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Shattered Glass And Other Signs Of Affection  

gymrat1974 47F  
1144 posts
8/22/2021 6:30 am
Shattered Glass And Other Signs Of Affection

She drove around for months with black plastic and tape covering the area where a back window should have been. I used to see her car in the parking lot where she worked when I would go in there to grab dinner, and I was mystified that it had not be repaired. This was before she totaled her car the night she went to the bar and got<b> drunk. </font></b>She actually told me about her window one day when she called me to talk to me about him. I acted like I didn’t know. I asked her how it happened, and she said he did it one day when she threatened to leave him. Leave him? Were they even still together? I didn’t know. He was always with me. She told me she had a 350 Z, and he broke her windows and her headlights when they would fight. I asked her why she stayed…why she stayed in the relationship and the area. Why didn’t she use me as an excuse to run or to get away from him? She knew he was fucking me by that point. Why didn’t she use that for leverage? She made some excuse about how she couldn’t just leave him because she had nowhere else to go. But her home and family is in Texas. She could have gone home. She said her mother is here, and so she is here with her…and him. I asked him about it afterwards. What happened to her window, I had asked the day I went to see him and he was in her car. He said he didn’t really know, but it seemed that someone tried to break in and broke the window. I don’t know whom to believe. I even wondered if she did it so she could accuse him. She seems so unstable that I wouldn’t put it past her. And he’s never raised his voice to me, much less his fist. He’s never acted violently around me at all, though I recognize he has it in him. But why would he be so kind to me and so cruel to her? Why would she stay with someone who destroyed her possessions? Why would she continue to want someone who did so many hateful things to her, including being with me? None of it makes any sense. Not one little thing about any of it makes sense. And sometimes I wonder if that’s why she resents me. Not so much because I was fucking her man but because I saw a side of him she didn’t see. But surely she must have at one time or another. They couldn’t have always have been so toxic and hateful toward one another. Otherwise, what would be the point? It’s just another mystery to unravel. Why does he look at me with total adoration and stay away from me? And why does he stay somewhere that makes him so unhappy?

Screenshot from a video. Playtime with @Rededward357

gymrat1974 47F  
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8/22/2021 6:47 am

I’m not sure why I chose to post this over the thousands of happy playful pieces I’ve written about us, but here it is.

gymrat1974 replies on 8/22/2021 6:48 am:
LOL@thousands. I guess it’s more like hundreds.

boobwhisperer69 58M  
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8/22/2021 7:41 pm


gymrat1974 replies on 8/23/2021 3:44 am:
It’s something, alright, lol.

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