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Do you regret it?  

gymrat1974 45F  
1168 posts
4/8/2020 7:16 pm
Do you regret it?

Do you regret it?
When you had the chance fuck that night
be forceful and take it
When I was already down my knees
When you had do was give an order
And I’d have been too happy to obey
But you let go home
Empty handed
wonder what it would have been like taste your cock
tease my own nipples
with my own wet pussy
finish what I thought you were starting
Do you regret it at ?
Knowing what you gave that night?
Knowing now that I wanted you even though I didn’t say it
Knowing that I’d have done anything you wanted
Anything you demanded
If only you had said something
let me know you wanted me
I’d have given it you
Instead of going home alone

Paulxx001 63M
16787 posts
4/8/2020 7:53 pm

The regrets seem obvious.
Perhaps the shouting, should have been louder.
Then, on the other hand...
How deaf can one be - not to read lips?🍷🍷😎

gymrat1974 replies on 4/8/2020 8:11 pm:
I always love your comments.

SomewhereSE 62M
243 posts
4/8/2020 8:17 pm

Some yes, most, no...

Satyr48 71M
1909 posts
4/8/2020 8:39 pm

I would DEFINITELY have regretted it!

Pleasing women in unbelievable ways for 45 years...
You could be next...

Only_one_14 51F
1546 posts
4/8/2020 9:04 pm

I regret ... indeed I do😘

To let a woman like you go home with nothing.. seems selfish and controlling!

“Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious.” ~ Oscar Wilde

DrXenop 58M

4/8/2020 9:27 pm

Baby, good poetry. Caught me in the moment. When sex is declined there's something deeper going on. Mere physical gratification is insufficient for emotional price paid. Don't cheapen it. Save it for someone who really cares.

profcoquin27bis 56M
3446 posts
4/9/2020 5:39 am

shure i regret, i want you

Skribbler 50M
1 post
4/11/2020 3:31 pm

I'm sure his 20/20 hindsight will fill him with regret.

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