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Encore, Soon, please (please, please)  

gymrat1974 45F  
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7/17/2020 2:40 pm
Encore, Soon, please (please, please)

You arrived at the house. It was our first time at either of our homes. I was nervous. I feel so nervous around you, but it’s that good kind of nervousness, filled with excitement and anticipation. I told you where to take your bags, and I followed you down the hall. I sprawled across the bed, and you joined me. I felt the delicious sensation of your hand coming down on my backside. The thin material of my leggings was not much of a barrier. What a delightful way to say hello! We chatted for a few minutes, and then you asked if you could shower. I remained on the bed counting the minutes to your return. We only had a few hours before you would have to leave for work, and I wanted every minute I could get. You came back to the bed and fell in beside me. Your hands began to explore me. I was still dressed. Suddenly, you whispered in my ear “take your fucking clothes off.” We had previously talked about the idea of your being more forceful, and I exalted in every opportunity you took to do so. And while I am certain this is not what is meant by cumming on command, I believe I could just about get off by the sound of your voice alone. I was naked in no time, and you resumed your caresses. And then your mouth followed suit. I was waiting for you to kiss my lips. I wasn’t going to ask, though. I wanted you to do it on your own. I adore your mouth on mine. I adore it even more when you initiate it on your own. You didn’t let me down. You provided me with the sweetest of kisses. Our tongues danced as your hands stroked my body. It was all about me at first, and I basked in the glory of your touch. There were moments of frenzy, but there were also moments of sweet agonizing torture. I could feel you watching me. I opened my eyes to see you looking at me in the candle light. I held your stare for a moment until I worried about what you might find there. Besides, I didn’t want to over analyze what I think I see in yours when you look at me. You’re providing pleasure. I need to just enjoy it for what it is. You kissed and sucked and played with my nipples. I was only disappointed that your lips had moved so far from my mouth. But I enjoyed the slow exploration of my body, and by the time your hands and lips reached my nether region, I was desperate for you. The first of many orgasms was achieved that night. When the second or third arrived, it was with applied pressure at my neck. I think I stifled a giggle, but you heard it. “Are you laughing,” you asked incredulously. I laughed in earnest then. Your sexiness is only exceeded by the adorableness of your expressions, voice, and face. And then you ordered my hands and knees. You were behind as your tongue and fingers played down the length of again. I felt the thrill of your touch as you found my clit and then my anus with your tongue. I felt the tantalizing sting as you alternated sweet caresses with well placed spanks upon my backside. And then you came and lay down beside me. I was still raised up on my hands and knees. You watched my face as you continued to administer pleasure and the faintest sensation of pain. You told me you now understood the addictive nature of watching someone’s reaction as one flinched and twitched at various touches. It was a comment to my practice of watching you respond as I twist your nipples or spank you. I think I may have swooned. I do so delight in watching your face and body. Could you enjoy watching mine just as much?

You commented that I must have really enjoyed having my ass in the air since I stayed in that position for so long. For you? Anything. I would enjoy anything with you. Besides, you ordered me up there. What else was I to do? Finally, your touching slowed. Was it my turn to with you? You told I wasn’t allowed even try make you cum for hours. I resisted touching you too much because I knew I’d get carried away. We lay there kissing for a while, and I was comfortable and safe and happy in the crook of your arm...and then I couldn’t resist. My hand found your cock and I began to<b> stroke </font></b>you. I brought my lips down to you and began to tease. I was coaxed along by your sounds of pleasure. I had learned previously what types of touches drove you crazy, and my lips and tongue and fingers all worked together to bring you pleasure. You would allow yourself to get to the brink of ecstasy, and then you would take over again, playing with my body as I continued to tease and taste you. Finally, the time had arrived. I thought you were going to let me satisfy you, but you had a few more tricks up your sleeve. And then it was finally your turn. I drew you back into my mouth. And I could hear you tell me I was going to make you cum. Every time is like the first. It’s like you are amazed I could bring you that much pleasure. You erupted in my mouth, and I swallowed it all. Your spasms continued for what seemed like minutes, and you commented it felt like a seizure. “Damn, woman; you’re awesome” may have been the greatest compliment ever received, and I puffed up with pride. But if I brought you pleasure worthy of praise, it’s only an echo of the pleasure you first brought to me. Though I don’t think you wanted to go, you rose from the bed and showered again. We’d spent hours continuously touching each other, but it was time for you to go to wor I walked you the front door and you put your arms around and told you. I told you to do the same. Our previous visit left me wondering if I would ever hear from you again. This time, I know I will...though I fear it will never be enough.

Paulxx001 63M
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7/18/2020 3:37 am

Once is never enough...

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