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gymrat1974 45F  
1137 posts
11/18/2016 6:51 am

Hey guys, make sure you donate and/or subscribe to things like the ACLU, SCLC, FFRF, NAACP, and the SPLC whenever possible. They are going to be overwhelmed for the next several years defending innocent people. These donations will be one of the best ways to help and protect those in the minority, the LGBT community, and the poor. They will also be able to protect you from first amendment violations. Do not back down from your rights and your beliefs. It is far easier to take something from you that you aren't firmly grasping. Hang on tight, and don't let go.
The following is a list of publications that will not only help keep you informed but will also help guarantee your freedom of speech. Buying a subscription to your local paper, the Washington Post, the New Your Times, Pro Publica, the Nation, Mother Jones, Daily Kos, The Guardian US version, or Huffington Post helps you and it helps them to stay afloat. Protect your rights. I think it's also important to tune in and vocally and vociferously support people like Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid. If Trump continues his attack on free speech, these people will be the first to go. If you don't want that to happen, then it is your job to stop it.
Yes, all of these things are relevant and important. The biggest freedoms we have are to be kept well informed and to speak our minds without fear of penalty or punishment. If you've paid attention to things Trump has said and the way the media handled him throughout the election process, you will know that truths were withheld and threats were made. We will all be sorry one day if we look around and FOX is the only access to information you have left. Don't think it could happen? Think again. Trump already believes he has absolute power. Could you imagine him controlling the media as well? Long after the protests are over or after things settle down into some terrible new norm, these are still some of the things we can do to protect our freedoms and those of other people.

Oh, and if you want to protect your reproductive rights or guarantee access to birth control for yourselves or your women friends, donate to Planned Parenthood.

KtMnDu 68M
6214 posts
11/18/2016 9:51 am

These organisations and the smaller, more independent media will indeed be key....the marches and the gatherings are important and give a real visibility to the issues, but it is these groups and media which do the deeper, background work that will be so necessary to reinforce our freedoms, both here and worldwide......Great Post!.....

gymrat1974 replies on 11/18/2016 10:59 am:
Thank you for your thoughts and feedback.

forgotforgetting 54M
7207 posts
11/18/2016 10:23 am

Testify! Long live the 1st Amendment!

Thank you for the post.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

notspunkycumfun 60M
37 posts
11/18/2016 12:39 pm

Well said!

gymrat1974 45F  
532 posts
11/18/2016 1:04 pm

It really is a shame that people are truly a shortsighted and unaware as they are.

gymrat1974 45F  
532 posts
11/18/2016 1:20 pm

So, let me ask you something. Trump threatens to sue everyone who says something negative toward him. Now, these people are well within their rights to say what they want to say. But he can afford to sue them, and they can't afford to defend themselves. Who wins in the situation? The groups I mentioned in my post will make the effort to keep that from happening. Furthermore, brainless Trump seems to think that he is well within his rights to trample everyone else's rights because he's about to be our president. He is the one who is lacking in even a basic understanding of the Constitution, and it seems like anybody who knows any better doesn't seem to be doing anything to stop him. Further, I'm sure it isn't bothering you that these programs are in place to help innocent people. Why would you be bothered by people having their civil rights protected?

Tigr759 59M  
1 post
11/19/2016 2:36 pm

I'm curious. Where do you get your news from? CNN? MSNBC? The other legacy media?

gymrat1974 45F  
532 posts
11/19/2016 4:09 pm

None of them. They're all pretty worthless. I read my news from actual newspapers. I'm not lacking in intelligence or information. I imagine since you didn't mention FAUX that could be one of your mainstays? That could explain why you haven't heard of Trump's mishaps. Either way, you could read up on yourself. We still have freedom of the press.

MTCd4fun1 41T  
13 posts
1/24/2017 6:03 pm

Well said

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