mad me mad, and left me feeling like a fool.

You stayed up there with the driver as we pulled out of the terminal.
I could only hope, and remember.

I turned off my light (as it was now 12:30 AM), and layed down to get some sleep as It had been a long day.
It seemed like hours had gone by, when I could feel a tug on my belt. Half asleep, I finally opened my left eye to see you sliding your wet tongue down the full length of my now stiff and throbbing shaft. I almost screamed and thought I was going to cum, again.
You sternly said to me "Be quiet or I will stop". It was all I could do to stuff my shirt in my mouth to keep me quiet.

You had a velvet tongue and new how to tease me to the brink of explosion, and then take me back down off the wall, before I exploded.
This went on for close to 1 hour. I wasn't aware of my surroundings, not even knowing if any one on this bus knew what was happening.

Finally you lifted up my bum and started to give me the "MOST" incredible rim job and when you licked my balls I exploded with and amazing orgasm.

Before I could regain my composure, you said to "PIPE DOWN" do you want to wake up the other passengers?"
I didn't care and you started to lick me again, but you had a different plan this time.

Once I was stiff, you stood up, dropped your skirt to the floor and sat down, in one swoop, on my throbbing 7" thick cock.
You devoured my cock in one short<b> stroke </font></b>that I came immediately, exploding this time into your tight ass. You continued to fuck your ass with my cock until we both came again.

We fell into each others arms, just as the bus driver was pulling into the rest stop, turning on the lights and waking up the passengers.
As we exited to get some drinks, a couple of the other passengers on the bus were smiling at us sheepishly and grinning from ear to ear.

Did they know?
Were we loud and noisy?

We caught our breath and got some drinks. When we got back on the bus, you again stayed up front with the bus driver.

As I layed back down and started to dose off, I was thinking "was this a dream, or was it real?"
Just then I heard you say, don't go to sleep, we are only just getting started.

I started to wonder, what was I going to tell my wife when I get back home.
This time I layed you down on the seats and started to eat your pussy.

Very slowly with my tongue slightly licking over your lips while my hand grabbed your ass from behind.
I lifted your ass up so I could get better access to your now dripping wet cunt.
I slowly moved 2 fingers into your cunt at the same time my tongue touched your clit for the first time.

When you moaned, I stopped sat up and said "2 can play this game"
I sat there for a while, while you begged me to continue.

Do you want me to eat your cunt?
You said "YES please eat my cunt!"

I lowered my tongue back onto your wet clit, fingers back inside you and you exploded, squirting all over my face for over 30 seconds.
I looked up at you with a smile on my face, completely drenched from your explosive g-spot orgasm.

We continued this for about an hour.
You must have had 8 or 9 orgasms, mostly squirting g-spot ones.

You said STOP! I can't take it any more. So I sat up, very stiff again.
You got up, reached for her skirt then turned and sat your dripping cunt down on my now throbbing hard cock.

You fucked me for about 30 minutes and then we both fell into each other arms naked and asleep.

I woke up as we were pulling out of the Peterborough terminal, shaking my head.
Again asking myself, was I dreaming?

Then I felt that the seats were soaking wet and I was naked.
I looked out the window and saw you waving good bye to me.

I thought would I ever see you again?
What was your name?
I didn't know

I wanted to get off the bus but it was pulling out of the station!

We pulled into the terminal in Toronto and I saw my wife there waiting to pick me up.
I hadn't seem her since the previous weekend, as I was working in Ottawa Monday to Friday, and back home on Saturday and Sunday.
She asked me how the trip home was, and I said boring, same old bus trip.

When I got home, I was still very horny and couldn't get you out of my mind.
I took a shower and went to bed, my wife came to bed to cuddle, since it was Saturday morning and we hadn't seen each other in a week.

I reach over and kissed her, wanting the bus action all over again, she kissed back and we had the best sex we ever had in 10 years of marriage.
I wanted to tell her what had happened, but I couldn't.

I went back to Ottawa on Monday and came back home (alone) on Friday night.
You weren't there on the bus with me.
This time she (my wife) initiated sex, and it wasn't the same.
The sex was awful.
This went on for several weeks.

Three week had gone before I saw you again in Ottawa.
I thought I would never see you again, I said. You said you had to run, as you were late, and asked me if I was heading home tonight again.
I said yes, and you said you might be as well.

Just as the bus was about to pull out of the Ottawa terminal that night, the bus stopped letting on a passenger.
To my joy and excitement, it was you, and you was wearing that same outfit as the first time I met you.

We had sex on the bus again and when I got home my wife and I had amazing sex again.
I have seen you almost every week on the bus ever since.
I hope my wife never finds out.

----- -----

Dear Diary,
My husband started to work in Ottawa, several months ago. He leaves Sunday night, and returns home on the weekends.

I get lonely while he is away and when he gets home the sex is horrible.

However, about 12 weeks ago he came home and rocked my world, like he has never fucked me before.

The following week I initiated sex with him, but it was "AWFUL"
I thought for weeks about that one weekend and then when he came home 3 weeks later, he rocked my world again. FUCK! the sex was amazing!,

I struggled to understand what was he doing that our sex life is so different, but couldn't find any answers.

So I took a week off from work and went to Ottawa to see for myself.
I was able to follow and watch him, but, nothing all week.

Then I decided to get on the same bus as he did, thinking I would rock his world on the way home.
I was in disguise so he wouldn't recognize me.

Then this woman got on the bus and she went to the back and sat with my husband.
I thought this was odd as the bus was half empty.
I could hear them fooling around, and I moved back closer hoping to see what was going on.
I saw my husband having sex with her and it turned me on so much that I had 4 orgasms just listening and watching them fuck!!

I got off the bus in Peterborough and grabbed a taxi, telling the driver that if he got me back to the Toronto terminal before the bus, I would make it worth his while.

The taxi driver got us back early enough that I rewarded him with a blow job and said there could be more next time.

I picked up my husband, not telling him what I saw, and when we got home we had amazing sex "ALL" morning.

Diary, this brings us up to today....
I still go to Ottawa every other week, watch my husband have sex with her, on his way home. Then I fuck the cab driver for getting me home before my husbands bus gets in. Our sex life has "NEVER" been any better than it is right now!!

Diary, I hope this never changes.

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gspotloverx69 45M  
4 posts
5/30/2020 10:52 pm

I hope you enjoy this.

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